By using “Sunrise Bait” eggs, you should increase your catch dramatically. The Skeins are split and then cured with our special cure mixture. They had a sign on them that said Salmon Roe, however, they appear to be very small, dried, do not contain much liquid at all and appear to have small pieces of salmon … We start with the finest and freshest King or Coho roe available. I just returned from a trip via Narita Airport near Tokyo. Salmon roe is the reddish-orange, slightly transparent egg mass found inside the bellies of female salmon. The Best Fresh Salmon Roe Recipes on Yummly | Roe Salad, Roe Salad With Coriander And Grapefruit Sauce, Cured Salmon With Horseradish And Apple. 4.0 out of 5 stars 111. Ikura Salmon Roe (USA) Harvested from wild salmon caught in Alaska and air-dried Large, sparkling red to orange beads Firm texture and a clean burst of crisp salmon flavor Comes in 2 oz jars, 4 oz jars, 8 … 00 ($3.25/Ounce) ... Poseidon Bottarga (Dried Wild Caught Mullet Roe) … ... lemon juice, fresh salmon, dried dill weed, butter, brown sugar and 1 more. They can vary in size from five millimeters (sockeye salmon roe) to around one centimeter (chum salmon roe), depending on the species.Good-quality salmon roe … At a gift stand, I grabbed an interesting jar of fish eggs. Salmon … They are layered in large tubs and allowed to sit for at least 12 hours and then drained and dried … $52.00 $ 52. Red Salmon Caviar – Alaskan Salmon Roe – Lightly Salted Caviar in Can 1 Lbs or 454 g by Red Pearl.