Douglas Fir Wood Veneer has a light reddish brown tone and has a high contrast between the earlywood and latewood. The answer to this question depends on your project. Pressure treated BC or STK CC Grade Douglas Fir is great for use under carpeting where rot and fungus resistance is required. View Douglas Fir veneered panels & doors in full size, plus our range of standard veneers. -A-grade veneer face with a C-grade back. Douglas Fir marine plywood is very strong, bends well, and is of medium weight. The inner core of the panel is made from strong western softwood eneer and is fully water resistant. If a structure will be used in a humid climate or near water, marine plywood is preferable because it will withstand the conditions better and longer than standard plywood. Douglas Fir Plywood [DFP] is a one piece rotary cut clear face veneer which gives it a wild and pronounce grain. Also, edge joints are allowed but end joints are prohibited. Some of the most common projects where ACX Douglas Fir Plywood is used include flooring and wall building. Douglas fir is an evergreen common in many forested areas, and the plywood … Also known as British Columbia Pine and Oregon Pine, Douglas Fir can be found in central & western North America from Mexico to central British Columbia. The “C” rating means the back of the plywood is a lower grade. The panel has exceptional Choose from the following select superior face veneers that are all excellent for further finishing: • Douglas-fir • Southern pine • Radiata pine The inner core of the panel is made from strong western softwood veneer and fully water resistant (NAUF) phenolic resin. SDS. Exterior rating and uses an exterior glue that is a water-resistant adhesive. It excels in all things except appearance. DOUGLASFIRPLYWOOD (EighthEdition) COMMERCIALSTANDARDCS45-48 [SupersedesCS45-47] EffectiveDateforNewProductionFromNovemberI,1948 ARECORDEDVOLUNTARYSTANDARD … Douglas Fir plywood is cut and milled in the Pacific Northwest. They can work with you to make sure you get the right plywood product for your project. The exact colour depends on the season it is harvested. So, "AC" grade plywood will be installed with the "A" side visible. faces are Douglas Fir. Douglas Fir Plywood This Standard covers minimum requirements for construction, sizes, regular grades, specialty panels, manufacturing tolerances, and glue bond for Douglas Fir plywood … This is the best face grade on plywood … PLYWOOD - FIR VERTICAL GRAIN Botanical Name: Pseudotsuga Menziesii Common Names: Douglas spruce, Coast Douglas-fir, Douglas yew, Blue Douglas-fir, Oregon pine, Red fir, and Red spruce Sources: Grows in western United States and Canada; introduced to UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The edges tend to cut and sand cleaner than the standard plywood. Shop and see our selection of DF, Fir, Douglas Fir Plywood, Sanded in the Softwood Plywood department. Roseburg’s AC Plywood Panel is a light weight, strong and durable sanded plywood panel produced with a multi-layered western softwood inner core and a Douglas Fir face. -A-grade veneer face with a B-grade back. Co., Ltd. Marine plywood is the highest grade of plywood. Yellowish to … Marine grade plywood is a specially designed panel made with douglas-fir with solid jointed cores, and highly restrictive limitations on core gaps and face repairs. There should be no defects (except sound pin knots) in the face or the back of marine plywood. Leaves a "steel-form" finish after pouring. It is sanded smooth and paintable. | St. Louis, MO 63144, ©2020 Forest Products Company | All Rights Reserved. It has limited pitch pockets, open splits, and other characteristics, but these do not comprise the strength and durability on the panel. & Exp. Marine grade plywood is manufactured to limit moisture from entering into the panel through core voids. -B-grade veneer face and back. The first letter in "AC" is the exposed face grading, and the second letter is the reverse face grading. Douglas fir plywood and regular lumber are typically more available and desirable for applications like flooring, decking, and other construction elements. BB Plyform leaves a slight wood grain finish. It is usually made from Western Larch or Douglas Fir wood. Douglas Fir is primarily found in the United States and Canada. Douglas Fir plywood is cut and milled in the Pacific Northwest. ACX Douglas Fir Plywood Features ACX Douglas Fir Plywood is most commonly used for projects which require a higher level of durability as well as a professional look. RigidCore™ 100% Douglas-fir industrial plywood meets or exceeds a variety of industrial panel applications in trucks, buses, boats, RVs, manufactured components, displays and more. Used primarily as a performance-based panel, AC meets the same criteria as sanded panels under APA and U.S. National Standards PS 1. Technical Specifications. Douglas Fir plywood is cut and milled in the Pacific Northwest. Marine grade plywood weighs more. Other factors need to be considered, as they will affect how the plywood will behave under the conditions it will be subjected to. A-face has any imperfections and knots removed and replaced with patches. Rated for both interior and exterior use, Douglas fir plywood is strong, stiff, and sturdy, and it is less susceptible to warping than SYP plywood, though it is harder than the average softwood, so it can be a bit rough on power tool bits and blades. ACX is an appearance panel with a satin-smooth sanded face that is ideal for interior and exterior applications. On the other hand, if you are building an exterior structure, water resistance is not at the same level of importance (unless your structure will be oceanside or a commercial building) as it is in boat building, and the appearance is not a consideration if the plywood will be covered by exterior siding. It can be made of hardwood of high density or mixed light hardwood. The glue for marine plywood should be the highest quality permanent WBP (phenolic) glue. Douglas Fir Wood Veneer has a light reddish brown tone and has a high contrast between the earlywood and latewood. It can also be found in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. It may also have tight knots sized up to 1-1/2 inches and knotholes to 1 inch. In ACX plywood, each core layer can consist of several pieces of core veneers. Shop undefined 1/4 Cat Ps1-09 Square Structural Douglas Fir Sanded Plywood, Application as 4 x 8 in the Plywood department at Lowe'