Approximately 400 higher education institutions and scholarship programs utilize the CSS Profile . Both the CSS Profile and the FAFSA form can … Do we wait to do the CSS profile after the FAFSA is complete? The FAFSA and CSS Profile college aid forms can be confusing. The CSS Profile is a much lengthier application than the FAFSA, since it considers more income streams and assets than the FAFSA. On the CSS Profile page, you’ll find a link to the list of Profile institutions. The CSS Profile is an institutional aid application used primarily by highly selective private and public colleges and universities to determine a student’s institutional aid eligibility. The CSS Profile asks questions about your family’s financial situation including numbers you will find on your family’s tax returns. Families who have questions about the Profile can call (844) 202-0524. Read this step-by-step guide to completing this application to learn more. CSS Profile tips and tricks CSS Profile questions that might trip you up The CSS Profile — lots of pros, few cons. Updated by Harsh Rao on 11th August 2020 Learn about the different aspects of the CSS Profile, the application deadline, requirements and more. So an admissions officer who sees a CSS PROFILE form on which the student lists that parents are only expecting to contribute $5,000 annually and whose income, asset and application data lead them to a net cost of around $50,000 annually, might conclude that such a drastically need-gapped student would likely not accept admission. The CSS Profile is one of the most common forms of financial aid applications in the US. The CSS Profile is required by almost 250 colleges, universities, and scholarship programs across the country. 2. Here are the correct way to answer the five questions that trip parents up the most. My CSS profile questions are: 1. For amount in cash/savings & checking, do we report the figures that are showing available on the day the CSS is completed? 3. The CSS Profile is a form you fill out to request financial aid for college, much like the FAFSA. Certain colleges and scholarship programs use the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE to award financial aid. Here are some frequently asked questions about the form by the parents in our Paying For College 101 Facebook group: Frequently Asked Questions About the CSS Profile Can we start the CSS profile now, but finish the income/asset information the same time we do the FAFSA? What is the CSS Profile? 5. If your parents are married or live together, they will file one CSS Profile. If they are separated or divorced, each parent will fill out their own CSS Profile. … What questions does the CSS Profile ask? The Profile includes questions similar to those asked on the FAFSA ®, focusing on parent and student income, assets, and household information.Since the Profile became available on October 1 st, we've received several questions from families completing the application. First, the CSS Profile is not administered by the federal government, but rather through colleges themselves. Frequently asked questions about the CSS Profile How is the CSS Profile different from the FAFSA? In addition, for divorced parents, information from the non-custodial parent will also be needed. Assets that were not included in the FAFSA, will be asked about on the CSS Profile. But the CSS Profile is different than the FAFSA in a couple ways. Common CSS Profile Questions. The CSS Profile is a financial aid application that you fill out through the College Board.