Bheem’s wife Hidimba was a “Rakshasni,” and their son was the Mighty Ghatotkatch, who was the world’s mightiest warrior and helped the Pandavas win the great war. Visit Rendezvous Bar And Restaurant for chilling out... Tabo a Famous Place in the Spiti Valley,... Manikaran a Spiritual visit to the Manikaran Sahib. Help us to improve this article/list "Famous Fair & Festival in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh".We would be glad if you can comment below and provide your valuable suggestions and feedback. This festival is all about making symbolic means and offerings to God and Goddess. Starting – ₹ 11500, Manali Dharamshala Tour Package – 06 N / 07 D In Kullu, this festival is known as Badranjo. It is one of the most organized festivals with ecstasy as its main ingredient. The rich culture and traditions of Himachal Pradesh are reflected in its cuisine that encompasses a wide range of delicacies enriching the palate with a plethora of aroma and taste [1] . Well, everyone loves them without any doubt. Dance forms such as Nati are performed all over the region. The bonfire signifies the unity of the community. It is usually a two-day long festival that commences on the 15th of June. One2 ka GK 67,881 views 13:18 All Rights Reserved. It is variety cultural function with performance of local folks, cultural program by school children and daily performance by some famous personality. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its hill stations like Shimla, Manali etc. Your email address will not be published. The week-long Kullu Dussehra celebrations start … Himachal Spiti Valley – The Ultimate Travel Experience... Visit Rendezvous Bar And Restaurant for chilling out with your partner, Tabo a Famous Place in the Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, Akhara Bazaar Kullu – Best Shopping Place in Himachal Pradesh. This festival is given the greatest importance even in temples all through Himachal Pradesh. Fairs/Festivals of Himachal Pradesh are one of the hot topics in the HPPSC exams like HPAS, HPSSSB, Naib-tehsildar etc. Lokrang, a popular five-day festival, begins every year on 26th January. The festivals and events in Himachal Pradeshreflect the culture and traditions of Himachal Pradesh. LAVI. Shiva is the chief deity of Himachal Pradesh. People all over Himachal … Main Festivals in Himachal Pradesh. The festival is … Swan Tours Awards The festival concludes with the burning of ‘Lanka’. It is held on the famous ridge ground. The Himachal government organizes 20 fairs and festivals in the state at present time. Hong Kong It has many temples and other historic palaces. Himachal Pradesh GK - Temples of Himachal Pradesh, हिमाचल प्रदेश के मंदिर (Part 1) by One 2 ka GK - Duration: 13:18. Delhi It is also known as Shegtsum in Lahaul, Dhakhrain in Jubbal as well as Kinnaur. The celebration ends with soulful music and dance performances, which are treat for our eyes and soul. The festival will be started by the Prime Minister by lighting a diya on the Raj Ghat of Varanasi, which will be followed by lighting of more than 15 lakh diyas on various ghats on both sides of River Ganges. The festivals vary in terms of scale but a lot of them are attended by huge crowds who want to carry forward the rich legacy and rituals of their ancestors. Himachal Pradesh state’s festivals start from Lohri festival, to crack the frizzy winter of this state... Baisakhi Festival. This festival is given the greatest importance even in temples all through Himachal Pradesh. are shed with cowdung balls. Nati is the most famous dance of Himachal Pradesh. There are as many as seven international fairs/festivals celebrated in the state. This is commemorated every year on the 4th day of the month of September. Here in this article we are talking about the major Monsoon festivals which are celebrated in the state of Himachal Pradesh and their brief history of each festival. In addition to this, the state holds a raft of bucket-list worthy festivals and fairs, reflecting its rich and colourful heritage, culture, traditions and beliefs. All these events are famous in upper regions of the state while, in lower region, people celebrate different temple fairs in the Una District like the Chintpurni temple fair, the Mairi Gurudwara fair, the Kamakhya temple fair and Peepli Fair involving yearly state hill festivals in village Polian Purohitan throughout the 4th week of October. Now, this is a hell of a festival; this festival has its roots entangled in the Historic battle of Mahabharata. All these chariots and processions gather at Hadimba Temple positioned in the sacred forests of Dhungri in Kullu. 11. But with the passage of time and technological modifications, people have changed them rapidly. Another important fair in Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh is the Dussehra fair that is held during the month of October, after the famous Dussehra festival. As far as Himachal Pradesh goes, the festival is called Baisakhi and is celebrated by performing Mala... 2) Minjar Fair . Himachal Pradesh, as the land of lords it is popularly... Chet festival. India Honeymoon Packages | India Holiday Packages | International Honeymoon Packages | South India Tour Packages | North India Tour Packages, © 2018 We provide customized travel services in all directions, from Premium luxury hotels to Holiday packages, all of which cover both Domestic and International destinations. There are about 2000 deities which are worshipped in Himachal and different festivals and celebrations are organised in their honor. One of the famous festivals in Himachal is the Halda festival, which welcomes the New Year by paying tribute to the goddess of wealth, Shashikar Apa. A visit to the Fairs and Festivals of Uttar Pradesh gives us a picture of true communal harmony. The Annual Festival of Kasol knows as Himachal Hills Festival which take place on 30–31 December 2019. Plan a Doongri is one of the most popular festivals in Himachal Pradesh. Reservation Policy Special contributions are made to the local God and goddess, and several rituals are schooled in their affection. This Festival is celebrated on the Ist Sawan – 16th July. The city is famous for hosting two major local festivals, the Suhi Mata Mela and the Minjar Mela. Navratras are celebrated with wonderful interest in Himachal Pradesh. These fairs/festivals are of historical, cultural and economic importance as they play a … Priest makes projections concerning crops as well as adjustments in seasons etc. The people of different casts and religion live here. Himachal Pradesh is the home of above 6 million populations. These dances are a vital part of tribal life. Suggested Read :- Road Trip Manali to Mcleodganj, Dharamshala. Kerala It is called Bisowa in Kangra, Bissue in Shimla hills and Lisshoo in Pangi-Chamba. A massive bonfire occurs to reflect gratitude and solidarity to the group, adding an exquisite visual touch to it. Holi is known as the festival of colours. People pay their homage to Lord Shiva at famous temple of Bhut Nath in Mandi town. It is much more popular in the valleys of Keylong, River Chandra as well as River Bhaga. It reflects the culture and the tradition of Himachal. Brother too gives her, either money or some other gift with sweets. Lokrang, a popular five-day festival, begins every year on 26th January. Himachal Pradesh. The festival is dedicated to the Goddess of Wealth, Shiskar Apa. हिमाचल प्रदेश के त्यौहार (Festivals of Himachal Pradesh) October 19, 2020. If this page about Famous Fair & Festival in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh have any wrong information/list or out of context content, then you can report us as well. Starting – ₹ 19750, Golden Triangle with Shimla Tour – 10 N / 11 D This continues for full one month. This list may not reflect recent changes (). People believe that the natural springs here have strong healing properties and can heal ailments and medical problems. So if you’re planning to visit Himachal Pradesh, then I would suggest visiting this place during Dussehra because it’s you really need to witness the grandeur of this festival. This festival can’t start unless powerful goddess Hidimba, known as the patron deity of Kullu Raja, arrives from Manali. Balkans Dussehra 2020: In the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Dussehra festival is world famous. | Powered by Openlogic Systems, Best Places to Visit Near Delhi in December…, 7 Best Historical Monuments in Delhi Every History…, Most Famous Street Food Places to Eat in…, Unexplored Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh, Road Trip Manali to Mcleodganj, Dharamshala. A huge gigantic fare is organized to show love and respect for their beloved deity. Kullu Dussehra Himachal Pradesh Dussehra celebration in Kullu is not at all similar to celebration in various other parts of the country as no porcelain figurine of Ravan or Kumbhkarna is burned. The famous festival of Gotsi or Gochi, Himachal Pradesh is celebrated in the month of February.The festival of Gotsi or Gochi in Himachal Pradesh is observed in the houses of those people who got new member in their families in the form of a son last year. Sri Lanka Leh Ladakh The Rath Yatra of the idol of Lord Raghunathji is led by the Kullu Raja and also town divine beings, as well as is called the running of the Gods. Most 10 Famous and Traditional Dishes of Himachal Pradesh, a northern hill station of India are being blessed with a tasteful blend of scrumptious dishes along with a serene natural beauty.The fact is that availability of vegetables is a challenge in the hilly area, but there you will really enjoy the cardamom, chilies, cinnamon, turmeric, and coriander powder twisted mix. The local houses are beautifully decorated with good luck signs for happiness, wealth in the new year. The farmers do not yoke oxen during this month. Himachal Famous in Himachal Pradesh for its fervor, this festival has a close resemblance to Diwali as locals lit lamps in the 2-day grand carnival. The cultural extravaganza of the fair highlights the cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh. Summer Festival. This festival is also popular by the names of Dholru and Chatrali as called by the people in the local... Lossar. Peoples from each household proceed towards hilltops to accumulate flowers, which are supplied to village divine being and also later on these blossom garlands are distributed among peoples. It is celebrated on the Ist of Bhadon – middle of August. Another important fact about … Here we are discussing some of the famous Monsoon festival of the state which is celebrated in the month of May to August. Maldives For more information on festivals in Himachal Pradesh and tour packages for Himachal contact Swan Tours or call – 8287 000 333. Every year, this festival is celebrated in June. Gujarat Fairs and Festivals of Himachal Pradesh: Himachal Pradesh is known for its rich cultural diversity. The magnificent festival is celebrated over a span of fifteen days, and its full enthusiastic vibes can be seen from February 24 to 28. Preparation for the festival starts much early. Shimla People from different parts of the Ladakh region annually celebrate this festival on the first day of the Tibetan calendar’s eleventh month. The Dussehra festival is the famous festival which is celebrated annually in the different places of Himachal Pradesh.. It is called Rakhrunya in Mandi district, Salunnu in Sirmaur area and also Rakhpunya in Shimla district. The week-long Kullu Dussehra celebrations start after Vijaya Dashami and goes on … Fairs and Festivals in Arunachal Pradesh is the best way to understand the rich culture and tradition of the entire state.