By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Nutella- and Tic Tac-maker Ferrero Group, a global confectionery conglomerate, entered into a definitive agreement on 16 January to purchase Nestle’s US confectionery business for US$2.8bn. In December 2015 Ferrero achieved 99.5% traceability to the plantations, with TFT’s support. A further step forward on our journey to responsible palm oil. In order not to penalize legitimate workers who have nothing to do with this, Ferrero is ensuring that they will not be unfairly affected. It aims to develop an actionable suite of measures to end deforestation and forest degradation, including greater investments in more sustainable forms of landscape management; more active efforts in partnership with others to protect and restore forests in the cocoa landscape; and significant investments in programs to improve cocoa productivity for smallholder farmers working in the cocoa supply chain. It has proved to be an extremely powerful tool because it enables us to determine the status of our action plan. Bloomberg reported the rumor last week, and today Nestle confirmed the deal. The reliable rating platform also provides suppliers with a detailed analysis of their performance, allowing them to benchmark their position against sectorial practices and to manage their corrective actions effectively. To date (December 2015) we have reached traceability to 99.5 % of the plantations we source our palm oil from. The key objective of monitoring suppliers’ sustainability performance is to verify excellence in their activities and, where necessary, leverage on the influence of Ferrero’s supply chains to encourage a better performance. After this evaluation, an action plan was agreed with each supplier in order to support the transformation of their practices with our Charter.A further step forward on our journey to responsible palm was our membership with the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) in November 2015. Traceability to the plantations – the source of Ferrero’s palm oil In 2015 Ferrero achieved its objective of certifying 100% of its palm oil volumes as well as its entire supply chain and production line as segregated by the RSPO. Furthermore, we have systematically started collecting the maps of plantations, where data was available from official sources. Ferrero’s Code of Business Conduct is available at In 2016 Ferrero chose to modify its palm oil supply base, Ferrero’s position on child labour within the cocoa supply chain. - Nigeria Kokodola Project: aimed at improving the livelihood of cocoa farmers in western Nigeria, through technical training on best agricultural cocoa practices as well as awareness-raising activities on social issues such as child labour, to address and eliminate them. Ferrero also supports ongoing local projects to ensure sustainable cocoa production, whilst improving cocoa farmers’ living conditions and the well-being of their communities. The speculation is now over as the deal has been made official. Showcase your devotion with some cozy swag, acquiring a majority stake in Bay Area-based Blue Bottle, snapping up Austin-based Chameleon Cold Brew, Ferrero Near Deal to Buy Nestle’s U.S. Chocolate Unit, Nestle Wants Out of the American Chocolate Industry, Nestle Buys Hipster Coffee Brand Blue Bottle, Restaurants Are Defying Indoor Dining Shutdowns to Survive Winter, The Cyber Monday Deals Worth Checking Out, 8 Highly Giftable Cookbooks by New York Chefs, Kamala Harris Hopes You’ll Be Comforted by Her Cornbread Dressing Recipe This Thanksgiving. Italian chocolate giant Ferrero has agreed to buy rival Nestlé's American sweet and chocolate brands for $2.8 billion (€2.29 billion) in cash. Ferrero products are present directly or through authorised distributors in over 160 countries.The Group, of which Mr. Giovanni Ferrero is the Chief Executive Officer, closed the financial year with a consolidated turnover of 9,542 million Euros, indicating an increase of +13.4% compared to the previous year, which reported a consolidated turnover of 8,412 million Euros. The first step in this process of increased visibility is full traceability. In the future we want to invest our Premium in projects such as schools for our children and drinking water supply in the communities.”Fairtrade also provides cooperatives with inclusive training on gender equality and child rights. Ferrero plans to maintain Fannie May’s plant in Ohio, as well as its distribution centers in Ohio and Illinois. The POIG brings together environmental and social NGOs, palm oil companies and brands to push the boundaries of current RSPO requirements by establishing new business practices in the palm oil industry that end deforestation, the burning and development of peatlands and gross labour and human rights violations.Ferrero shares the same values and vision of the POIG and it has led us to continue to endorse the POIG innovative program to protect forests as well as communities and workers’ rights throughout the palm oil supply chain. However, we are pleased to confirm that between January – June 2016 Ferrero reached 100% traceability of its palm oil sources to 86 mills and 98.5% traceability to 447 plantations. The RepTrak® model measures the consumers’ perception of the world's largest companies, based on a scale that takes into account seven dimensions: products and services, innovation, workplace, governance, social responsibility, leadership and performance.Based on over 170,000 ratings collected in the first quarter of 2017, the survey is the largest corporate reputation study of its kind, and includes comparative ratings, trends by demographic cuts, and unique insights into which companies are best regarded by stakeholders as well as what drives trust and supportive behaviors such as willingness to purchase a company’s products, recommend the brand, invest in or even work for the company. Ferrero recognizes that deforestation and forest degradation is a critical issue of the global cocoa supply chain. The last audit, in May 2016, confirmed that the Ferrero code was being strictly complied with. Key recommendations include- Paying a decent living wage, as agreed through the participation of workers and independent unions;- No fees or costs are charged to workers, directly or indirectly, for recruitment or employment services;- No retention of passports, other government issued identification and any personal valuables;- Limiting precarious work by ensuring that casual, temporary and day labour is limited to jobs that are genuinely temporary or seasonal, and account for no more than 20% of the workforce;- Providing access to accessible, equitable and legitimate grievance mechanisms.In 2013, Ferrero launched its Palm Oil Charter to also address the possible violations of labour rights in the plantations it supplies from. The headcount as of August 31, 2015 amounted to 33,219 employees (including acquired companies), compared with 27,457 as of August 31, 2014. Ferrero buys Nestle’s US confectionary business for US$ Ferrero has a “Zero tolerance approach” towards child labour and is committed to protect children’s rights all along its supply chain, as stated in its Code of Business Conduct. Ferrero, also known for its Tic Tac candies and Rocher chocolates, announced in January the acquisition of Nestlé’s US candy business for $2.8 billion in cash. 182. Giovanni Ferrero. After its success, Ferrero confirms its commitment to adopt the EcoVadis Assessment Model as the tool to assess and improve its suppliers’ sustainability performance. This means we have identified each actor along the supply chain, down to the plantations growing the Fresh Fruit Bunches from which the palm oil used in our products is squeezed and further processed. It also advises the RSPO on how to reinforce its current Principles & Criteria on this topic in the upcoming review. Suppliers unprepared to engage or address compliance issues will be cut out of Ferrero’s supply chain. Ferrero buys Nestle’s U.S. candy business for $2.8 billion. Following the allegations made by the British newspaper The Sun, Ferrero immediately initiated a thorough investigation. Ferrero expects the Cocoa and Forests Initiative to commit to a clear cut off date by which industry will have implemented traceable sourcing to farm level. I am also working as a secretary in one of the cooperative’s sections. Published 5th February, 2018. Paul Chibe, President and CEO of Ferrero North America, said, “Fannie May brings great people and a valuable manufacturing, distribution and retail network to Ferrero’s expanding U.S. presence. Palm oil is used in a variety of our Ferrero products, along with other attentively selected ingredients, for three reasons:• The presence of palm oil can be adapted in different quantities to the requirements of each recipe, since some require more creamy fillings, others a crunchy texture, while some others both, and – what’s really important – without resorting to the hydrogenation process, which produces “trans fats” that have been recognized by the authorities and the scientific world as particularly harmful to health. The main Latin markets (in Europe and South America) showed good recovery, with the exception of Italy, which remained essentially flat. - Fairtrade Child Labour Prevention Programme “It takes a Village to Protect a Child”: Supplier ECOOKIM’s engaged in programme to prevent child labour in cocoa communities and promote the well-being of children, through the establishment of a Child Labour committee to conduct awareness-raising activities, develop a child protection policy as well as improve child education. • Palm oil and palm kernel oil represent 32 % of the global vegetable oil production. • 56.5 million tons of palm oil is produced annually. Ferrero recognizes that every stakeholder along the value chain has its respective responsibility – and all must work together towards the common objective of creating sustainable and responsible supply chains. Expand . “The Fairtrade cocoa program is a key component of reaching our objective of 100 percent certified sustainable cocoa by 2020”, says Aldo Cristiano, who is responsible for Ferrero’s sustainability programs. “Ferrero believes that global challenges such as deforestation need collective commitments” said Aldo Uva, Chief Officer Operating Supply and Strategic Business Platform, Ferrero, “Beginning in September 2014, Ferrero signed the New York Declaration on Forests during the Climate Summit. Within this context, Ferrero’s membership with the POIG in November 2015 represented a natural step to carry out our commitments and actions on a credible and innovative platform. Boost for cocoa and sugar farmers as Ferrero increases its Fairtrade commitment. 138 and the Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention No. With the deal, Ferrero will be picking up such popular brands as Crunch, Butterfinger and Baby Ruth. Therefore, it is essential to collaborate joint efforts with suppliers to be successful in achieving our commitments. No deforestation: updateThe achieved traceability means that by the end of 2016, we have been able to identify the name, ownership and the location of the supplying plantations, including coordinates. Ferrero buys Nestle's U.S. A. F. (January 17, 2018) An old Ferrero advertisement . Chocolate-maker Ferrero has announced it is to buy the US confectionery business of Nestlé. Ferrero buys Nestlé’s US confectionery business. - Ferrero Fairtrade and Cooperative Union ECOOKIM Joint-Monitoring Programme: sourcing Fairtrade certified and sustainable cocoa from ECOOKIM in the Ivory Coast, with the aim to support further social and sustainable development of the cocoa farming communities and improve their well-being. Once the protocol is fully implemented, Ferrero will communicate the findings. No exploitation: update In order to provide our suppliers with effective guidelines to comply with the ‘no exploitation’ requirements of the Ferrero Charter, in April 2016 Ferrero endorsed the "Free and Fair Labor in Palm Oil Production: Principles and Implementation Guidance“. See more at: For more information please refer to our CSR Report. Currently owned by 1-800-Flowers, a multi-brand provider of gourmet and floral gifts, Fannie May’s primary distribution channels include online – leveraging’s e-commerce platform – telephone, QVC home shopping channel, a network of 80 retail stores operated by Fannie May, conventional retail, and private label/contract manufacturing activities. Nestle’s confectionery division includes numerous iconic candy bars such as Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, and Nestle Crunch. Umesh 3rd April 2018. To all of you who made the Kinder+Sport experience at Expo Milano 2015 an unforgettable one.Thanks to all the families and schools for bringing the hundreds of thousands of children to the Kinder+Sport Area to discover the joy of moving through its educational path.Thanks to the Italian Olympic Committee, the Italian Ministry of Education and EXPO for sharing the Ferrero Group’s values of social responsibility which are inherent to this project, inspiring young generations to embrace an active lifestyle.Thanks to all professionals, to the staff, to more than 100 trainers and all our sport champions for contributing to the daily success of this Area as Ambassador of the Kinder+Sport values.EXPO MILANO 2015 was just the beginning…, [1] Report on palm oil and deforestation of rainforests (2016/2222(INI)) - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety – European Parliament (par. Farmers benefit from all the same Fairtrade Standards.“Long-term partnerships with companies such as Ferrero enable small-scale farmers to plan for their future. All our products are subject to the most stringent safety and quality checks before being marketed. Ferrero recognizes that deforestation and forest degradation is a critical issue of the global cocoa supply chain. A living wage is paid.5. The document was released in March 2015 by a wide alliance of international human rights and environmental organizations gathering around a common platform as it pertains to fair labor working conditions. “This move allows Nestle to invest and innovate across a range of categories where we see strong future growth... such as bottled water... [and] coffee,” Nestle CEO Mark Schneider said in a statement. Certifications and Standards Currently, the Group is working with the following certification standards: UTZ, Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and Fairtrade. A pilot assessment project covering approximately 60 strategic suppliers was completed in mid-2016. The company subsequently introduced Ferrero Rocher® pralines and Nutella® hazelnut spread.Giovanni Ferrero, Chief Executive Officer of the Ferrero Group, said, “Fannie May represents a strong strategic and cultural fit for Ferrero and we are happy that Fannie May’s talented people, premium brand and quality products will become part of the Ferrero Group. Commit to meaningful due diligence, transparency, and disclosure of human rights policies, procedures, and data, with a focus on labor and employment.In view of the above listed principles we also recommend our suppliers to use the “Free and Fair Labor in Palm Oil Production: Implementation Guidance” which describes the 12 steps companies need to take for operationalizing the Principles. For this purpose, Ferrero has consulted the main documents developed by the principal stakeholders: ILO conventions, RSPO standards, TFT “No Exploitation” Guidelines as well as the "Free and Fair Labor in Palm Oil Production: Principles and Implementation Guidance" released in March 2015 by a wide alliance of international human rights and environmental organizations gathering around a common platform as it pertains to fair labor working conditions. But Nestle has been moving away from junk food, buying up vitamin companies and looking to pick up other consumer health arms. This assessment enables us to identify the priority plantations to visit in first half 2017 in order to discuss and improve their activities.• Third party verification.• After the completion of these visits, we will be able to start running the third party verification process according to the “Ferrero Verification Protocol” with the support of a leading, external service provider. This is audited by SGS, who are the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.