When growing cucumbers, you’ll have three varieties to choose from. By growing multiple vines per mound, they intertwine for added strength. Cucumbers are a great plant for beginning seed savers. In your garden, make 12 inch hills at least 6 feet apart. (Make sure the soil is very loose if you choose option 2). Make a row of several shallow piles of soil spaced 3 feet apart for bush cucumbers and 6 feet apart for vining cucumbers. Direct sowing cucumber seeds: In the garden, plant your cucumber seeds about 1 inch apart, and about 1/2″ deep. When you choose cucumber seeds or plants, it’s best to first decide if you want to pickle them or eat them fresh. The first step in planting is to make hills for your cucumber seeds. Plant seeds 1 inch deep. If seeding, plant 3 seeds and thin to the 2 strongest after a few weeks. Spacing Requirements. Plant several seeds in each hill, and cover the seeds with dirt. The cucumber plant is a member of the gourd family that produces slender fruits between three and 24 inches long. Direct-sow cucumber seeds after the danger of frost has passed and the soil temperature has warmed. What you plant around your cucumbers will play an important role in their productivity. Thus, you may end up with an odd mix of cucumber crosses when collecting cucumber seeds. How To Plant Cucumber Seeds. Time of Planting. They are among the easiest vegetables to grow. Plant 6-8 cucumber seeds per hill. Secondly, since cucumbers require either insect pollinators, wind, or people to transfer their pollen from plant to plant, they are left open to cross pollinate with other members within the family. When planting, plant two transplants per cucumber mound. You can either make a hole in the dirt and drop the seeds into it, or you place the seeds on top of the soil and gently press them in. #5 Be Careful What You Plant Nearby.