So far I’m loving this drama. Doctor John tells a story about Cha Yo Han is a talented anesthesiologist who happens to be the youngest teacher at medical school. I don't know if I can still watch this drama because of those 2. ? the nurse held grudge over the killer that's why she is after yo han even though yo han has served in jail for the thing he had done. I badly want to have a proffesor like master kim! Kaylee Nov 25 2020 5:27 am Doctor John makes you realize that death is not as scary as what you think. marcopolo Sep 15 2019 3:27 am Damn! Miraie Aug 18 2019 2:15 am Ex nurse is just like an evil spirit. Kang Shi-Young (Lee Se-Young) is a resident of anesthesiology who works with Cha Yo-Han. But we need to think about if prolonging a patient’s life makes the patient truly happy. Is there a romance between them? castlin Sep 20 2019 1:24 am And a couple of people here have also mentioned KSY's hair extension, which distracted me from the first episode. In Doctor John, Doctors are trying to … Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Medical. Zay Zinkyaw Aug 01 2019 9:17 am Please don’t make this a sad ending. It's definitely a higher percentage than those who actually care about their patients. Yeppeo miraiw Aug 25 2019 9:45 am Here she seems to be improving & doing better and better. 3. Mark Jul 26 2016 11:27 pm Best Korean drama since Moon Chae Won Good Doctor in 2013, which is my #1 drama of all time. Everything is perfect, the actors really did very very very well in executing their roles, the cinematography, the twist and turns of the story, and plus good OST's. Gross! then boredom strikes. I don't hate Lee Se Young at all and I do think she is a good actress, but her character is damn weak and somewhat a damsel in distress all the time. window.W4GRB = new Object(); Definitely a must watch! - @Krus @LadyGorgeousMe the "I missed you." fei Aug 25 2019 11:19 pm War So Aug 11 2019 10:36 am Hope it will be purely medical. I Love Kdrama Sep 15 2019 4:20 am I am looking forward for more until the end :) I am really too curious and at the same time very furious to see those people who bring Dr. Cha down. Son says he succeeded in getting Yo Han a prison sentence but failed … Actor Ji Sung is my favourite korean actor. Doctor John Episode 15-16 Recap Yo Han runs down the corridor making his way to the isolated ward. ?for those who haven't watch it i recommend you to watch it...its not a romance genre ok)and now I'm rooting for him for his other upcoming drama...Doctor Yohan.. Jisung and Seyoung had this overflowing chemistry throughout the drama which made me go all jittery and squirmy. Si Young worries about Yo Han, so she checks his BP and pulse to see if his condition is fine. :) I am looking forward to this Drama. Drama • Korean Dramas List 2019 • Newest Doctor John (2019) 5 months ago. As long as they acted good and have a good chemistry I don't mind the age gap. It's heartbreaking to see him had to burden the pain alone. Reen May 13 2020 11:41 pm I like the drama. currently watching this because of jisung.. Im fan from Malaysia. doctor john Yo-han main character played by Ji-sung My Thoughts About Doctor John (의사요한) After just the first episode I had only one thought in my mind. I watched Dr John after done with Kill Me Heal Me. I love this kdrama. Add Comment. By simply looking at each other. I have a lot of kdrama with prosecutor as the lead. Not discussed enough. But after I finished the series I felt their chemistry and romance. Fighting!??? wonderful screenplay, storyline, all the actors did a very good job. Filomena Ribeiro Oct 16 2019 10:32 am Disappointed when I learned that Ji Sung Oppa didn't get any award for this drama. I can't get over it. I hope you can watch some of his other dramas. It’s so obvious. Doctor John. ha2, no regret tho. Doctor John Synopsis. I really love medical genre of kdramas! Lee Kyu-Hyung ❤️ Lee Kyu-Hyung❤️Lee Kyu-Hyung ❤️ Lee Kyu-Hyung❤️Lee Kyu-Hyung ❤️ Lee Kyu-Hyung❤️. Guiltypleasure Jul 20 2019 7:11 pm Cringe! From teaser 3, I don't think that ji sung's & lee kyu-hyung's characters are on good terms.. probably just my imagination.. but i'm really am anticipating this drama esp after watching teaser 3!! Suzy Mar 27 2020 11:43 am At first, I didn't the love line between Dr Cha and Dr Si young because of the long gap age between them. SBS's new medical drama Doctor John has arrived in dramaland! It will break my heart. Lala Aug 16 2019 1:47 pm Some past years I am really like watching medical Korean dramas. !love love. Hello i'm from Myanmar. I skip their trash idealism ideotic strict hypocrite thought scene. Well written, well directed and well acted. Is this based on ??? Why are you so obsessed with CYH? Davia Jul 25 2019 4:12 pm Understandably so given that delivering hours upon hours worth of social commentary in the form of an entertaining television show is no trivial feat. Popular Now !!! 3. Who made the decision to make her hair look like that? Zoe Siew Xuan Yi says: April 14, 2020 at 3:32 pm Doctor John was superb! At first I thought I would be a very serious medical drama, but it had some funny scenes that balance it out. But something missing with this drama.. Maybe the storyline make me feel borring a little bit. such a beautiful drama. Meanwhile, Seok Ki goes to Death Talk’s gathering, and he gets to meet one person who is critically ill. Watch Online on Viu SG I think it's cringe, sorry. I love his acting. Doctor John EP 1 Eng Sub - There is an emergency patient who needs treatment immediately at Chungil Penitentiary. I watched this drama a few months ago. love this drama so much.. Glenda DC. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia, with growing interest in other parts of the world. Laura Aug 19 2019 2:55 pm that kang shi young..i don't know why but she looks hot (in a good way). For me, it's my second best drama. Her children dead bcz of the killer and now she is targeting someone else...aigoo what a crazy person... Sasha Ariella Lustiandi Aug 16 2019 10:59 am Bravo! My first is Mr Sunshine. And now boom! But I am glad this drama that take the slot...!!! Buja (her zombie’s name in korean odyssey lol)- this girl too has a pretty, Molly Dash Jul 20 2019 9:02 am And to those who question his character because he always turned down Si Young was understandable. Doctor John teaches a lot of lessons. Mail (required but will not be published). im on ep3 now (ep 5 if look for 1/2 hours each episodes).. I enjoyed it all the way to the end. On a positive note, all of Ji Sung`s drama and films are always a big hit - Ji Sung never disappoints in his roles and excellent acting! Like W: Two Worlds and While You Were Sleeping, this Lee Jong Suk K-drama serves some serious suspense…and squeal-worthy kilig.His character, named Park Hoon, is a North Korean doctor refugee with a godly mind and deft hands for surgery. Please both of you get on a date already and please writer-nim no sad ending Please Jeball !! Michelle Nov 08 2019 12:19 am I usually don't really like medical drama, but because of this, I'm soooooo into medical drama now. It's haven't started with the romance but I feel really goosebumps when they're together aahahhaaaha..... Must and Highly Recommended.. well try to watch the first two eps and u will know what I mean. Whenever both of them are in the same scene looking at each other, I had to fast forward. who wouldnt excited seeing se young jisung and kyu hyung in a frame? 2 : Nicole Says: July 13th, 2019 at 3:53 am. Doctor Detective. Good to see some of the lesser stars these days. Sinopsis Drama Korea Doctor John Doctor John bercerita tentang dua dokter ahli Anestesi yang sangat berbakat yang mulai mengulik masalah tentang beberapa pasien yang sakit akut bahkan sampai dengan kronis tiba-tiba di suatu rumah sakit. Cha Yo Han's patient in love Aug 23 2019 9:55 am Full episodes can be found on KOCOWA Watch Full Episodes on the Web Want to watch on your phone? Can't wait the next ep. Just watched this drama over the course of three days. 96 July 17, 2019 October 27, 2019. To me, this is the best Kdrama I watched. At first, I was annoyed too at them but then I came to realize that both of them also a parent. I think actually he is a good person and lonely.. He plays the role of a doctor of anesthesiology. Kang Shi-Young (Lee Se-Young) juga seorang Dokter anestesiologi yang bekerja dengan … Array(); But I feel bothered with kang si young’s hair. great job for writernim, director and all the staff. He has CIPA so he cant feel sicks. Doctor Yo-han) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Ji Sung, Lee Se-young, Lee Kyu-hyung and Hwang Hee. The actors' acting was good and they had chemistry, and i was stunned with how Ji Sung still looks that good with his age, well, there's no need to mention his acting, it was weird that he got no award for his acting in this drama. ? Ben Jul 29 2019 3:01 pm Love this drama. When the doctor ask him whether he want to prolong his life or his career. I think i want to see season2, bcs i want to know more about pain and disease in this drama.. i'm speechless She is smart, warm and listens carefully to her patients. I always like lee se young (she is so great with acting) and also I don't know why I super super like Ji sung role here!! Yulia Aug 10 2019 11:20 pm I loved it. The main story is about Cha Yohan, a doctor who was also a patient. This whole series was amazing because of his awesome performance. Cant wait to see romantic scene both of them. The black sign at doctor's finger, it possible it's caused that finger ever been cut?? Most patients sent to them suffer from rare illnesses that other doctors have not been able to diagnose or treat. Ji Sung as Cha Yo-han, the youngest anesthesiology professor at a medical school. I was like, don't you guys have any other work? Vylmen Jul 22 2020 8:52 am Doctor John (Korean: 의사요한; RR: Uisayohan; lit. Network: SBS. So bad, so so bad ... every time Shi Young makes googly eyes at her mentor/senior, Yo Han, I cringe. SBS’s “Doctor John” has just two episodes left in its run! I watched it. Lee seyoung is so beautiful, even me woman admires her. I couldn't get pass episode 6. Kikilala Oct 31 2020 1:41 pm It just comes naturally. Cha Yo Han is a genius anesthesiologist who has the ability to figure out his patients’ illness after only 10 seconds of seeing them. Assss Jul 05 2019 6:35 pm Lee Kyu Hyung nailed it!!! A doctor nicknamed “10 second” is so brilliant (and arrogant) he’s given a moniker that reflects his extraordinary abilities as the youngest professor of anesthesiology in a medical school. Doctor Stranger (2014). But after each episode, I get it. jkim Aug 31 2019 12:47 am He is a second lead and havewonderful acting.. Poor him :(. eventhough there is age gap, but i find it not bad at all. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; 1 Synopsis 2 Cast 3 Soundtrack 4 Episodes 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 References People think it is a doctor's bounden duty to save a patient's life. now...wondering what to watch next. Popular - All Time; Popular - This Week; … This will go to my favorite medical drama list. Ep 23-24, I blood pressure go higher again , i wish i can come into my smartphone and cut her bang !! elhana Nov 16 2019 9:51 am He is a truly versatile actor. This is a romantic and Korean version of Doctor House! He is arrogant, but he is a genius at his work. Man the sister was annoying in this. Stalker alert? Doctor john korean drama quotes. The drama is getting boring because of him and sa good for nothing nurse. Doctor John – “Doctor John” adalah drama medis baru tentang dokter yang berspesialisasi dalam manajemen nyeri. :-) There's a lot of Medical Drama shown in Korea already but Doctor John has something new to offer. I have no idea why this drama isn't 1st unless it is because it began like it might be a prison drama (and initially was why I hesitated watching it) coupled with the female lead who has not been on my favorites list. Surprise no one mention about Se young's crying performance at the end of ep 8, That's like the best crying scene in recent drama ever, ngl. im sure will enjoy this drama.. Tira Aug 09 2019 7:36 pm It was clearly evident just looking at his condition. Sakura Sep 04 2019 2:45 pm i'm still can't move on, Doctor John really deserve an award, and Jisung too he is amazing as always, and i'm so glad Lee se young as female lead. Watch Doctor John Episode 9 online at Dramanice. Title: 의사요한 / Doctor John Formerly known as: 닥터룸 / Doctor Room Genre: Medical Episodes: 32 Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast period: 2019-Jul-19 to 2019-Sep-07 Air time: … Meanwhile, Kang Shi Young is a doctor who also works in the Department of Anesthesia. Doctor Doctor (TV Series 2016– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I really love the drama so far, but I get really annoyed with Kang Shi Young. loadbox(1); Evelyn Coleman Sep 07 2019 7:17 pm I'm just holding out hope that the previous comment will come through. Doctor John tells a story about Cha Yo Han is a talented anesthesiologist who happens to be the youngest teacher at medical school. All TV Movies Creators Sort by New . For medical drama, this drama is similar to other medical kdrama but the storyline keeps you going since the casts are great even the second lead actor&actress had an amazing bonding <3. Si Young worries about Yo Han, so she checks his BP and pulse to see if his condition is fine. Again lala Jul 13 2019 12:23 am But hey the story is Great Daebak!. i never thought that medical drama gonna be lit like this .l. I adore him for that trait. Kdrama Queen Sep 15 2019 9:08 am When Dr. Cha touches his head I thought an alter would come out. But i love ji sung so much! » Doctor Detective » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series. I really like this drama. Sorry but I dont ship these two. Mj Sep 01 2019 12:33 am Nana Jul 20 2019 7:09 am Ingin happy ending please oh jagganim. Rachael Aug 10 2019 11:06 pm Jisung as usual was top notch and siyoung too, she’s good. Her (Kang Si Young's) hair bothered me also... Like why? Ling Aug 17 2019 6:36 pm Inmyheart, dr Jul 20 2019 2:05 am ??? I’ll skip if there any scene two of them only, like finding the restaurant, tying shoe lace or whatsoever. Kang Shi Young is also a brilliant anesthesiologist who was always at the top of her class … Like what? Don't be mean to him after Stranger, Prison Playbook and Life. All the elements are there. Can't wait for next episode.. ghazal Sep 24 2020 6:50 am Not only was she incompetent but also negligent in her duties as a medical practitioner in not checking in on him regularly and not know that he was getting worse.[1]=215570; Got disappointed when I learned that Ji Sung didn't get any award for this drama. Kang Si Young name sounds different N special when Yo Han called it. Ji Sungas Cha Yo-han, the youngest anesthesiology professor at a medical school. Doctor John: Episodes 1-4 (Review) by missvictrix. ps. I really like Jisung acting since the drama kill me heal me, Rasi Nov 08 2019 11:49 am Pictures|Facts|News … Krus Sep 08 2019 7:14 am I usually watched kdramas because of their actors. I dont know, if chae eun jung and son seok ki one frame for investigate cha yo han i cant focus to this drama. I even cry at episode 28 because it so touching. This drama "doctor john " so amazing..? There, Cha Yo-Han and Kang Shi-Young try to find the causes of their pain. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 88/100 (3097 votes) @ 22:00 KST. He was a legend. Doctor John Cast: Ji Sung, Lee Se-Young, Lee Kyu-Hyung. But this kdrama is also a good one. I feel like want to cut her bang. Si Young wants to understand Yo Han, but Yo Han tells her that she can’t understand him. m Aug 04 2019 1:13 am Tiff Jun 08 2020 10:12 pm ? But things are different now. Each and every actor has put their full effort. I always watch Medical genre of Kdrama! Jisung never fails to amaze us with his acting aaahhhh and the main actress Lee Se Young played such a really good job in portraying her character as a doctor,sister,daughter and also Dr Cha's partner. wendy Nov 07 2019 2:43 am Who knows? I WANNA SEE THIS SERIES AGAIN, Koreandrama123 Sep 14 2020 5:45 pm This drama was great! ladyrara Sep 05 2019 8:32 am Arruhu Aug 10 2019 11:23 pm I like the acting of Ji Sung, aiming for another award. I can't get over him. A site dedicated to Korean TV series, Kdramapal publishes up-to-date and relevant content about Korean dramas and seeks to satisfy the most essential demands of a K-drama fan. ???? Without pain we are barely living". And still I'm stucked. this drama give me the most charm and the chemistery beetween cha yo han and kang si young are literally the best . Why was it there in the first place? ?its a really good drama? Was it bc of his condition? Ji Song is always on the top, he's one of the best actors in the kdrama field, the acting was amazing, he gave me psychotic vibes, but at the same time I saw him as a responsible and a really good doctor, the type of doctor patients need, he was somewhat a genius as well in this drama, he shined in this drama, however i'm mentioning how good he was to cover the fact that it was poor directing, the beginning and the end were too complicated, and in a bad way, many characters jumped in and out of the drama, I wasn't personally fond of the female character, she was too weak, she couldn't challenge him as a doctor, which really annoyed me a lot, she followed him everywhere, and even when he came back after his treatment 3 years later, they haven't seen each other in all that time, yet when he came back, he was the one who solved the case of one patient, how they relied on him was annoying in so much way, and I agree of what doctor lee said, men and woman should be like cats not like puppets, if ji song wasn't in this drama i wouldn't lay my finger on it, it had such a good story, but the character of the female lead was off as I mentioned, which resulted in this stupid student-teacher '' love '' also, I mentioned how much I loved ji song as a character, but as a man, in this drama? Streaming Sources: Viki, Viu. Gah, who is playing the curly haired reporter that is in contact with Chae Eun-Jung ? irfan Jul 29 2019 5:56 pm I love CYH and KSY. No other nurse to take care of him? “Doctor John” is a new medical drama about doctors specializing in pain management. azie Oct 01 2020 3:23 am i love all the cast. Age doesn't really matter indeed and lastly Ji Sung.. Wow he has this "Charisma" and i just love how he portray the character (Dr.Cha) I will definitely looking forward to his future drama. Great acting indeed. Professional WordPress Agency. Amazing actors and great story. Damn. This drama recommended absolutly! The plot is too mainstream. You heard it here first. But one thing I would like to point out, can someone tell me what happened to Han Myung-Oh and the manager of the murder institute (I forgot the name.)? Dalam sebuah genre yang menyegarkan, “Doctor John” akan menggambarkan pencarian para dokter untuk penyebab rasa sakit misterius pasien mereka sebagai pengejaran yang mendebarkan, hampir seperti seorang detektif yang memburu pelaku di balik kejahatan yang belum … Damn I hate the bad nurse. Because of their great acting, I got glued on the screen. Fighting, Abigail Jul 19 2019 10:45 pm Article from Chaca Jul 20 2019 8:34 am please make CYH accept KSY love and they can live happily please jeballl writer nim ? updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Please writer nim pleaseeee don't make it a sad ending ???? Keep it up the good work! Doctor John is a … the song " Look at your scars " is killing me , soooo soooo emotional Beautyful story of a doctor.more lessons.I like this. is quite interesting...two thumbs up!!!!! Hazera Shinthy Sep 03 2019 9:26 am I hope the ending is very romantic Oh man, i never go crazy for any drama before but got hook up with this since the very 1st episode due to Jisung. She doesn't have an aura of a doctor (at least as a 2nd-year resident) and she seems like a rookie medical student who just keeps being in awe with whatever her teacher (CYH) does. jisung best actor Dec 28 2019 5:35 am yeah!!! Touching story. I like the chemistry between yo Han and si young.. mostly, i feel romance in drama is too force, but it is different.. their love grow slowly and naturaly.. Fabby Aug 23 2019 11:23 pm