Then again, not many guitars in the market can provide excellent support in playing worship songs. Reverend guitars are a very interesting brand with a great story. The company has always had a love affair with the early days of classic rock, creating modern guitars with a classic sound. The obvious answer is anyone who has an interest in the PRS brand as a whole but wants to save money. Of course, each brand has its own signature models. Reverend Flatroc has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. Whether a person wants a signature to look and sound like an artist, or they prefer an original guitars model to make their own, there is something for everyone. We encourage you to review the Reverend guitars you own or have played to help other customers make an educated buying decision. This isn’t even counting signatures, though models of that type usually come with a higher price anyway. For Gibson, there is Epiphone. It looks great and provides great sound quality. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The guitar I received for review is one of their newest non-signature models: the Six Gun. Then take into account PRS SE – the special line from Paul Reed Smith packed with value. It’s a unique look, and if that’s what you’re interested in then they win out. This is simply unavoidable, considering how much more attention is given to the workmanship and the materials’ selection. SE guitars all share a similar design for the most part. Fast & Free shipping on many items! When people think about guitar makers, they usually have a certain image in mind. Finally, an offset V with the vintage vibe and veratility demanded by today's players. The Truth is, we have picked this one simply because of the big brand name. So for a person who has enough money to afford either model, what should they consider before they make a buy? Gorgeous gloss finishes and elegant bird inlays are just a couple qualities players can expect in the SE lineup. And packing the same approach to workmanship into a newly priced package is a challenge these manufacturers strive to master. He’s joined by CEO Ken Haas, COO Penny Haas, and a number of other team members. They have compromised slightly on the paint but that is a compromise I am happy to make. While most of the Electric Guitar … Or maybe an ES-335 and a Strat. The sprawling studios, racks of high-end instruments, and comprehensive teams of expert luthiers. Order. But what about Reverend guitars? These guitars have made some serious waves in the guitar industry thanks to their value for money and overall top-class guitar designs. Their electric guitar range includes: . Reverend Buckshot Midnight Black/Pearloid This guitar is all about the pickups. Each item is rated 5 (best score) through 1 (save your money), just click on the Reverend guitar link below to view the reviews from that guitar. Reverend Introduces Updated Kingbolts. But when contrasting these two, which type of player or shopper would prefer either brand? Reverend Descent RA Baritone Electric Guitar - Midnight Black. Buy from us for peerless customer service, full professional set-up … Reverend Guitars has demonstrated their commitment to crafting some of the finest, most playable guitars out there.From their small start in a garage to being one of the top players in the guitar industry, the brand has always sought to improve and innovate.. By Guitar World Staff . As for Reverend, their guitars could appeal to anyone thanks to the large array of styles, many of which are reminiscent of other popular guitars from other makers. The raised center section with thinner wings and strategic chambers under the pickguard add resonance and reduce weight,... Solidbody Electric Guitar with Mahogany Body. Read user reviews for Reverend Double Agent W Electric Guitar and see over 325,000 product reviews at And they completed their journey to premiere status in a relatively short time. Just a year later, he had a diploma in hand from the Roberto Venn School of Luthiery. But great guitar manufacturers know that not everyone is a gigging musician or studio recording artist who can and should drop thousands in an instrument – no matter how exquisite it is. Reverend has introduced a number of powerful design innovations to make the Airwave a competitive 12 string Guitar Specs. And if they ever want to sell or swap, the return could be bigger. Check out our range below or learn more about Reverend by watching their video! $2,149.00 . Thers is NOTHING in the guitar world that comes close to the sound, feel and quality of this instrument. Plenty of versatility without being overwhelming. If you're looking for a semi-hollow body guitar under 1000$, look hard at this one. Here’s what you need to know about Reverend Guitars vs. PRS SE. Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG Review: In Detail. Even if the other brand appeals to them more in terms of style, appearance, setup, or price, they may be tempted to take their money toward a brand that sponsors their favorite guitar heroes. Reverend’s models encompass stylish originals and signature models for more esoteric, often underappreciated artists. But for the money, how does Reverend’s inventory hold up to that of PRS SE? Write a user review Ask for a user review. Many Reverend Guitars are eligible for free shipping. Your email address will not be published. Merchant City Music is the UK's premier Reverend stockist. Reverend. In his Guitar Player magazine review of the Greg Koch Gristlemaster, Art Thompson begins by echoing the thoughts of legions of Gristle-Bewitched guitarists around the globe, “It’s high time somebody made a signature guitar for the incomparable Greg Koch.” The Nuts and Bolt (Ons) The Six Gun is one of Reverend… The Nuts and Bolt (Ons) The Six Gun is one of Reverend's Bolt-Ons, and has a very classic, yet totally original look. Obviously, there should be some type of preestablished list of features a player looks for. It’s true that higher-quality instruments almost always come with a higher price tag. Reverend Guitars and Basses are made with Korina bodies, loaded with Reverend's custom pickups. A person could even put pickups from a standard PRS in them, and though it wouldn’t have the same type of attention to detail in other areas, it would be one step closer to being like its parent model. What that means is subjective to the player, but PRS SE certainly has a beautiful look. Aside from the occasional f-hole or change to a Tune-O-Matic bridge, most of the guitars have the same features aesthetically. Remember, this brand gained notoriety in part to the instruments’ unique shapes and designs. With lovely contours on the body of this guitar, finished in a stunning Sky Blue Flame Maple, it's bound to turn heads. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dunlop RWN0738 Reverend Willy Electric Guitar Strings - Extra Light at Naylor, who holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design, is still with the company. How Thousands are Learning Music Production. Together, they make some of the most unique and eye-catching guitars in the world. Or recording in the studio? And while some may compare pickups and bridge types, there lies one simple solution to this – they can be changed. This sleek guitar would look comfortable in any setting (apart from Classical! ESP and LTD, Ovation and Applause, the list goes on. What do these makers do? Either brand can produce value for buyers. The way an instrument feels, the way it delivers a certain type of tonality – sometimes this is subject, and one type of guitar or another just feels right to certain players. A A Since taking flight in 1997, Reverend Guitars has garnered a reputation as a player’s company. Take, for example, a brand of an instrument like reverend guitars. Take the simplicity of a string-through-body bridge with covered humbuckers. The Retro Blast at the neck puts out a full, warm tone, but it’s a bit leaner than a full-sized humbucker. From Carlos Santana to Mark Tremonti, many famous artists have played PRS SE guitars. Advertised as delivering playability and feeling beyond the price, SE is Paul Reed Smith’s special line of instruments. Reverend Introduces New Airsonic, Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 10th Anniversary Edition and Billy Corgan Terz Guitars. But while that may be the case now, it wasn’t always that way with Reverend. In fact, it’s what most reviews do. Now they’re one of the most exciting budding electric guitar brands out there, with basses, acoustic guitars, and plenty of other items also filing their inventory. But how about the triple coil setup with a vintage Bigsby? A person who is trying to choose between these two brands can be swayed by preference and opinion. Contrasting and discussing differences will come later – for now, here are the areas of interest and how Reverend guitars stack up to PRS SE guitars. If Reverend guitars had to be summed up in three ways, they would be vintage style, affordability and playability. Reverend. PRS SE guitars have a distinct shape and come with twin humbuckers, dive-style vibrato bars, and gorgeous finishes. The PRS SE line is no different – a little more common and straightforward, but solid all around. Staff pick. Now they’re one of the most exciting budding electric guitar brands out there, with basses, acoustic guitars, and plenty of other items also filing their inventory. For reference, many of their guitars look like unique combinations of say, a Jazzmaster, and a Telecaster. 0 Reviews. After graduation, he immediately began working as a repair tech. Reverend Guitars user reviews. Musical instruments are comparable in terms of the materials and electronics used to make them. It was also light, and if you have ever read my previous reviews … It’s easy to see how these two guitar types are unique – though they also have many similarities. Add to Cart. A person who is a fan of one artist may gravitate to the brand that offers that artist’s guitars. Each brand that is successful knows they must appeal to a wide range of players – players of all skill levels and all budgets. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Reverend Flatroc but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or … The Korean guitars … They create, yes – but more importantly, they listen. Unless Reverend guitars suddenly find their designs being replicated by competitors or they decide to mass produce some of their rarer offerings, the value is bound to increase. The same could be said with the SE. A guitar shouldn’t just sound great – it should look great. Compare Compare Now site51500000000310831 1500000331466. Greg Koch – Reverend Gristlemaster Guitar. You get a humbucker in both the neck and bridge position, and several of the guitars have dive-style vibrato bars. Buzz Harmony © 2019 | All Rights Reserved. Reverend review / Electric Guitars / Unbiased reviews of guitar equipment, CD and DVD music at Ultimate-Guitar.Com Preorder. Style and danger rolled into one badass rockin' machine! But this also means a beginner, who hasn’t even heard of PRS, may pick up an SE because of the solid design and reasonable price. Reverend BC-1 Billy Corgan Signature Electric Guitar Satin Silver... PRS Custom 24 Floyd Rose 10-Top - Orange Tiger. PRS SE guitars are marketed based on their value. Contact Us! Review: Reverend Guitars Shade Balderose Signature Model. These areas are the basic ones most people consider when shopping for a guitar. Technically, all of the guitars can be changed.