That is how our community supports itself. Fenugreek – The Bottom Line. Fenugreek has been around forever: It was cultivated in Egypt in 1,500 B.C., and its use in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda might stretch back even further. Another way Fenugreek may stop or slow hair loss is that it helps prevent the conversion of testoserone to DHT. Does Fenugreek Boost Testosterone? But is fenugreek truly as effective of a test boosters the marketers claim it to be? Finally, a study published in “Phytotherapy Research” conducted on 60 men between the ages of 25 and 52 found that subjects given 600 mg of Fenugreek daily for 6 weeks self reported an increase in libido. –, Sreeja, S., & Anju, V. S. (2010, June). DHT reduction might extend testosterone’s effect, leading to a kind-of bottleneck which may increase it in the short term. Fenugreek has its fans and it has its detractors.And both have science to back up their opinions.We’ll cover both sides of the issue, and in the end come up with a better understanding of whether or not Fenugreek can actual lift testosterone levels and improve both sexual and athletic performance. It should at least compliment your overall health much in the same way as optimal testosterone levels would. These compounds act as DHT inhibitors. View all posts by Rob Miller, Your email address will not be published. It increased strength equally whether it was paired with either fenugreek or dextrose. C. Poole, B. Bushey, C. Foster, B. Campbell, D. Willoughby, R. Kreider, L. Taylor, and C. Wilborn: The effects of a commercially available botanical supplement on strength, body composition, power output, and hormonal profiles in resistance-trained males. Basically everywhere in the body - except muscle tissue - the androgenic effect is carried out by DHT. Unfortunately, it seems that most supplement companies start their ingredient formulations in the marketing room instead of with scientific data. The short answer is no, fenugreek does not boost either free or total testosterone levels according to the scientific evidence at hand. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Available! It’s about maximizing the person you were meant to be. Conclusion. Health Benefits of Fenugreek So we can conclude that fenugreek can result in a decrease in serum DHT levels when compared to a placebo. I advise you to read the study for yourself though, especially the following sentences in the conclusion: “Although a between group difference was noted for free testosterone at T2 and T3, it has limited relevance due to the fact that it did not significantly change over time… 500 mg commercially available supplement in conjunction with a resistance training program has no anabolic effect on the hormonal status of resistance trained males.”. It sure didn’t convince me and neither did a trial run I gave myself taking just fenugreek as a supplement. Saw Palmetto. Fenugreek broke into the fitness scene when one study supposedly demonstrated it to be a powerful and effective way to increase testosterone. In 2011 a study was done on 47 males to test if the combination of fenugreek and creatine would increase strength over an 8 week resistance training program. In fact, most of the subsequent studies show that Fenugreek has no effect on testosterone whatsoever, and a 2009 study published in “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” showed that Fenugreek has NO effect on testosterone levels at all. Additional uses for women include relief from menstrual cramps and menopausal hot flashes, and even breast size augmentation.This last benefit is said to be accomplished by altering particular liver enzymes, slowing down the breakdown of estrogen. If you feel that any of our content is out-of-date and/or factually inaccurate, please send us an email through our contact form here. Hannan, J., Rokeya, B., Faruque, O., Nahar, N., Mosihuzzaman, M., Khan, A. One reported side effect is a maple syrupy smell to your urine.This usually only happens at fairly high doses.In fact, women taking Fenugreek for milk production use this as a sign they’ve taken enough. | Ver 3.03. In vitro estrogenic activities of fenugreek Trigonella foenum graecum seeds. 1  However, research has not proven any benefits, and there are risks of toxicity and birth defects in using large doses. (1), Since that time, another study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed no influence in free or total testosterone levels from fenugreek extract. The authors concluded that the increase came about because fenugreek inhibited the action of aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen. Our main focus today is the effect Fenugreek may or may not have on testosterone levels, but we’ll start with a general overview of all its known benefits. Secondly, the main focus and findings of the studies are more about libido, muscle strength, and body composition than they are about testosterone, and that pretty much sums the issue up right there. Fenugreek’s primary purpose is to increase levels of testosterone. (4). Research shows that fenugreek affects testosterone level in two ways: Fenugreek helps in keeping the estrogen level low which in turn increases testosterone level and helps maintain it. (Hint: No Fenugreek), I’ve tried dozens of meal replacement shake options like Huel 3.0 and MRE from RedCon1. What nobody bothered to mention, was that the company which sponsored the study was actually a manufacturer of the product. It’s very powerfully androgenic, and loved by bodybuilders, but it’s a huge reason so many guys go bald. Another study [12] evaluating fenugreek as 5α-reductase inhibitor failed to affect dihydrotestosterone (non-significant increase) levels. There’s this one that found Fenugreek to maintain healthy testosterone levels. So while Fenugreek may not technically boost your hormone levels, it may indeed provide the benefits you want anyway. In fact, they found that T levels remained basically unchanged throughout the study! How Fenugreek Boosts Testosterone The only known mechanism of action of fenugreek extract is via inhibiting the aromatase and reductase enzymes that bio converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Click Her to learn more, thanks! Unfortunately, it seems that most supplement companies start their ingredient formulations in the marketing room instead of with scientific data. (5, 6). A natural alternative to testosterone gels, fenugreek can help boost your sex drive. My test came back at 800 ng – the range on my lab slip said normal, at my age is 300 – 740 and noted mine was high. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Journal of Sports Science & Medicine. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +. Fenugreek, Testosterone, DHT, and Prolactin. However, if you are reading this article that was probably not the benefit you were looking for! The interesting thing about Fenugreek (compared to the other herbs on this list), is that there is some research suggesting that it may have an effect on testosterone and DHT … This isn’t the case. Best to Take Whey Protein Before or After Workout? Taurine for Pre-Workout & Energy? If you stumbled across this blog by accident though and you really did want to find out about lactation or if you are expecting a new addition to the family soon, I suggest you check out Kelly Mom’s Article on it. By blocking 5-alpha-reductase: 5-alpha-reductasecoverts Testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). And when it comes to hair growth effects, fenugreek has very powerful steroidal sapogenin, diosgenin, and its … So does that study really leave you believing fenugreek is going to help increase your strength? First of all, they were largely commissioned by parties with a vested interest in finding that Fenugreek does indeed boost testosterone levels, namely manufacturers of supplements highlighting Fenugreek as their star component. (2). All rights reserved. The 15 men taking the placebo experienced no increase in testosterone levels whatsoever. Fenugreek is primarily used as a cooking agent or as a topical remedy for hair and skin issues. Sim TF, Sherriff J, Hattingh HL, Parsons R, Tee LB. Alpha Wolf Nutrition is based on real science and results for the people we serve. [22] Another study with 30 men, found that a fenugreek extract, increased testosterone and bioavailable testosterone, but DHT did not change. Never? Can you say “red flag”? –. Most people think that fenugreek is only used as an ingredient to normalize and increase male testosterone levels. (FIND STUDY AND LINK TO IT (CAN FIND LINK PERHAPS AT It has some great medicinal properties that we will discuss later. Fenugreek “may” help increase strength but it probably doesn’t. The pump is addictive. Fenugreek has a long history of medicinal applications in Middle Eastern medicine. was founded in 2011 by Rob Miller. It’s DHT’s role to help form normal hormone levels in men linked to muscle growth and repair. [ 1] It’s also a popular spice in curry dishes. But just to give you an example before I move on, fenugreek prevents the normal cycle of testosterone into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. Effects of Combined Creatine Plus Fenugreek Extract vs. Creatine Plus Carbohydrate Supplementation on Resistance Training Adaptations. [23] Saw Palmetto Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a small palm tree native to Florida and other areas of the southeastern United States.Today, saw palmetto is one of the most popular and best herbal DHT blockers in the country and is available in many forms including powders and extracts. About Rob Miller Our Privacy Policy View FTC Disclaimer Site Map, Copyright ©2020 - Fenugreek Testosterone Study Yet, the study did find that the subjects decreased their serum dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. –. Most people do not experience significant side effects with fenugreek supplementation but just about every natural herb, vitamin or mineral has the potential to cause some side effect in particular individuals with low tolerance. After 8 weeks, the men had an average increase in total testosterone of 7%, and an increase in free testosterone of 12%. And while studies on fenugreek have occasionally shown a mild increase in testosterone, these usually go hand in hand with a mild decrease in DHT. The testofen compound is said to naturally boost testosterone levels. 5-a reductase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. 2011;10(2):254-260. In fact, we formulated Force X7 with 13 different vitamins, minerals and herbs designed to work in harmony and address several key areas to help boost your testosterone levels. The health benefits ascribed to fenugreek include blood sugar lowering for diabetes and prediabetes, increasing milk supply during breastfeeding, relief of menstrual cramps, and raising testosterone levels. It’s been extremely well documented that creatine boosts muscle strength and weightlifting performance. It is thought that this occurs because something in fenugreek in inhibiting the alpha reductive enzyme, leading to a back log in testosterone, which isn’t being converted into DHT. Side effects particular to fenugreek may include: While it may cause an upset stomach in some individuals (this seems to be the most frequent complaint) it has actually been successfully used to treat digestive issues in others. Fenugreek capsules - male enhancement pills - testosterone booster for men (1 bottle 60 capsules) male enhancement pills this natural unique formula is made from premium selected herbs - fenugreek, tribulus terrestris, l-citrulline, tribulus terrestris, nettle leaf, panax ginseng, zinc, siberian ginseng root, bioperine extract, cordyceps sinesis There’s a difference between boosting testosterone levels and providing benefits similar to the ones you’d get if you increased testosterone levels.The studies mentioned above demonstrate improvements in muscle strength, body composition, and/or libido – all of which are related to testosterone.But they don’t demonstrate an actual increase in the testosterone levels themselves. It contains compounds called furostanolic saponins, which are believed to increase testosterone production… The scientific name for fenugreek is Trigonella foenum-graecum. Natural remedies and supplements are always the subject of rich debate.On the one hand, Western medicine has a history of dismissing the notion of herbal solutions in favor of more pharmaceutical ones.On the other hand, ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions have used botanicals to improve health and well-being for centuries. Once again the main study which pointed to an increase in libido was paid for by a manufacturer of fenugreek and was the paid questionnaire. Fenugreek has been used by men to increase libido and physical prowess for as long as men have been interested in their libidos and physical prowess (ie forever).Naturally these benefits would conjure a connection between taking Fenugreek and boosting testosterone levels. The use of herbal medicines during breastfeeding: a population-based survey in Western Australia. We design our products to help fulfill your passion and excitement for life. Not So Fast! However, Fenugreek can also help you with erectile dysfunction and is one of the greater supplements to increase sex drive, libido, and stamina. Maybe the better question is whether or not Fenugreek provides the type of benefits you want.The evidence appears to point toward Fenugreek not actually increasing testosterone levels, at least not to a significant degree.But it also points toward Fenugreek providing the kind of benefits you would get if you did increase testosterone levels. At the end of the study, the researchers concluded the combination of “creatine with fenugreek” and “creatine with dextrose” were similarly effective at increasing strength while the placebo group did not see a significant increase. By doing this, fenugreek can help sustain testosterone levels. A reduction also usually translates to lowered libido, but fenugreek reputedly increases it. Let’s have a closer look. What is even crazier is the study didn’t even mention testosterone being boosted long term. Most people think that fenugreek is only used as an ingredient to normalize and increase male testosterone levels. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. By inhibiting these enzymes, the theory is that Fenugreek should make testosterone levels go up. Fenugreek Dosing protocols differ depending on what you’re using it for.Women trying to increase breast milk production are recommended to take at least 3500 mg per day over several doses. Two different studies suggest fenugreek can increase lactation in breastfeeding women. It might also be the most popular and over-hyped testosterone boosting ingredient on the market today. It has recently been reported that fenugreek increases strength output, increases testosterone, and increases growth hormone levels. Fenugreek, is a plant native to South Asia and it’s seeds and leaves are frequently used in curry dishes. Fenugreek is a herb that has been traditionally used for diabetes and for male virility (such an interesting word, virility), you can read more up about it on its page. By blocking it, Fenugreek can help sustain Testosterone levels. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Check out our article on the best natural testosterone boosters! It works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. 2013;13:317. It blocks the 5-alpha reductase enzyme (What is responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. But ultimately, the truth and relevance of these studies have been called into question for a couple different reasons. The extract is derived from the seeds of fenugreek. We mentioned briefly above that one very common use of Fenugreek is to stimulate milk production in nursing mothers.In fact, it’s the most widely used herbal Galactagogue (substance that promotes lactation). Fenugreek is an herb found all over the world. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Fenugreek’s most well-known compound is 4-hydroxyisoleucine, which works to normalize glucose metabolism. Inhibiting its production may be counterproductive. Improve digestion and correct digestive problems. A., & Ali, L. (2003). Fenugreek and Testosterone In fact, my wife actually took it as a supplement after my son was born to help pump out more breast milk and she would swear by its effectiveness. Overall, you aren’t likely to experience any major side effects but you may want to start with a smaller dose to see how your body reacts to it first. There may not be a notable difference, but on the other hand, there may be. In fact, it showed that DHT levels actually decreased which if you are looking to increase size, strength or libido is not something you want to happen. Often, marketed and a testosterone booster, Fenugreek is an herb that has been used as a cooking staple as much as an alternative health treatment for many years throughout Asia and Europe. Interestingly, Nugenix, who helped bring Testofen to popularity, uses plain ole Fenugreek extract instead of Testofen in their flagship product, Nugenix “Ultimate Testosterone”. Various methods of extraction have been patented and marketed with very clever names such as “Testofen”. Best Time to Take BCAAs – Pre-Workout? While some shakes are better than others, there is always. Aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase enzymes convert testosterone into estrogen and DHT.Thus, a substance that blocks these enzymes should increase the ratio of testosterone … We already highlighted this same study (2) and it clearly states there was no significant increase in free testosterone in humans. Indeed some of the most popular products on the market, like Force Factor Test X180 Ignitesold online and at GNC, claim Fenugreek as their secret testosterone boosting weapon. Fenugreek blocks the conversion process of testosterone into DHT, so you have the dual benefit of increased free testosterone and less DHT, which is a good thing if you’re trying to combat hair loss. I started this blog as a hobby, and it has quickly grown to one of the most reputable supplement review sites on the internet. DHT is an androgen that is derived from testosterone. This isn’t the case. Many supplements claim to raise testosterone levels, including fenugreek. Patenting extractions is not always, but often times a clever way to make someone feel like they are getting something special or unique and therefore a higher price tag can be slapped on the cleverly marketed product. Men using it to increase testosterone and/or provide the effects of increased testosetrone should take about 500 mg to 600 mg per day in one or two doses. But is fenugreek truly as effective of a test boosters the marketers claim it to be? There is no evidence to substantiate this theory, but that doesn’t stop discussion of the potential issue.Many see it as a logical extrapolation, but others note the absolute absence of proof. Fenugreek will act on blood testosterone levels to reduce this hormone’s conversion into DHT. Force X7 is based off of human backed case studies so you can be sure you are getting both healthy and powerful ingredients. There are a lot of questions surrounding the use, effectiveness, and safety of Fenugreek.Here are just a few that I get asked on a regular basis. Learn more about him in his Bio here. There is however, certainty that this herb has the ability to provide for you the effects of increased testosterone.These effects, including increased libido and better athletic performance, are generally what you’re looking for when you find yourself interested in boosting testosterone. The common denominator here of course is creatine. According to WebMD other potential side effects for Fenugreek are mainly gastrointestinal and include: Finally, Fenugreek could affect blood sugar levels in diabetics, who are encouraged to monitor levels closely when taking it. Fenugreek has been researched for its potential to naturally increase testosterone. Does It or Doesn’t It Boost Testosterone This isn’t the case. 12 Best Natural DHT Blockers 1. Your email address will not be published. Rawson, E. S., & Volek, J. S. (2003). But correlation doesn’t always turn out to also be causation, and this fact lies at the heart of the Fenugreek Testosterone controversy. Required fields are marked *. The jury is still out on the relationship between Fenugreek and testosterone. A Study on Fenugreek for Hair Growth in Mice In one study, by Purwal L, Gupta SPBN, Milind Pande S, researchers wanted to investigate the possibility of finding a natural hair loss treatment as an alternative to minoxidil, a synthetic topical drug that is associated with various dangerous side effects (3). After six weeks, the score for sexual arousal rose from 16.1 to 20.6. With that said if your goal is to increase testosterone, the science behind the claims just do not add up. It’s also of note that discussions about male breast enlargement due to Fenugreek talk about the herb itself, while most testosterone boosters I’ve seen use a derivative called Testofen. The outcome? The major update comes from one study, it is the human study currently excluded from the Human Trials table that shows a decrease in DHT. For thousands of years, the seeds of the Fenugreek plant have been used to: The last two listed benefits are related in that the root of each benefit may have as their root the fact that Fenugreek raises testosterone levels.And this brings us to the primary discussion in this article. Testosterone. Multiple human case studies have proven there is no difference in terms of, BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids, have been one of the most popular workout supplements for over 3 decades but when does science say is the, Taurine is one of the most widely used ingredients in pre-workout formulas, energy drinks and sometimes even added to protein shakes but does it really. Fenugreek is a rich source of phytonutrients and saponins so it is definitely healthy for you overall and in fact, if your goal is simply to boost your overall health it is great for men to take. In one study, DHT levels in men dropped by 9%. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Fenugreek, Testosterone, DHT, and Prolactin. Secondly, it blocks 5-alpha-reductase and converts testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This study was primarily questionnaire based as in the “how do you feel?” sort of way that is really arbitrary. For men, fenugreek has been used for centuries as a sex-booster. I don't recommend anything that I have not used personally or believe in. If your underlying problems lie specifically within your testosterone levels itself, or lack thereof, then I would recommend checking out something else or at least using something else to supplement this one, otherwise it is effective for several areas of overall male health. That said, it’s becoming more commonplace for consumers in the West to use nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve their overall health. Increased testosterone can lead to both increased libido and improved athletic performance body composition as well) so naturally a seed that causes both of these effects would be seen as being able to increase testosterone.If testosterone is responsible for increased libido and better athletic performance, and Fenugreek provides these benefits, then it’s natural to assume that Fenugreek causes these improvements by increasing testosterone. Healthy Homemade Meal Replacement Shake Recipe, How to Increase Nitric Oxide – Foods & Supplements. Fenugreek is generally considered safe at normal and recommended doses, but as is the case with any herbal supplement, there is a potential for side effects, especially if you take more than is recommended. In the researchers own words “may assist to maintain normal healthy testosterone levels” but they made no mention of actually increasing levels so it’s a bit of a strange conclusion to draw. Fenugreek is another herb that can increase libido and sexual satisfaction when dosed properly. Let me put it another way.If you want to increase muscle strength, improve body composition, and boost your libido, you probably think boosting your testosterone levels is a good way to achieve those goals; and you’re right – it is.But wouldn’t you be just as happy if you got those benefits, regardless of testosterone increases? The result of these findings has suggested that even if fenugreek boosts testosterone levels the fact that this does not convert to DHT means that the results will be more anabolic than androgenic. However, I do feel this is worth mentioning because we already know that high doses of fenugreek can increase lactation so even though these studies are far from conclusive, they do give pause for concern. Increases in testosterone also lead to increases in fertility and improved sexual health, as well as stimulating your immune system. Disclaimer: All content found on the created for informational purposes only. Some commercially available “testosterone boosters” with fenugreek claim to increase testosterone by blocking aromatase, 5-alpha-reductase, or sex hormone binding globulin ().But what does this mean? Fenugreek (scientifically known as Trigonella Foenum-Graecum) is another example, recently gaining more acceptance as a positive force in natural healing.It originates in the Near East and has been used in cooking as both a vegetable and a spice since as early as the first century A.D.It’s seeds have been used medicinally for just as long, for ailments as widely varying as heartburn and diabetes. Fenugreek, Testosterone, DHT, and Prolactin fenugreek supplements to increase testosterone productionMost people think that fenugreek is only used as an ingredient to normalize and increase male testosterone levels. Extract from Fenugreek seeds contains high concentrations of steroidal saponins, chemical compounds known for regulating blood sugar levels and supposedly boosting your LH (sex hormone) and testosterone (the MANLY man hormone). We have strict guidelines when it comes to sources, and only link to credible and reputable media outlets, academic research institutions, and medically peer reviewed studies, whenever possible. For a quick overview, testosterone converts into DHT ( dihydro testosterone) via the 5-alpha … Frequently Asked Questions No significant changes were detected among groups for Wingate peak or mean power, total body weight, dihydrotestosterone, hemodynamic variables, or clinical safety data (p > .05). Unfortunately the “doctors” and “nutritionists” writing these articles for these major publications are either purposely misleading you; or are simply not able to (or willing to) read the actual case study they are showcasing. Because of this significant increase in total and free testosterone without a corresponding increase in DHT and estradiol, fenugreek … The study that started the firestorm of interest in fenugreek as a testosterone booster spread throughout the bodybuilding community almost overnight. High Rise Pill Review – Does It Really Work? Increases in testosterone, the most anabolic, or growth-inducing hormone in your body, would lead to increases in lean muscle mass. Ginkgo Biloba supplements are commonly used for supporting cognitive function and Melatonin is used to improve sleep and sleep patterns, to cite just a couple. Fenugreek and Testosterone . All Supplement Critique content is medically reviewed or fact checked by a licensed medical doctor to ensure as much factual information as possible. Today, fenugreek is popular for men’s health, with some evidence backing its early reputation as an aphrodisiac. Two different studies, one In Vivo (petri dish) on human cells and one on rats showed that fenugreek may increase estrogen levels. If you’re looking for a supplement that absolutely and certainly increases testosterone, then Fenugreek may not be what you want.But if its the benefits of increased testosterone you’re looking for, it may very well be. However, it is noteworthy that DHT is more potent than testosterone and performs powerful androgenic actions. Effect of soluble dietary fibre fraction of Trigonella foenum graecum on glycemic, insulinemic, lipidemic and platelet aggregation status of Type 2 diabetic model rats. It is said to stimulate the milk ducts in as little as 24 hours and is usually recommended to take around 3,500 mg per day for maximum lactation. Given the fact that Fenugreek can increase milk production in women and possible enlarge breasts, there is some concern that taking Fenugreek could cause Gynecomastia (growth of breast tissue) in men. Should you take your whey protein shake before or after your workout? Fenugreek blocks the conversion process of testosterone into DHT, so you have the dual benefit of increased free testosterone and less DHT, which is a good thing if you’re trying to combat hair loss. We’ll reiterate here that without evidence that Fenugreek causes Gynecomastia, we won’t spread that theory around. Anyone who has performed bicep curls until their arms felt like they were going to fall off can tell you that.