The Surreal World of Erik Johansson Erik Johansson, born in 1985 in Götene (Sweden), he grew up in a farm with his parents and 2 sisters. Imagine: Surreal Photography by Erik Johansson Jan 24, 2019 to Apr 28, 2019 Find these impossible worlds in the work of Erik Johansson, a Swedish photographer/visual artist now based in Prague, who creates dream-like realities through clever and complex montages of nature using his own photographs knit together digitally. Erik will be speaking at The Photography Show 2018 on March 17th. As a kid, Erik Johansson always like drawing, his grandmother was a painter. It is necessary to have a lot of dedication. His work can be described as surreal world created by combining different photographs. Swedish-born photographer Erik Johansson makes magic happen, bending reality and creating stunning, out of this world photos without using any CGI at … The beauty of art is that it can transcend the reality of the world we live in and take us to places accessible only through our imaginations. Manipulating this perception and creating an altogether different story to unfold has taken a curious turn in this digital age. Here on Facebook I post new stuff I do, photos … This Photographer Creates Scenes That Defy Reality but Look so Real: Erik Johansson’s Surrealism By: Dane Johnson Interviews October 16, 2017 From hanging the moon to an inside out cabin in the woods, the images of Swedish surrealist photographer Erik Johansson are … Discover the surreal photography of Erik Johansson in this INPRNT Spotlight! we assure you the best work.i Erik sells these wonderful creations as prints through his website. Stage Photography i sin engagerande prydno. “You have to love the (photography) profession. Erik Johansson, Places Beyond, 6 December-1 March Fotografiska Stockholm Managing to create places that challenge both reality and your imagination – that is what artist and photographer Erik Johansson does. Amazing Surreal Photo Manipulation by Erik Johansson Erik Johansson, a Swedish photographer and retoucher, 4 years ago, when he was still a … For many photographers, an image is largely complete when you press the shutter button, but for photographer and digital artist Erik Johansson, that’s just the start of it. Photographer Erik Johansson, Stockholm, Sweden. From photography to painting to drawing, these surreal artists are turning reality on its head and showing us another world hidden within our own. 21 sept. 2017 - Erik Johansson est un photographe spécialiste de la retouche sur photoshop. The man is covering up the grey, stormy, not good looking sky and covering it with the better looking still cloudy but a much nicer looking sky. He cites Dali, Magritte and Escher among his inspirations. In conversation with Erik Johansson Photography We recently caught up with Swedish photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson on his creative process as we get … He uses photography as a way of collecting material to realize the ideas in his mind. Erik Johansson grew up in a farm, is a nature lover and he is the master of photo manipulation. Self-taught photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson explains on his website that "he doesn't capture moments, he captures ideas." Erik sells these wonderful creations as prints through his website. If you don't know him, he's a photographer and retouch artist from Sweden. It is always good to be critical with your own work in order to evolve. Erik Johansson Nothing is quite as it seems in the images produced by Swedish-born, Berlin-based photo artist Erik Johansson. | Hello,I am expart graphic Designer and photoshop editor .i can do professinally image editing. by Erik Johansson This image by Erik Johansson shows a moon service that is trying to choose the best moon to be put into the sky. He cites Dali, Magritte and Escher among his inspirations. At the beginning of 2016, Erik released his first book Imagine, which includes photos from his personal projects created over the past 9 years. Feb 9, 2014 - Artist Erik Johansson is skilled in both photography and photo manipulation. There are always new things to learn so you need to be humble 4. EXHIBITION Managing to create places that challenge both reality and your imagination – that is what artist and … Erik Johansson is the wizard that, with equal amounts technical skill, curiosity, and boundless imagination, manages to conjure up worlds that at first feel familiar to us, until we realise that they are not familiar at all. Grassy land cascades over the edge of the world like a waterfall, the surface of the earth is unzipped, cars appear to hover upside-down on the road. Nov 24, 2017 - Artist Erik Johansson is skilled in both photography and photo manipulation. Erik works on both personal and commissioned projects with exhibitions and clients all around the world. Erik Johansson is an artist that specialises in photography and photo manipulation. No matter how implausible the image, Erik’s creations always look deceivingly real. Oct 13, 2014 - A Berlin-based photographer has created a portfolio of incredibly surreal images using a combination of raw materials, original photography and Adobe Photoshop alterations. And well, some of … Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde magically makes clouds appear inside rooms using a special combination of … Show B&H Photography Podcast, Ep Nothing is Impossible: Imagined Reality, with Erik Johansson - Dec 19, 2019 ‎The B&H Photography Podcast wraps up 2019 expanding our minds, with the help of Swedish photographer Erik Johansson. Ses créations uniques sont des assemblages d'un grand nombre de ses clichés. Facebook page of Photographer Erik Johansson. De väcker känslor, dessa magiska fotografier av en spännande värld där Erik Johansson skapat verklighet av en fantasi, till vilken han använder fotografi för att fånga. Learn about artists and their studio practices, daily life and love of art. PHOTO PROFILE: Erik Johansson And His Impossible Photographs By Michelle Park I Images by Erik Johansson Salvador Dali may have painted unbelievable dreams, but Swedish photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson seamlessly crafts dream-like realities through his clever photographic montages. Various works of his feature beautiful shots of landscapes but blended with the unbelievable. Dec 6, 2014 - We have posted about Erik Johansson quite a few times, he was even interviewed and featured on the Abduzeedo book. Swedish photographer Erik Johansson likes to take things that you think you know in nature and flip them completely upside down in his photo manipulations. Erik Johansson is a photographer and visual artist from Sweden based in Prague, Czech Republic. “The Cover Up” by Erik Johansson This Image is very well composed and planned ahead of time, the editing is seamless. Erik 2018-12-14 - For only $5, yousufpixel will do any photoshop editing and image retouching. Erik Johansson creates realistic photos of impossible scenes—capturing ideas, not moments in time PHOTOGRAPHY BY ERIK JOHANSSON I n one world, the Moon revolves around the Earth in a near-circular orbit., the Moon revolves around the Earth in a near-circular orbit. Erik Johansson has a gifted eye for nature and a talent for believable image manipulation. If enabled: We can improve your experience by 389K likes. During the exhibition On the Other Side of Reality. Erik, who is self-taught in both photography and Erik Johansson is a master of photo retouching; using Adobe Photoshop, he creates very realistic-looking surreal landscapes and images reminiscent of Escher and Dalí. Photoshop being an essential part of such process, Erik Johansson a photographer/retouch artist based in Prague, Czech Republic has an array of such stories each weaving its own tale moving the imagination to its boundless limits. While all of these pictures are incredible to behold, some are quite deep and thought-provoking and really make you think about life and the world Erik Johansson, there will be a 11. Erik Johansson’s images aren’t just visually pleasing, they’re devilishly clever too.