Whereas on a synthetic carpet such as nylon, if a spill went unnoticed for some time, you could probably get the stain up with a heavy duty spot treatment. When tea ends up on a carpet or a piece of fabric, it also leaves it with a stain. Unlike the synthetic, wool does not reflect light. If dealt with promptly, following simple advice and using the correct cleaning product 99.9% of spills can be successfully removed from wool carpet. Step 6 Lastly, let your carpet dry completely. It’s more expensive than its synthetic competition. Mixing ammonia and chlorine bleach will create hazardous fumes, so make sure that the detergent you used on the carpet did not contain bleach before applying the ammonia. These carpets are mimics of sisal varieties but are softer than the real thing, and they release stains better. Wool Carpet. After the stain is lifted, it is now time to whip out a carpet stain remover. They share plenty of similarities, but the differences are worth noting. Q: Why are some synthetic carpets more expensive than wool? Basic Wool Carpet Cleaning Steps: 1. If you don't want to use chemicals, use a combination of water and dish detergent, or water and white vinegar. When we surveyed carpet owners about which material they chose, there was an even split between people who favoured synthetics and those who preferred natural materials. Acrylic Carpet. Wool carpet wears very well. Wool carpet is very easy to clean and care for – after all, wool is naturally designed to protect sheep from all weathers, in all conditions. However, they DO NOT resist oily or greasy stains very well. Wool is a staple yarn, so if agitated as in roller chairs by your desk for example, it will fuzz. Thus, you can definitely get your carpet in tiptop shape by removing old stains from carpets. For this methods, mix 1-2 teaspoons of ammonia with water and apply the solution to the carpet. If you're not sure what type of fiber your carpet is, check with the manufacturer. tb1234. Q: If a wool carpet is more expensive a synthetic alternative, why should I pay more for wool? Immediately remove as much of the spill as possible. Stain resistance. There are plenty of options when it comes to wool too – from a chunky wool loop pile carpet such as the Bremworth Collection Katachi Carpet to a luxurious soft “curl your toes” into carpet such as the Bremworth Collection Champs Elysses Carpet. Before using any new method or product, it’s important to note that some stain removers, and ammonia, can cause damage to wool carpets or other natural fibres. When they do, however, they can leave a nasty, lasting mark - or they can be cleaned up quickly and easily. Nov. 3, 2011. http://www.greenbuildingsupply.com/Public/Wool-RecycledCarpeting/WoolCleaning-Maintenance/index.cfm, Wolfeflooring.com. "Wool Cleaning Products and Instruction Guide." Wool is the classic, natural carpet synthetic carpets only wish they could be. How to Select Carpet That Can Be Easily Maintained. To remove the dye stain, start with one tablespoon of household ammonia in one-half cup warm water. An important thing to remember is that you should not use any soil-resistant protectants or cleaning sprays as the material is porous, and could damage the carpet. After the stain is lifted, it is now time to whip out a carpet stain remover. It is hard to beat the quality of wool carpets and rugs. Their advice is that you can easily remove most stains yourself simply by dabbing at them with a clean cloth and luke-warm water. A free carpet care advice helpline, free Carpet Stain Removal Guide apps, spot removal videos and maintenance advice can be found at www.woolsafe.org.