This allows us to keep our classes flat, avoid conflicts, provide clarity, and improve legibility. Cherry is a live inventory of definitions for the UI components, design patterns, naming conventions, brand assets and code guidelines. The Spark Design System uses a strict class naming convention. This allows us to keep our classes flat, avoid conflicts, provide clarity, and improve legibility. For example, to use typography and color system, instead of creating new endpoints, we make extension from Font and Color structs. Hence, finalize a color palette first. Refer your design patterns for fixing problems you might encounter when testing the color palette in the product UI. The standard needs to be consistent. Colors can impact all areas of your design system. A name should be simple yet still be meaningful to system administrators, system support, and operations. Decide on primary colors, naming convention, and the system for building accent colors. It’s also common to adapt this logic to create consistent, understandable lead source values. The more aligned your asset and campaign names, the easier it is to understand your marketing environment, communicate your progress, and onboard new users. Here are my basic guidelines for the object naming convention: A name should identify the device's location and its purpose/function/service. If an API is composed of several services they should be named in a way … JAN) and the Joint Communications-Electronics Nomenclature System, is a method developed by the U.S. War Department during World War II for assigning an unclassified designator to electronic equipment. Once set, the name should not change. Cherry - Design System Overview A good naming convention can add structure to campaign and asset folders in your database. This is done by combining 4 techniques: a global namespace; class prefixes; pascal casing; BEM syntax; All classes in the Spark Design System must adhere to this naming convention. When naming a new system, you should consider the following: Is it easy to say and spell? The Spark Design System uses a strict class naming convention. Service names should be syntactically valid DNS names (as per RFC 1035) which can be resolved to one or more network addresses.The service names of public Google APIs follow the pattern: example, the service name of the Google Calendar is Designers and developers work together — The design system needs to be realised in code as well as design. You should be able to answer “yes!” to all of the above—which can often be easier said than done. Semantic naming conventions that can be easily understood and applied. Naming convention is another broad topic for discussion and debate. Will it work as a URL? In this series of posts, I’m reporting on UXPin’s journey of creating our own design system. Some guidelines to follow when naming a new system or service. In 1957, the JETDS was formalized in MIL-STD-196. In the first post, I discussed the fundamentals of design systems ... Naming Conventions. In addition to basic Swift conventions , the only two rules we abide are, 1) no acronym and 2) making it simple. Does it describe the system or product? Build the Typographic Scale for the Design System Service names. The Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS), which was previously known as the Joint Army-Navy Nomenclature System (AN System. Naming conventions.