If you want that iconic mellow, full, rich midrange sound that goes from whisper quiet and sweet to big and bold go with the J45. I have seen some good reviews of the J15 too - in fact I don't think I've heard of a dissatisfied J15 owner. Mickthemiller, November 5, 2015 in Gibson Acoustic. I bought it on the 4th of July and got to use the 4th coupon (15%). J15's are gorgeous, but just sounded too bright and strident/borderline harsh for my ear, while the J45 was fuller but mellower. I've played new J45s that have had little in common in terms of presence and sound and it wasn't the strings. Studio Series. "If I got the J45, how would I feel about it afterwards?" I have seen some good reviews of the J15 too - in fact I don't think I've heard of a dissatisfied J15 owner. Love the use of walnut on the J15 great inexpensive guitar..good luck..you can not go wrong no matter which way you go. I have a G-45 and think it's great. I've tried the tusq saddle with the bone nut and pins and had the same problems.). Also J15 has different tone wood for the … Maple and Walnut as you mention are quite unique. While that may be a real possibility now, stuff happens. If you can afford to get both, a 50's era J-45 will close the book on your search. I originally was shopping around for a D-18, but ended up with the J-35. I have both J45 and G45 studio in Stock. The Gibson J15 is a beautifully handcrafted solid-wood electro-acoustic guitar, made in Bozeman, Montana. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. I was tempted. J45 studio and J15 standard are the same thing. Good luck , I have attached a pic of my J45 that was born on April 2015, Thanks - and I'm not more confused although I thought I may be. However, the J15 is very cool looking too - some of the walnut backs are scrumptious and the maple neck has a certain charm. Conclusion: you need to find a great sounding J-45. I got one in April and I’ve loved it ever since! The J35 is braced differently (advanced x bracing) same as the Advanced Jumbo. Copyright 2019 Gibson Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. It is hand-built in our Bozeman, Montana factory using time-tested Gibson build techniques like hide-glued dovetail neck joints and domed top braces along with modern features like slimmer … However, the J15 is very cool looking too - some of the walnut backs are scrumptious and the maple neck has a certain charm. From what I can tell they're very similar. The G-45 Studio is designed to provide the perfect mix of tone, performance, and traditional Gibson style for all players and every stage. I have a 1970 Hummingbird and a Songwriter Deluxe and for a second I thought about picking up a J-45 but I just don't need another guitar. The Gibson G-45 Studio & Standard are the new duo of the ” Round Shoulder ” models. Finished with a Fishman Sonitone pickup for easy studio … I spent a good amount of time with it last night and was really impressed. Gibson Standard is considered the flagship guitar of the Gibson … The only thing that puts me off them is that the fingerboard does not reach the sound hole. The new J45 Studio is a hit for me. Not sure about how the J15 is braced. True I was thinking maybe a Martin D35 (pretty) but I decided it has to be short scale (that 3/4 inch makes so much difference) I think I have conclude that I get the J45 - that way if I do want the J15 too it wont be such a heavy outlay as it would be if I got the J15 and then had to re-save for a J45. Thicker mid-tones too. or... "Would I be completely content and satisfied?". But will have different tone, not as bass forward or lively in treble as advanced braces are. Seriously thinking about it. I'm not arguing Avery , you play like a son of a , but a new guitar takes time to get to peace with. That gap just does not look right. Just my opinion and I'm sure others will disagree but love my G-45 plays and sounds great. Gibson J-45 Acoustic Guitars The J-45 is Gibson's best-selling acoustic of all time. Same make, but not even close in tone. You should play them both. J45 Studio - bought my first Gibson Acoustic. I got one in April and I’ve loved it ever since! It still has those same powerful, warm acoustic tones though! The new Gibson 2019 models are in-store and here's a comparison between the J45 Standard and the new J45 Studio model, presented by Niek and Maarten. But a good J-15 will more than likely sound better than an average J-45. And I'm a newbie to great guitars...was playing a laminated Yamaha before this year. I have not played a J45 but my J15 is a mighty fine piece of wood. The J-15 I think sits in the middle here and personally don't see getting much more than with the G-45. I think the saddle was most important. The slim body depth allows for increased comfort underarm and the flatter fingerboard allows a finer playability. Great problem to have. Cars break, kids need braces. (After the honeymoon phase, got a little frustrated. These use some tone … Sustain is massively better, trebles are smoother, and the bass has a much more pronounced thump. So, no matter which you choose, it will be the right decision for you. I like the advice about how would I feel about one if I got the other. I've got both and they are equal members of the guitar family. or... "Would I still be jonesing after the other one?" I sometimes try to answer questions like this by projecting forward. I am only weighing in to say that I find the 2016 J45 improved over the prior model, which is no small feat. Hand built in their factory in Bozeman, Montana, the new Gibson G-Series acoustics integrate traditional build techniques with modern features. They play great unplugged, but require quite a bit of know-how to get them to sound good over a sound system. J45 studio. New for 2019, the Studio Series from Gibson, which includes this J-45 Studio acoustic-electric, offers players an affordable version of Gibson's most iconic models, in this case, the famed J-45. Not the best way to go when choosing any guitar. Product page for Gibson Acoustic instruments J-45 Studio 2019 We use cookies to understand how you use our site, give you an awesome experience, and … The Golden Era returns with the Original Collection. Got a bone saddle nut and pins. If your on a budget then this is a great sounding guitar. I had the same problem, I went looking for a J-15 but in the shop that I use most often, they had a very good J-45 and I was torn between the two. EDIT: I just read an article on Reverb about the 2019 Gibson line, and apparently, the J-45, Hummingbird, J-200, Songwriter, etc. It sounds too good to be true; $999 for an all-solid-wood electro-acoustic with ‘Gibson’ on the headstock? This pre-supposes you've already done some level of comparison of the attributes of each. Gibson Acoustic J-15 vs J-45 Studio 。石橋楽器店全店のセールやイベント情報 The G-45 Standard is a little more upscaled in terms of spec, but is similarly … The J45 was definitely warmer and more mellow sounding than the J35. With that said, when I was shopping for an acoustic I was trying out J45's and J15's. If you're playing live with a loud rock band a lot of the time then I'd go with a J15. You can post now and register later. There are some really good deals to be had out there at the moment . × Gibson Company produces different varieties of guitars with different versions. Turn heads with this unique J-45 Studio, hand-built using rosewood back and sides with a Sitka spruce top. Upload or insert images from URL. Gibson Brands, Inc. respects your right to privacy. Constructed with a solid spruce top and walnut back and sides, the Gibson J-45 Studio Walnut is a great value. And while it shares the same handsome lines, dimensions, and scale length with its more rustic elder cousin, the walnut-and-spruce G-45’s voice is brighter and more contemporary sounding than a traditional mahogany-and-spruce J-45. No buyers remorse at all, even though you don't see too many comments on the J-35 promoting it over any of the others, I love the sound and looks of mine and that is all that matters. Easy to play short scale, … Plays "second fiddle" to none...........Then again, if you have around 24-2500, you might find a "used" J45 for 14-15 and a "used" J15 for a 1000 or so. The J-15 was always like the smaller brother of the J-45 in terms of being a simplified guitar with an uncomplicated aesthetic. Modern features, such as slimmer body dimensions and an easily accessible neck profile, join well-established designs, such as the concealed dovetail neck joints. I've played two J35s at GC. johnlg. That's essentially based on my Travis style of play & what my ears prefer to hear. Gibson J-45 Studio Walnut Acoustic-Electric Guitar (with Case) See why the J-45 is a real workhorse! Pm me I’m a Gibson Dealer. Gibson J-45 Studio Acoustic-Electric Guitar (with Case) With an incredible dynamic range, warm midrange and a tight, punchy low end, this Gibson J-45 Studio delivers a full, balanced round-shoulder sound. The J15 is a super guitar. A bit "Irish" (sorry Rover et al) but it seems to make sense to me now. J45's can vary so much from one example to the other, J15's seem to be more consistent. All have: Walnut back, sides, bridge, and fretboards; Grover mini rotomatic tuners; tusq saddle, nut and bridge pins; The only differences I could see were the neck material and profile, body depth, the finish, inlays, and the back binding. Modern Acoustic Collection.   You cannot paste images directly. Rather than 'tell you' which I would get, or what You Should Get - maybe I can suggest an approach for you to use to answer your own question. Gibson G-45 Studio & Standard. 1,985 122 1. Good luck and keep us updated on your travails. One will almost always rise to the top, as there almost always are surprising differences from one guitar to the next. The pickup is better. Now onto the brand that worship … The J-45 Studio is a new addition to the Gibson Montana line-up and essentially replaces the ever-popular J-15 model. Then, I'd save-up a grand and start looking for a "used" J15. The J15 sounded better, but I'd attribute that to Gibson inconsistency more than anything. J45 studio. If I had neither at this time and I had the cash I'd go the J45 first because it's a guitar that lives-up to the legend that revolves around it. Popular with singer-songwriters, the J-45 is the golden child of dreadnought design guitars - and should always be considered in any discussion. Just like it's predecessors, it's hand-built with the same level of craftsmanship and detail, and is just as at home in the studio or … Some will disappoint. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The J-45 studio body depth dimensions are 4" at the bottom, 4 1/8" in the middle. They appear to be more or less the same guitar, with slightly different bridges and maple v. mahogany necks. Terms & Conditions | Registered Trademarks. I wouldn't buy either guitar without playing a few examples of either. But then I walked into a Sam Ash and was really drawn to the J15. Paying tribute to our iconic past, the Original Collection brings back the classic guitars that shaped sound across all generations and genres of music. By and seriously reflect on it, avoiding the excitement, anticipation and other blocking emotions. What do I do - buy both? Available in both Antique Natural and Rosewood Burst finishes, as well as lefty! I've got a J45 and I can see myself also with a J35. The store I visited had both guitars in stock and I played them both also a J45 True Vintage . However, these two kinds of instruments differ in features and style. If possible, I try to play three of any given model.   Your link has been automatically embedded. The J45 is iconic, always gets good reviews and I just love the sunburst finish. You can't go wrong either way. Gibson has introduced some very affordable acoustic guitars made up in Bozeman, Montana. The the G-45 Studio is what Gibson calls “a new point of entry into a Gibson acoustic”. A place to show off your Gibson guitars, amps, etc... Press J to jump to the feed. Gibson J-15 vs J-45 . are all getting a "Studio" model, with cheaper pricetag, walnut back and sides, and thinner body than their standard counterparts. It wasn't a case of one being better than the other, they were just different, the J-15 was bright and zingy and the 45 was very mellow sounding. Smells awesome too. The Modern Collection builds on our legacy of innovation by introducing modern features and shaping sound for future generations. I am going to get either a J45 (possibly the 2016 model) or a J15. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Get 'em both if you can, but to start with, either is a fine choice. The fact that a string may be pronounced , may be the fact that that particular string was underdeveloped in the previous guitar ... What are you leaving in the corner once you get the Gibson Mr miller? If money is no issue then I think the J-45 is always a classic. In the end I went with the J-15, really because that was what I went looking for, but if I could have afforded it, I would have taken them both home. Might be another 1/2" deeper....do not know the exact dimensions. I'd play both, but go into the shop with an open mind. It was the character of the guitar. These are very different sounding guitars. He got it for $950 as a display model from CME. I keep flipping from one to the other. Most will feel adequate and a few will stand out. Still hand-built with the same level of craftsmanship and detail as any Gibson, these 2019 models are more than suitable for home, live stage, or high-level professional performance. Other than appearance, you are basically asking about two guitars that sound VERY different from each other. And then "If I got the J15, how would I feel about it afterwards?" It shares the same shape and size as the well renowned J45 but uses different materials, comes in at a different price, and has a different sound. What a great choice to have! J45 is not forward shifted, just scalloped bracing. My high e sounded kind of harsh and thin. Find the main specifications for the Gibson J15 … Paste as plain text instead, × The fantasy you imagine in your head is always brought down to reality once the guitar itself is in your hands. It plays and sounds like a Gibson without all the bells and whistles of their more expensive models. I was thinking either a J50 or Songwriter. Owning both would be very cool. Clear editor. Finished with an LR Baggs Element pickup system. Gibson's 2019 Studio Series models offer players an affordable version of Gibson's most iconic models. Clearly, you need to try out as many guitars as you can. You'll have to play them back to back then you decide. The J45 is iconic, always gets good reviews and I just love the sunburst finish. Then, you might get both of them... You seem to be basing you opinion on reviews. I wanted a Gibson with a natural finish-- just a personal preference thing. Given this, which one do you all think would be the best bang for your buck? The J-15 is handcrafted from solid tonewoods, Sitka spruce top, walnut back and sides, and a maple neck. Don't fall into the trap of thinking "I'll get one now and the other later." When I bought my J45 I was actually shopping for a J15 or 35....ended up the the J45..still Jonesin' for the J15 and I will have one before too long but it is really a tough choice. … I have not played the G-45, my guess is that it's a lower grade if wood but it's merely a guess. Sort of like - 'Would I have buyers remorse?' Gibson, although known for its Les Paul, makes a high-end acoustic guitar. Strangely I have just looked at a J35 today which has been reduce by £200. It was in mint condition when he got it and it plays and sounds great. And I couldn't stop playing it. My neighbor just bout a J-45 Studio. One more thing - The only way I could try them both is to travel a distance or order and return the one I can wait for later. Anyway guys thanks - the mind is more focused now - at least I think so. I am new to Gibson Acousics since June this year . 4 months ago. And it comes in a posh-looking hard case? The J35 has more highs. Try one... A great J-45 will be heard and shoulders above the J-15. Both versions have the following similarities: … I just got back from GC, where I tried a bunch of Gibson acoustics, including the J45 studio and J15. You've got to play them, and truly more than one example of each model to really know what it's capable of. The J15 that they were making had a skinny two piece maple neck - this has a one piece mahogany neck. Other than appearance, you are basically asking "walnut vs. Key specifications of Gibson J15. The neck is smooth. Not in the way of any helpful advice. The J-15 is more traditional as it is deeper towards the bottom. And btw, my own preferences would steer me towards a lively J-185 before any other Gibson acoustic. So true. ... (Milwaukee). × I have played both and chosen the slightly darker tone of the J45. They produce two kinds of guitars which are the Gibson Studio and the Gibson Standard. Privacy Policy | Both great instruments. Forget the J-15. Either guitar would be a pleasure to own. Gibson’s new G-45 is a very different kind of Gibson dreadnought. Out of the three the one I bought was the J45 standard , purely because it played and sounded the best .My advice would be buy a new J45 made just before the 2016 versions came out . Like comparing a Strat and Tele. If you have the money for a new J15, you can easily afford a used J45, a very lightly used one at that. View Entire Discussion (5 Comments) Gibson Studio vs Standard. You'll know it when you play it. Built by our master-craftsmen using the same methods as all Gibson Acoustic models, the J-15 has a hand-fitted dovetail neck-to-body joint secured with hide glue. The G-45 Studio offer players the perfect mix of tone, … The Hummingbird has claimed a few prizes as a dreadnought and has a unique style unto itself. And I love the light mahogany B&S and the fire/tiger stripe pickguard.   Pasted as rich text.   Your previous content has been restored. But as others have said, they vary. Make the decision assuming you will only be able to get one. The Gibson J-45 Studio brings you iconic style at a very accessible pricepoint. It gave me everything I wanted and the price was amazing. … mahogany.". Liked them both. Display as a link instead, × Most of us have tales of looking to buy one guitar and walking out with another. G'Luck!