It’s the question of flexibility if you still can understand your partner even if s/he has an unusual reaction to a certain event. Simply click here to chat now.. Do you like to acknowledge your feelings? Authentic people talk without fear. “Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.”. Nevertheless, our consciousness…, Tales of princesses pervade the collective unconscious when we talk about love. You don’t have to figure out a solution, you are not expected to come up with ideas or chase the bad feelings away. At that point, your demons won’t be the only things that occupy your thoughts. A good romantic candidate will make you feel worth listening to and won’t feel compelled to check what a bunch of strangers on Twitter are ranting about at this moment. At the end of the year, I was honored to be chosen to deliver a speech on behalf of the class. Sit quietly and allow the answer to appear. Unfortunately, this can lead to some very dangerous behaviors, such as deliberate self-harm. In addition, our relatives were visiting from Hungary and we planned a weekend trip to Mt. I don't like feelings. However, you can help them and even yourself the most if you understand and accept that there are life situations when we inevitably will feel negative feelings. If you sit and deny your feelings, they’ll only grow stronger. The content in this publication is presented for informative purposes only. Fear of abandonment: If I communicate about my negative feelings, people will not talk to me. Don’t be discouraged. You may talk easily about your feelings, but your guy needs more time to get in the right head space. While acknowledging is your way of indicating that you hear a person’s words, validating is getting in touch with their emotions. I am an MA psychotherapist in private practice. Processing your feelings gives you access to your own inner wisdom and innate creativity. And there's a good chance suppressing your feelings will cause you to turn to unhealthy coping skills--like food or alcohol. The more we can align our feelings with a positive understanding of what they can do for us, the more we can try trusting them to carry us forward in our lives. When you feel peaceful, you have your answer, whether or not you like what that answer says. We hate it when people seem not to notice us or forget us when we have met before. This emotional acceptance exercise is one way to help you learn to be more aware and accepting of your emotions. Acknowledge your child’s feelings “Starting with empathy is the most important thing. As with everything, the more practice you get, the better you become at understanding your feelings. We all have feelings, so it’s important to acknowledge them. We’re all generally far more critical of ourselves than we are of other people, so why not tell your best friends that your self-esteem is suffering a little and get them to tell you all the things they love about you. #1 Don’t live in denial. Acknowledge Your Emotions and Let Them Flow. It’s the feelings that we generally think of as “negative” that are a bit harder to process. It is simple. Just the act of acknowledging your feelings and making them known is very healthy and the first step in changing your life. Feeling that they are understood accomplishes the desired effect: you can get their compliance easier if they feel your emotional support. Can you imagine a child does not want to go to school? A safe example: "Henry, I've found that I like you as more than just a co-worker. If you go along this line: that is absolutely indifferent if you would feel the same way in the same situation or not. Feelings Help Us To Survive If you do say that you have feelings for her, she will prefer that you do with with confidence and be direct by saying that you like her. When you engage in a tense or emotionally charged conversation with another person, hearing, understanding, and acknowledging their emotion about the situation often creates the right environment for moving on to joint problem solving. One thing I’m always working on with clients is helping them to acknowledge and accept their feelings. Like me you will find that through constant mental repetition of these affirmations, you will start to embrace the inevitability of feeling attracted to others, and you will let go of the guilt associated with these feelings. We’re happier when we acknowledge and accept our emotions. It looks like you're falling in love with your best friend. Share With Trustworthy People. Some days sad things happen and you feel depressed. And most likely you have had an experience when people don’t like the same type of food. If you are in touch with your feelings and can express them, you will feel more energetic.