Bearing that in mind, we have created a template which you can use to create a 5-times a day cutting diet for the next four weeks. The 6-week cutting diet in this guide isn’t a shortcut. Protein is a big concern when you’re cutting. 1600 Calorie Diet Meal plans for 2 days. This meal contains about 260 calories and 14-16 grams of protein. A cutting diet aims to get you as lean as possible while maintaining muscle mass. This simple 3-step plan can help you lose weight fast. Strict. Consume lots of low-calorie vegetables. This diet involves calculating your calorie, protein, fat, and carb needs based on your weight and lifestyle. I followed a low carbohydrate diet for 3 days, followed by a high carbohydrate, high-calorie day. Figure Olympia. All rights reserved. Cheat meals and/or refeed days are commonly incorporated into cutting diets. Luckily, … This cutting diet plan example may really help you. What is cutting? Your information has been successfully processed! Learn how muscles are made, which foods fuel a strong body, and how to get started. Sample 3 Days Low/1 Day High Carb Rotation Diet. On the plus side, reducing caloric intake should create noticeable physique changes within a couple of weeks. One gram of fat contains 9 calories, so anyone on a 2,000-calorie regimen should eat 33–67 grams of fat per day on a cutting diet. If your looking for a 2000 calorie meal plan you have found it. Creatine is a well-studied supplement with proven benefits for high intensity exercise. Get the Rosemary Beefsteak Tomatoes recipe here. Also, my “New Year’s Resolution Fitness Challenge” eBook will be available for purchase tomorrow! In order for you to successfully lose weight, you will need a complete cutting program, which includes specific workouts for cutting and a diet plan that … There are many meal plans out there this is just one option and a great way to mix up your meals. Cheat meals and refeed days may boost your morale, exercise performance, and hormone levels but aren’t necessary for a cutting diet. Food Set Protein Intake. There are many meal plans out there this is just one option and a great way to mix up your meals. All the recipes and tips below are borrowed from The Bodybuilder’s Kitchen and frankly, it’s one of the finest attack plans for safely shedding pounds that we’ve ever seen. Here’s a quick summary of your macronutrient breakdown on the ultimate cutting diet: Carbohydrates: 1 gram per 1 lb of bodyweight; Protein: 1-1.25 grams per 1 lb of bodyweight; Fat: 0.25 grams per 1 lb of bodyweight; Other Rules on the Ultimate Cutting Diet Maintaining adequate protein intake is important on a cutting diet. If you’re hungry frequently, a high-calorie breakfast may keep you fuller later in the day (18, 19, 20). Meal prep is a must to stay on track with any diet. Ready in about 30 minutes, these are perfect for a healthy weeknight meal. Cook a chicken breast for tomorrow's lunch or substitute precooked chicken or sliced chicken or turkey breast from the grocery store. This article tells…. Lastly, never starve yourself lean. Cutting Calorie Calculator. One should also incorporate re-feeds into their diet plan. Bodybuilding is centered around building your body’s muscles through weightlifting and nutrition. Catered towards all levels of experience, the cutting plan in this article will help you reduce body fat – but you’ll need to use a little bit of common sense, as all bodies are different. Wrap airtight and refrigerate to have for breakfast on Days 2 and 3. That said, this isn’t necessary for the cutting diet. Meal 2: 6 oz (cooked) tilapia, or any lean white fish Meal 3: 6 oz (cooked) grass-fed beef, 1 … The following cutting phase focuses on losing as much fat as possible while maintaining muscle mass developed during the bulking phase. Bodybuilding Cutting Diet Plan. Shed fat with this exercise-friendly 4-week fat-loss meal plan The 6-Week Cut Diet. Although you may gain weight after a cheat meal or refeed day, this tends to be water weight that’s usually lost over the next few days (26). Fat loss occurs when you consistently eat fewer calories than you burn. 50 calories, 0g carbs, 5g fat, 0g protein, 0g fiber: 10:00. Here's a complete guide to calculating macros, grocery shopping, and working out. Bulking season is over, and now it's time to cut. Eat too much and you could gain fat. While it’s common to reduce fat intake on a cutting diet, not eating enough can affect the production of hormones like testosterone and IGF-1, which help preserve muscle mass. It’s typically done for 2–4 months leading up to a bodybuilding competition or other event. This is great a great meal plan if you are looking to gain lean muscle and cut unwanted fat. So ask yourself: If I were to go to a beach next week, would my body be ready for showtime? Alright guys I am going to be "cutting" for the first time I am naturally a fairly thin guy but after bulking for abotu a year now I have added some fat around 14% bodyfat. In that case, good news: We’ve discovered a brand-new cutting meal plan designed by a former champion bodybuilder that delivers on both taste and nutrition. When preparing for a bodybuilding competition, you need to enter a " In other words, most people are unaware that cutting is a combination of diet and workout programs. If you're at 15% body fat and you're looking to get down to 10% (or even single digits), here's exactly how to shed 5% of your body fat and see results. To reheat, remove plastic wrap, wrap in a paper towel and microwave on High for 30 to 45 seconds.2. Although it may benefit competitive athletes, it isn’t as important for fat loss (15). So if you want to strut proudly and sveltely on the beach (or anywhere else) come summertime or your mid-winter tropical getaway, read on. This article explains how to follow a 1,500-calorie…. Here are 9 weight loss tips specifically aimed at athletes. 1600 Calorie Diet A sample from the NHLBI. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This cutting diet plan example may really help you. Are you trying to get ripped for the summer or for a bodybuilding competition? A cutting diet can be useful for bodybuilding and for weight loss. Leave your excuses at the door bro; this is all about full-force fat assault. Use the following “Sample Day Meal Plan” as a guide to help you plan the meals and meal times that work best for your busy day. 1500 Calorie Diet High protein. Get your diet clean and in order. eat a meal like oatmeal and egg whites, you are eating a very acidic meal. This is your mantra for the next 28 days. That’s because you’re getting fewer calories but exercising routinely, which increases your protein needs (10). Stock up on these items at the grocery store when you’re leaning down: Channel the King with this delicious, low-cal peanut butter and banana shake. Here is the meal plan schedule for women: 8 am - 2 scrambled eggs (large) cooked in 2 pats of butter, with any veggies you prefer such as peppers, diced onion, mushrooms, spinach, etc. Juge’s diet plan is filled with fresh, clean foods that are as unprocessed as possible. The 6-week cut diet is a cutting program for when you're a little short on time and need to drop the fat asap! Don't want to make it yourself? Bodybuilding Cutting Diet Meal Prep Plan. In life, there are few precious things we can control. If you’re on a cutting diet, you need to eat more protein than if you’re merely trying to maintain weight or build muscle mass. You’re so close to showing off that six pack! Wake Up 16oz Water with Lemon. Pre plan requirements. Re-feeds help boost a hormone called leptin, which is the mother of all fat burning hormones. Use the following “Sample Day Meal Plan” as a guide to help you plan the meals and meal times that work best for your busy day. Meal 6: 1½ - 2 cups fat free cottage cheese, w/ 4 tspn natural peanut butter. Meal timing is a strategy used for muscle growth, fat loss, and performance. With the right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously shredded in just 28 days. of lean body mass … When you’re formulating your cutting meal plan, there are several foods that you’ll want to include. Male and Female Sample Day Meal Plans for the R.I.P.P.E.D. From protein to carbs, learn how to boost your workouts by fueling your body the way professional athletes do. Perfecting that Zac Efron-esque beach body takes some time and dedication. Get the Coconut Cayenne Smashed Sweet Potatoes recipe here. For example, studies show that a higher-carb day can increase levels of the fullness hormone leptin and temporarily raise your metabolism (23, 24, 25). Fat plays a key role in hormone production, which makes it crucial for a cutting diet (11). A 2000 Calorie Meal Plan. If your answer is “no”—or “not quite,” or “almost”…or anything other than, “Dude, the beach isn’t ready for my body”—then you’re probably searching for a way get lean. Also, fill a smaller plate with colorful foods. Re-feeds help boost a hormone called leptin, which is the mother of all fat burning hormones. Meal #1. There’s just no way around the diet, says Juge, and eating clean is the name of this get-lean game. Meal 2: 4-6oz chicken or fish, w/ ½ cup oats, 2 – 4 tspn natural peanut butter. Have a solid supplementation plan in place. The bottom line is that calories make or break your diet. Experts suggest that, on this diet, 15–30% of your calories should come from fat (4). Follow these fit women we're crushing on for inspiration, workout ideas, and motivation. 1. Keep those gym germs at bay with these tried-and-true foods. Meal 6: 1½ - 2 cups fat free cottage cheese, w/ 4 tspn natural peanut butter. The remaining 1,020 calories (255 grams) can be taken up by carbs. Breakfast. Try this sample meal plan during the Get Ripped phase of the programme. After subtracting your protein and fat needs from your total calorie intake, divide the remaining number by 4, which should tell you how many carbs you can eat per day. Cheat meals are occasional indulgences meant to ease the strictness of a given diet, whereas refeed days boost your carb intake once or twice per week. Try this sample meal plan during the Get Muscle phase of the programme. In general, an average woman needs around 2,000 calories per day to maintain her weight but 1,500 calories to lose 1 pound (0.45 kg) of fat per week, whereas an average man needs around 2,500 calories to maintain his weight or 2,000 calories to lose the same amount (5). Use the calorie calculator to find your ideal calorie target, to help you quickly lose the fat, not the muscle. Probably slightly under. We talk more about this in this Vegan Bodybuilding guide. If your protein intake is too low on a restricted-calorie diet, you’ll lose a lot … Keep that hard-earned muscle while dropping fat wi... As Stern lays out in the book, the goal of a cutting phase is to trim the body of excess fat while retaining muscle. Read about the 3-step plan, along with other science-backed weight loss tips, here. Sign up below to receive our newest workout routines, recipes, news stories, and offers from our partners. Let's first start with a cutting diet and the bulking diet will follow. Follow this basic 8 week cutting plan to help with your cutting goals. Low-carbohydrate, high-fat diets may help endurance athletes perform better, but team and sprint athletes may see a drop in their performance. For example, a 155-pound (70-kg) person should eat 110–140 grams of protein per day. Stern knows more about fueling fit bodies than practically anyone. However, some evidence suggests that a drop in testosterone levels does not always lead to muscle loss — as long as you eat enough protein and carbs (5, 13). Here are some helpful tips to keep fat loss on track on a cutting diet: To optimize a cutting diet, try drinking lots of water, eating fiber-rich foods, and doing cardio, among several other tips. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), The 4-Week Cutting Meal Plan to Get Shredded, The Skinny on Getting Lean: Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat, How Sarah Apgar and FitFighter are Changing Fitness, What Other Sports Can Learn From The NBA Bubble, Ms. Olympia Returns: A Tradition Restored, Commitment to Ticket Holders Sends Olympia to Orlando, Gene Mozee: Bodybuilder, Editor, Photographer, Breathing Tips From Halle Berry's Trainer, Phil Heath Officially Started His Olympia Prep, Flex Lewis Took a Year Off Before — It Paid Off, Shaq Talks Mr. Olympia and Bodybuilding Motivation, The 50 Best Fitness Influencers on Instagram. A cutting diet, also known as the “shredding diet,” is a low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat diet plan with the main goal of helping you shed body fat and promote muscle growth. Our cut meal plan is designed to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders to significantly cut their body fat percentage to the extreme. Sonoma Diet Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss. These science-based recommendations help you lose fat while maintaining performance. As we mentioned above, when The Rock was training for 2014’s “Hercules,” he consumed calories like it was nobody’s business. This article reviews the best…. On TRAINING DAYS, eat: Meal 1: 1 serving Egg Frittata. Photo shoot, reunion, or contest - these meals do it In that case, good news: We’ve discovered a brand-new cutting meal plan designed by a former champion bodybuilder that delivers on both taste and nutrition. Also referred to sometimes as a shredding diet, the two key objectives of a cutting diet are: Cut down on body fat ; Maximise lean mass. The key distinctions with other weight loss diets are that a cutting diet is catered to each individual, tends to be higher in protein and carbs, and should be accompanied by weightlifting. This workout combines cardio and weight-lifting drills for serious body-sculpting results. For example, a 155-pound (70-kg) person on a 2,000-calorie cutting diet may eat 110 grams of protein and 60 grams of fat. Protein and carbs both provide 4 calories per gram, while fat stands at 9 per gram. This simple 1,200-calorie meal plan is specially tailored to help you feel energized and satisfied while cutting calories so you can lose a healthy 1 to 2 pounds per week. Meal 2: 4-6oz chicken or fish, w/ ½ cup oats, 2 – 4 tspn natural peanut butter. The Cutting Diet . Give us a typical day in your cutting diet: Meal 1: 10 – 12 egg whites, w/ ½ cup of oats. Success or failure all comes down to the how you manage energy intake against energy expenditure. 2,000 Calorie Meal Plan; Cutting - Paleo Diet: Time: Meal: Nutrition: 07:00. Get the Broiled Cod With Charred Tomatillo Salsa recipe here. Periodic, proper re-feeding can raise … It is also important to start the diet early so you are not rushed and then need to be too aggressive the last few weeks and then lose size and/or look too flat. Still, it’s easy to overeat on these days and sabotage your weight loss efforts. Give us a typical day in your cutting diet: Meal 1: 10 – 12 egg whites, w/ ½ cup of oats. It’s time to blast your physique and hit single digit leanness. This article explains how to follow a cutting diet for weight loss. Stick with these healthy fats and you will be a machine during your cutting diet! A cutting diet is tailored to each individual and requires you to determine your nutritional needs. Instead, you should focus on eating whole foods and getting sufficient calories, protein, carbs, and fat throughout the day. When buying salad dressing, choose one made with healthy fats, such as olive oil or canola oil. Here's what you need to get right in order to design a highly effective vegan bodybuilding diet plan: Figure out your calories. Meal Prep Tip: Hard-boil 2 eggs-save one for Day 7.Make Carrot-Ginger Vinaigrette or opt for a healthy, store-bought Asian-style dressing. Check out the following slides for your grocery list and some cut-friendly recipes. Eating balanced meals every 3 to 4 hours doesn’t have to be difficult; the key is being prepared and choosing meals that work for your lifestyle and schedule. Our 4-week cutting diet plan can be adjusted based on how much calories your deficit permits you to consume. WEEK 2. Eat at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, daily. To lose fat and general bodyweight, you need to experience a caloric deficit. The number of calories you should eat per day to lose weight depends on your weight, height, lifestyle, gender, and exercise levels. Strict. Lifting weights regularly is important because it promotes muscle growth, helping combat muscle loss when you start cutting calories (1, 2, 3). Meal 5: 4-6oz chicken, w/ 2 servings of whole wheat pasta + sauce (post-wo). Seven-Meal Diet Plan. For example, many studies note that endurance athletes can boost their recovery by timing their meals and carb intake around exercise (15, 16, 17). For the purpose of this 7-day meal plan we have cut on dairy a bit. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. NUTRITION. Additionally, carbs can help fuel your performance during workouts (15). Breakfast (Pre-Workout) Green Protein Smoothie 1-2 cups Spinach, 1 banana, 1 serving of Grass Fed Whey, Sprouted Brown Rice or Pea protein powder, blended with ice and water) 1 teaspoon of Fish Oil taken separately (or 2 capsules of krill oil) Post Workout Organic Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt Complementing this meaty fish are hearty beefsteak tomatoes and spiced-up sweet potatoes—two pre-workout powerhouses that aid recovery. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Allow for 4 cheat meals in 8 weeks to have something to look forward to and break the monotony. Here are few diet plans that you can follow to cut down extra fats from your body. During the cutting phase, try to munch on tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, broccoli, peppers, baby marrows, mushrooms, spinach, lettuce and other “wet” carb sources and go easier on starchier carbs such as pasta and rice.