naturally, the issue of spoiling is one of the most frequently discussed topics! Practicing proper hygiene and food safety techniques will help prevent foodborne illness. It packs a seriously savory punch. It is available in nearly every restaurant, fast food place and even the average home. Dr Schenker says: ‘Pickles and chutneys originally came about as a way of preserving fresh fruit and vegetables, so, by their very nature, they’re OK outside the fridge.’, What the label advises: Store at room temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight (Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil). This sauce lasts so long that the shelf life is considered indefinite. Yes, it does go bad. I have a bottle of Lea & Perrins and the ingredients list molasses, HFCS and anchovies. What the label advises: Once opened,  refrigerate and consume within four weeks (Baxters Redcurrant Jelly). This was based on a recipe I got from an old country cookbook, the method has been modifed and many more chillis have been ad… Pasta sauce compared: does chilled taste better than store cupboard? What the experts say: Made with wine, this French mustard also contains the preservatives potassium metabisulphite and citric acid. But still, it can only last as long as the quickest expiring ingredient in the dish. Dr Schenker says: ‘This is just a pure ingredient, so there is nothing that can contaminate it, such as bacteria. What the experts say: Although salad cream contains the preservative potassium sorbate, as well as spirit vinegar, it also contains egg. Once you open the bottle, the sauce slowly degrades in quality, in a couple of years it won’t be as good as it is today. What the experts say: Vinegar has an indefinite shelf life at room temperature, and can therefore be safely kept in a cupboard for years. In general, worcestershire sauce will be the longest lasting ingredient in any dish, soaking into the other ingredients. Best Black Friday deals for 2020 revealed by Which. Worcestershire sauce lasts pretty much indefinitely when the bottle is unopened. Oyster sauce that has been continuously refrigerated will generally stay at best quality for about 2 years. Since food with a pH value lower than 4.5 is too acidic to support the growth of spoilage bacteria, it's safe to store barbecue sauce at room temperature, in your cupboard or pantry. The unexpected ingredients in your shop-bought pesto. However, those three things sound like they could cause problems if not chilled. What the experts say: This contains vinegar as one of the main ingredients, which helps to preserve it. What the experts say: There’s no need to keep ketchup in the fridge. Maple syrup falls just short of this, allowing some moulds to get a hold, so store it in the fridge. Chilli Worcestershire Sauce: If you like Worcestershire Sauce and you like Chilli - then you will love this. When I use Worcestershire sauce, it goes on to hot, cooked meat. Here are 17 times you are supposed to use Worcestershire sauce. The general consensus is that it stays best for about 2 – 3 years, but that depends on the brand, ingredients, and of course your taste buds. Yes, fish sauce can go bad, but it would take a very long time if stored properly. The trouble is, you can’t see these toxins, so you won’t even know if they’re there – and if you’ve eaten them. Hellmanns, Aldi or Lidl mayonnaise – find out which our tasters thought was best. What the label advises: Store at room temperature (Rowse Squeezy Clear Honey). It’s been a couple of months, and now you’re wondering how long does BBQ sauce last and how to tell if it’s bad.. Barbecue sauce is a delicious addition to any burger, chicken wings, or grilled vegetable dish, but it doesn’t last forever. Dr Schenker says: ‘Some chilli sauces also contain high amounts of sugar, which give extra preservative protection.’, What the label advises: Best before end: see cap (Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce). One could argue that it would stay fresher longer if it were refrigerated, but really, it is fine stored at room temp and lasts a long time. As for them going off, you can tell by the ‘see it, smell it’ judgment.’. 0 0. What the experts say: Although it contains vinegar, there’s not enough in there to safely store this creamy, egg-rich condiment outside the fridge. It is a very stable product due to its main ingredient actually being a preservative. Same thing if there are signs of mold. Over time, you can find that the taste of sauce degrades and there might be the signs of mold in the bottle as well. Although the suggestion is to keep it refrigerated, it can be safely kept in a cupboard in ambient conditions. No it really doesn’t. So what’s the score: fridge, cupboard or either? Worcestershire sauce's intense umami taste makes it great for meat marinades, and it's also commonly used in bloody Marys and Caesar salads. Copyright © 2012 EatByDate LLC. Therefore, an opened bottle could last you a good 4-6 months when kept in the fridge. Simple Cocktail Sauce. Can Worcestershire Sauce be Refrigerated? What the experts say: Some people think that because it contains fish, it has to be refrigerated once opened. Coconut southern fried shrimp with cocktail sauce Source(s): But they’re from different plants and have different properties, so require different treatment.’. Only a fifth said they always do. Worcestershire sauce is made mostly of distilled white vinegar, molasses and multiple spices which are then aged for 18 months before the bottle even hits the grocery store shelves! What the experts say: HP Sauce contains preservative ingredients including both malt vinegar and spirit vinegar, so it’s fine to keep in the cupboard, along with your ketchup. An unopened bottle of Worcestershire sauce will last indefinitely while an opened bottle of Worcestershire sauce will be good for up to 4 years. Does BBQ sauce go bad if not refrigerated? Dr Schenker says: ‘The high acidity of vinegar means that any contaminant such as bacteria or mould getting into the bottle wouldn’t stand a chance of living.’, What the label advises: Keep refrigerated and use within three months (Nando’s Peri Peri Sauce Medium).