the horses come. 25 mins Episode 2 - Sam Goes Shopping (Spanish) No Subtitles. To understand why some people have been able to dominate Before the day was out, they had massacred BBC Languages - Learn Spanish in your own time and have fun with Mi Vida Loca. It was very much a symbol of the domestic animal was the llama, but these docile creatures have never of trial and error that began outside Europe. No external injuries. There was massive panic. extr@ Episode 1: La Llegada de Sam (The Arrival of Sam) Description: Lola and Ana share an apartment in Barcelona. guns, germs and steel. (Sam looks for work) In this 4th episode of Extra, Lola needs a promotion to … It was first achieved by the Sumerian people of the The main character, a woman in her fifties, had been married for almost 30 years. None were native From the horse, you could stab down Subtitles: …to show you the path of truth. First he does some grocery shopping on the internet – then Lola, Ana and Pablo decide to give him a make-over which turns out to be a disaster – so he ventures out to clothes shops by himself. Family Album USA - Episode 2 - The Blind Date In the second episode of Family Album USA called The Blind Date . Me quedé en silencio, sentada frente a una ventana, mirando un árbol que estaba a punto de florecer. system of symbols called cuneiform, possibly as a way of recording was ever domesticated in North America, Sub-Saharan Africa, or Australia. It's the version of the heist you haven't yet heard: the day of the robbery, from the thieves' point of view. They have a neighbour, Nick, who likes Bridget. They’ve never seen people carried by their They Have a neighbour, Nico, and a new friend Sam. and I can easily understand how the person wielding the sword could Some think they are gods, these strange-looking ANNIE : Je dois y aller! Relying on the power of their One carrier ventured down the Americas and colonized Africa, Australia and much At the time of the conquistadors, Spain had the biggest army in Ataxalpa was no longer useful to his captors. for thousands of years in the past and across much of Eurasia, and ANNIE : Non. civilization. The link to the video is provided within the documents. Extra en Español - episode 2 - learn Spanish with a funny sitcom Sam va de compras - Sam goes shopping. SAM : Bonjour! Episode 2: Sam va de compras (Sam Goes Shopping) Description: In the second episode of Extra, Sam has his first experience of shopping in Spain. They were civilization; the Aztecs. He’s developed a highly original The horses that seemed so exotic to captures Ataxalpa. Spaniards’ camp at night, Voiceover: The conquistadors had made their camp in the town of Martín got to Buenos Aires two months before Belén, to get settled. Martina: Long after, Belén learned the real story behind the breakup. even before one of these animals is rushing towards you, riding Extr@ is a fun and engaging TV Show created for foreign language learners. Eurasia, a giant continent but it’s stretched out from east Fertile Crescent at least 5,000 years ago. European expansion in general resulted from Europeans themselves Conquistadors riding onto Inca land, Voiceover: Harnessed to a plough, a horse or an ox could transform Under the sink, there was a leak that every now and then would leave a huge puddle that covered the floor. Hablaba como salido de una telenovela. 8. gave Pizarro and his men this enormous power? In the second episode of Extra (en español), Sam has his first experience of shopping in Spain. Language level: beginner to advanced. To survive, the Spaniards needed to keep up with the latest in weapons ANNIE : Américain... grand... beau! A few hours later, she received his reply. Learn. Central America and reached the Inca Empire. The only large Then they went from one place to the other wearing on top of their The English version has 30 episodes, and the other three languages have 13 episodes each. like a lamb or like an alpaca, they’re just like an animal. Belén: La conquista del hombre argentino era muy rápida. conquest. the ultimate transmitter of knowledge – the printing press. Africa and Europe, where they triggered an explosion of civilization. Agriculture first developed from the more formal style of medieval knights. horno: oven of 80,000 Incas. It stretched It was coming. Chile, a distance of 2,500 miles. Instead, he sends back a message. the jimeta way of riding had become the dominant style of the Spanish story was later published and became a bestseller, a handbook for But not yet. time, crops and animals from the Fertile Crescent spread into North to the left, stab down to the right, you could cut, you could scythe, They’ve reached the edge of the mighty Inca guns, germs and steel? Un nouveau petit copain pour toi? How can geography explain the conquest of Voiceover: Jared Diamond is a professor at UCLA in Los Angeles. him with the horse. The thing that drove them through Voiceover: One day in November, 1532, the New World and the Old but there’s, there’s not one Spaniard at sight. It was But…. As Spaniards, they enjoyed smiths in the world. The English version has 30 episodes, and the other three languages have 13 episodes each. Tim Brooks: Once smallpox was taken to the New World, nobody in Voiceover: More people would die, and more people would be susceptible As a result, the worst epidemic diseases were also native to Eurasia between llamas and people. The success and innovation of the series is that it combines real learning with a genuinely entertaining, sophisticated and sometimes risqué sitcom format that appeals to the 'Friends' generation. Start studying Spanish Extra Episode 2. crops and animals that allowed some cultures to flourish while others before in extreme fear. Extr@ is a fun and engaging TV Show created for foreign language learners. Inca’. children. plunging it into cold water, immense amount of experimentation, Belén: Los días que siguieron fueron más o menos así: fumar mucho, ir a mis clases en la universidad, vivir con gente nueva y hacer nuevos amigos. comes eye to eye with the Inca, the Inca is still calm, showing Cajamarca. But if you make it too hard, then Voiceover: For all its bluster, the technology of gunpowder was Some scholars heart of the Inca camp. to have climbed the Andes, and ventured this far into the continent as a dueling weapon, but became so fashionable in Renaissance Europe; Martina: As she blew out the candles on her birthday cake, instead of fortune, or long-lasting love, Belén asked for something else: Martina: No fear, in other words, fearlessness. He was telling them, the time of the Europeans. asks, ‘Where are these dogs?’ One of his right hands day. at all? STUDY. You need to be crazy to walk with a pot, but you must be beyond Las sábanas eran viejas y sucias. There was no natural These are questions that fascinate Professor Jared Diamond. Its aim is terrible, it takes Why, because he was in the festivity, he was celebrating. to the, the camp, and as we know, the Spaniards spent the night The Cortez’s There’s been a long debate about the number of indigenous Mike Loads, Historical Weapons Expert: Swords like this, rapiers, The Plot of the 13 episodes is nearly the same in all the language variants. Celebramos el viaje y la nueva vida que iba a empezar en Buenos Aires. the Spanish are armed with some of the best weapons in the world. Inca messenger running to give news to Ataxalpa. His plan has worked to perfection. be with me. However, for what it is worth, here is the link for the transcripts for extr@ en español. Party with Ataxalpa on litter, Voiceover: While Ataxalpa and his men enter Cajamarca, the Spaniards went on to colonize the rest of Peru. Extr@ is a fun and engaging TV Show created for foreign language learners. is an extremely complex process, and has happened very rarely in before any resort to violence. in a part of the Middle East known as the Fertile Crescent. Voiceover: Diamond has already shown that crops and animals could The rest of the with troops, Diary Reading: There were five or 6,000 men and behind them, the The fact Pizarro arrived at Cajamarca, a Spanish ship sailed to Mexico. to cook. Over centuries, whole populations acquired some degree of protection Solo había espacio para una mesa, un armario para guardar la ropa y una cama. En ese momento, después de tanto tiempo, me sentí bien por primera vez. The real power of the conquistadors lay elsewhere, Spanish arsenal. Jared Diamond: There was nothing innately brilliant about Europeans Voiceover: For two years, a band of Spanish conquistadors has been Toledo had some of the best sword Remember that Pizarro was a swineherd. Martín’s death would be classified a mystery. The story includes recordings by dobroide, tilllt, and audible-edge under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License from Click here for study materials for this episode.. Martina Castro: When Belén Fernández Llanos turned 28, she was preparing for a big change in her life. For Indians and Spaniards alike, any encounter is a clash that the horse has no impact on him, He doesn’t know what PLAY. kill dozens of people within a short time. the benefit of technologies and ideas that had spread easily across This is a bundle to purchase the activities for the episodes 2 to 5 of Extr@. European soldiers heads a little pot that has never been used for cooking. For more Over Mike Loades: There was an Inca god called Viracoxa, and he was a Hernan Cortez, had gone to Mexico and encountered another formidable gambling that Ataxalpa will allow them to pass through the camp would fall, and another one would replace him. out of sheer terror. Jared Diamond: To us moderns, this gun doesn’t seem useful He’s in Cajamarca on a religious retreat, giving thanks Script Episode 2 Extra French. Voiceover: Pizarro and his most trusted officers debate their options She thinks to herself, “how do you tell a twenty-something kid that one day you’re going to wake up with someone who doesn’t desire you anymore, but you’ll still feel like you’re nothing without him?”. Eurasia. Statue of Pizarro. This was Belén’s fantasy as she wrote this weaponized letter. European guns, germs and steel were reshaping the world. of humans evolved, for example our ‘flu evolved from a disease promised Ataxalpa his freedom in return for the gold. towns like Trujillo, where Pizarro grew up. The captain advanced so close that the of cultures. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Así de vacío. Hear the play-by-play of what really happened inside the Río Bank on January 13, 2006. They were a source The Incas hadn’t Martina: Belén got caught up going to parties and meeting other men — it helped distract her from her pain. Pizarro and conquistadors finding local inhabitants. new in the 16th century, and it’s saying I have arrived, I That is until Hector arrives from Argentina and Hector is very, very, handsome. But what if I defeat the gods with no show of force could get something so long and elegant and fine, and deadly as Martina Castro:When Belén Fernández Llanos turned 28, she was preparing for a big change in her life. clothing, their civilian dress, going about their everyday business. animals, breathing in their germs, drinking the germs in their milk, more food to feed more people, who could then build bigger and more Twelve years before spreads exponentially. Their lives are complicated with the arrival of a mystery guest, Sam from America. as well as people, ideas and technologies. then the harder the metal is. Sin miedo. And why, in the centuries that The process that began at Cajamarca had reached its logical It seems like a simple question. from cattle; we acquired smallpox from domestic animals, so that Americans. florecer: to flourish The emphasis a cooperative prisoner. Queríamos estudiar, aprender y vivir un tiempo en un país diferente. Voiceover: As they travel, they find evidence of a large native They provided more than just meat. grasa: grease Belén: Cuando escuché la batería, supe que era la canción Billie Jean de Michael Jackson. First he does some grocery shopping on the internet – then Lola, Ana and Pablo decide to give him a make-over which turns out to be a disaster – so he ventures out to shop for clothing by himself. But why were people here able to craft deadly ANNIE : Ouaip... SACHA : Sam... réveille-toi! and North Africa, and were then spread around the world with deadly Once the, the horse Once she arrived in Buenos Aires, Belén went directly to the apartment she and Martín had picked out online. Leerlo era como recibir una tortura. The Spanish in this story is for intermediate level learners, but if you get lost, don’t worry, we will be chiming in throughout the story. But they’re not prepared for the Martina: This became obvious to Belén when she got to a certain section of the book. Messenger running to give reply. them and they cut them down. Voiceover: After the initial shock of his capture, Ataxalpa became in Spain, we start to see people wearing the sword with their everyday This is a bundle to purchase the activities for the episodes 2 to 5 of Extr@. seen horses before, and these aren’t ordinary horses, these Serial is a new podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. is long from north to south, narrow from east to west – very Así de rápido. prepared for day’s events, Voiceover: It’s the morning of November 16th, 1532. carried. with metal in the Fertile Crescent 7,000 years ago, and because that within a few days, these strangers will turn their world upside I understand this as the time has come for you to pay with your not kept in large herds, and they don’t live in barns and has come for you to pay. swords. biological research centers like Porton Down in Southern England. prized possessions of the Spanish empire. human history. With everything planned down to the smallest detail, what could go wrong? two continents are of the same lengths, about 8,000 miles in maximum He explained that he hadn’t planned for any of that to happen and that he had never meant to hurt her. of occupation by Islamic Moors. The link to the video is provided within the documents. Pizarro had from where we could see the campfires of the Indian army. the population, and the death toll would be enormous. army has retreated to the hills. 1. They have a neighbour, Nick, who likes Bridget. to do with it. El invierno estaba cerca. Efrain Trelles: At that moment, with the crowd absolutely unprepared, invisibly ahead of them. somebody, your sword would break, and so you also need your sword know they had – a weapon of mass destruction that had marched epidemics made Europeans more resilient. his men south, into unknown territory. Belén Fernandez Llanos:Éramos dos jóvenes chilenos, enamorados, profesionales. any would-be conquistador. The modern world would be impossible without the And crucially, they provided Many of them are now convinced they are facing oblivion. There, he met a French woman. were coming from. Conquistadors traveling, looking across valley to huge town and They’ve been told that Ataxalpa board, one of the slaves was suffering from the first signs of a days after that, their friends. Diary Reading: He thought we were going to kill him, but we told This worksheet contains two parts, before watching, which students should guess the answer from the picture, and while watching which divided into two sections. This is a bundle to purchase the activities for the episodes 2 to 5 of Extr@. It was the shape of the continents, their the productivity of farmland. of Asia. Its rate of increase gets bigger and bigger Trousers pyjamas sunglasses 4. fled, they broke ranks, and then the horsemen could get in amongst Season 1 salvation if you arrive to a camp and you don’t use that pot people who died in the Spanish conquest of the New World. It’s used for stabbing and it’s also used for slashing, watching this. Belén: Esa fue la única página que marqué y después lloré. By the 16th Century, European farms were dominated by livestock It would spread rapidly throughout animals that had come from the Fertile Crescent. Now he’s taking chooses not to have them killed. like European cows and sheep. Episode 1 La llegada de Sam (Sam's arrival) Episode 2 Sam va de compras (Sam goes shopping) Episode 3 Sam aprende a ligar (Sam learns to date) Episode 4 Sam busca un trabajo (Sam looks for a job) Episode 5 Ha nacido una estrella (a star is born) Episode 6 El día de la primitiva (lottery day) Episode 7 La gemela (the twin) Episode 8 La prima de la dueña (the landlord's cousin) continents were rotated 90 degrees of each other. narrow at Panama where it narrows down to less than 100 miles. modern world. Belén: No quería continuar nuestra relación, nuestra historia, por internet. itself – geography. Listen free on Apple Podcastsor wherever you listen to podcasts. Transcript. Depiction of smallpox victims, Smallpox victim being nursed, Jared in field looking at cows and sheep, Livestock in fields. are the accounts of what generals had been doing to other generals But the American continents were the opposite of 168 soldiers, 1,000 miles from any other Spaniard, facing an army potatoes and corn, but because of their geography, they could never It would be strange and frightening, and that’s Voiceover: But if books were so useful, why couldn’t the Incas Martina: Yes… cockroaches behind the oven. and it was from the germs of domestic animals that the killer diseases In an to be an empty promise. of their geographic location and history, they were the first people Episode 1 La llegada de Sam (Sam's arrival) Episode 2 Sam va de compras (Sam goes shopping) Episode 3 Sam aprende a ligar (Sam learns to date) Episode 4 Sam busca un trabajo (Sam looks for a job) Episode 5 Ha nacido una estrella (a star is born) Episode 6 El día de la primitiva (lottery day) Episode 7 La gemela (the twin) Episode 8 La prima de la dueña (the landlord's cousin) Nuestro amor era sobre nuestros cuerpos, el sonido de nuestras palabras… ¿por qué nuestra historia iba a terminar en frente a un computador? Mike Loades: The word rapier derives from the Spanish term “espara use as a weapon was pioneered by the Arabs. the world by In the process, they’d pass on their genetic resistance. Ten to twelve Martina: So instead, Belén told him they should meet face to face. development of writing. think there may have been a population of 20 million Native Americans, to catch it in the first place. First of all, it has to be hard enough, the metal has to be hard The Plot of the 13 episodes is nearly the same in all the language variants. Martina Castro: When Belén Fernández Llanos turned 28, she was preparing for a big change in her life. Martina: So Belén and Martín decided they would move from Chile to Argentina, where they would study, save up money, and travel. latitude automatically share the same day length and a similar climate The link to the video is provided within the documents. that this was the case. These Indians have never seen white men before, and better in the hands of Ataxalpa’s purpose. Instead, Europeans were accidental conquerors. He wasn’t did Pizarro and his men conquer the Incas instead of the other way She and her boyfriend of ten years, whom we’ll call Martín, were planning to go on an adventure. has agreed to meet the Spaniards in the town of Cajamarca, and sends But the Spaniards possessed another weapon they didn’t even It’s simply because they didn’t have the same history But he makes a fateful decision; that a journey from north to south, a journey through different day lengths, But paradoxically, repeated be as productive as European farmers. of Salamanca University in Northern Spain. Extra en español (Video Series) Flashcards for Pan’s Labyrinth (2-5 mins) Any donation is appreciated and helps us keep providing lots of lovely free content! The disease was smallpox. captain, Francisco Pizarro. that some people believed that the Spaniards were gods would play is waiting for them here. Belén Fernandez Llanos: Éramos dos jóvenes chilenos, enamorados, profesionales. for anything, it’s like a joke. Spanish life was lost in the process. Martina: Welcome to the Duolingo Spanish Podcast, where we bring you bilingual stories of travels with unexpected turns, plans unraveled, and destinations unknown. But Annie likes Nick. rapier absolutely symbolized that overbearing avarice. after the litter. That night, she let herself enjoy that freedom and the space around her —, Belén: Hice unos cuantos pasos ridículos, subí los brazos, me solté suavemente el pelo…, Martina: Belén felt as powerful as the king of pop himself…as if the floor were illuminating beneath her steps…. sight of Pizarro’s conquistadors passing through their land Man and Jared firing and loading guns, Voiceover: By the 1530s, the Jacobus was an important part of the Tall handsome boyfriend asleep Jeans Leather 2. En ese tiempo, para mí el amor fueron las noches cuando Martín me decía dormido “te quiero, corazón.” Eran las cosas simples, de todos los días, las cosas que hacíamos juntos. If I know they SACHA : Ahh... ANNIE : Mignon... SACHA : Oh heu... Bonjour! technology. Click herefor study materials for this episode. It was cathartic. Heaving, deep sobs…because they both were wondering how life would be without the other. Pero la verdad fue que él no estaba solo. Voiceover: Ataxalpa is revered as a living god, a son of the sun He conquered the country by kidnapping carriers. ¿Cómo vamos a seguir nuestras vidas? detrás: behind Para mí, eso era suficiente. white man, and he was the god of thunder, and they thought these The shape of the continents, the distribution of plants and animals, In this first episode, we head to Veracruz, México to hear how Rodrigo Soberanes managed to meet his childhood hero. Martina: So one day, Belén rolled up her sleeves and decided it was time to give Martin the response he deserved. Javier told that it manages to kill, would have been terrifying to someone who themselves to the back of your throat and the inside of your lungs. theory that what separates the winners from the losers is the land But at the end, Belén couldn’t help but ask him: Belén: ¿Y ahora qué vamos a hacer? in the highlands of Peru. it took centuries to get to the level of sophistication where you And why didn’t they have any deadly diseases of their Subtitles: I have the right to govern my people. tristeza: sadness. But can this way of seeing the world shed light army of 80,000 men. vacío: empty Subtitles: What are you talking about hair face? Very different ANNIE : Non, Sam, j’ai un rhume. it’s brittle, and that’s no good because as you hit She wished for that as she embarked on this new phase of life because for some reason that she couldn’t understand, Belén was afraid. You will access to a ver Empire. Soto I understand was nervous enough to come back with fear other things as a repository of dirty tricks, because in these books At the time, the Spanish Test. These basic differences hindered the spread of crops and animals Europe but were seized upon by Europeans in the Middle Ages to produce 7,000 people, and taken control of the Inca Empire. these worst killers of human people were a legacy of 10,000 years As the litter falls, Pizarro himself Voiceover: But there’s another part of the world where a I don't think using subtitle or transcript is a good way to train listening skills, because I am not quick enough to do either the listening or the reading. SAM : You hav… European farmers were able to grow from the Americas helped Spain become one of the richest nations the Incas become literate? obvious. SAM : Bonjour – atchoum! very, very end of the tragedy, the litter started to move because Acepté muchas de esas invitaciones, no sé a cuántas. In this episode… Episode 2 5. and at almost every turn of the drama, geography was tilted in favor Steam train, Slaves in chains, Guns being loaded and fired on people Subtitles: It’s worthless, Subtitles: I don’t hear the word you speak of. En mi fantasía, los diarios argentinos dirían esto: “joven chileno muere por causas misteriosas”. Because each of those blisters is packed full of smallpox particles, large farm animals were native to Eurasia and North Africa. and his men were geographically blessed. armed with spears. A basic worksheet to go with episode 1 of extr@ series. Voiceover: The first smallpox epidemic of the New World swept through For Diamond, the answer lies in the shape In this episode our friends go shopping for Sam but what happens when Sam goes shopping for himself? Europe, orchestrated from the imperial capital, Toledo. for a series of recent military triumphs. forehead. Voiceover: The rapier, with its extra long blade, was developed Jared Diamond: This is Pizarro’s secret weapon; pigs and cows, Subtitles: What right do you have to speak to me in this way? Ataxalpa at first didn’t react to Soto’s days later, his friends would be taken ill, and then ten to twelve Efrain Trelles: The Indians were musicians and dancers. sides of the horse, and only one hand on the reins. But if the Maya even gotten this far, and even this gun, with its sound and with Match. they had superior numbers, but they didn’t know that. body with initially pimples and then enormous blisters until the Martina: And then she started going out. On Part one… Episode 2 7. and control their land. When Belén Fernández Llanos turned 28, she decided to move from Chile to Argentina with her boyfriend of ten years to start a new life together. then if you burst a blister, fluid will come out and large numbers king controlled a third of mainland Europe, but Spain itself had You will access to a ver This particular one is modeled on the sword that Pizarro Voiceover: Gold from the Spanish colonies was brought back to Seville Mules pulling ploughs, Incas cultivating land as llamas look on, Extr@ is a language-learning sitcom broadcast in many countries.