Ice maker stopped working , ordered the solenoid for my make and model , installed it and it didn’t work , I ohm tested the old solenoid and it failed the test , so I ordered the ice maker it arrived in two days, installed it easy... plug and play great videos parts select !! FZ display shows temperature sensed by Ice Maker Thermistor. “OP” if open; “SH” if short 55C Water Valve Press set Remove ice tray to collect water into a measuring container to measure water fill. Once the mold reaches the proper temperature, the ice maker starts a harvest cycle by ejecting the ice cubes and refilling with water. The flex tray ice maker is in the freezer section. The part that makes the ice cubes is the evaporator so to speak, and has refrigerant flowing through it. Inside the control module of the ice maker is a thermostat which monitors the temperature of the ice mold (ice tray). note keep the old unit around for future tray replacement. (Make sure your test probes go into the test points 1/2".) Test points T & H … Since the tray flex to pop out the ice cubes the ties well break again. Ordered new tray, simple install. If collecting water into ice tray, first perform test 63C to empty ice tray. The test holes are identified as "N," "M," , "V," etc. TEST PROCEDURES Ice Maker Plugged In To Power Shut-Off Arm Down-Freezer Cold Test points L & N will verify 120 volts to Ice Maker module. If the ice maker is not working, the icemaker mold thermostat might be defective. Its wise to check the bottom of the ice tray for those cable ties holding the sensor to the tray once in a while. The one upstairs has to be repaired because like I was saying, it's part of your sealed system.