ALL DISCS AND CLAMP ASSEMBLY INCLUDED. The Flat Hone can be used with either PSA or Hook & Loop or a combination of both and is extremely portable for in salon use or mobile sharpening applications. It will provide virtually maintenance-free operation for years. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. Contact us for more information about sharpening training. We offer many different types and dozens of brands of sharpeners. All prices are in USD. International customers need to contact us directly. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Part time or full time. A convex grind, with two gently curved surfaces ending at the edge, is fundamentally different, so a flat sharpening system designed to hold a precise, consistent angle won't get the job done. Thank you for visiting our page. To maintain the edge on a knife that already has a convex edge, all you really need to do is to use a marker and find out what the final edge angle is. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. WEIGHT IS 9.25 LBS. The Deluxe Package would cost more than $2,440.00 if the items were purchased seperately. There are detailed instructions of finding your angle here: Finding Your Angle. You could, however, with the right rocking movements, easily sharpen a convex edge on a flat sharpening stone. Start your own business. Be the first to review this product! All Rights Reserved. Here is a video demonstration of how to sharpen a convex edge scissors on popular flat hone machine the Hira-To. The Ez-Vex scissor Sharpening machine and the Cuticle/Podiatry Nipper sharpening System. A more compact system, mount your blade in the clamp and sharpen away with the ergonomic wood pistol grip. Product works great too! Designer of Two Quality sharpening systems. How to Use: The primary difference between the KME Sharpening System and the Edge Pro Apex is that the KME holds your blade between a clamp. Sharpening a convex edge is easy and fast with Work Sharp Outdoor Products. This 6" flat hone shear sharpening machine is designed primarily for sharpening in the cosmetology industry. The Original Knife & Tool Sharpener is designed to create a precise convex edge along the entire length of the blade using flexible abrasive belts and angle guides. The Ookami Gold Complete Scissors Sharpening System is the next step above the Twice As Sharp Professional … Home of the all American Convex Sharpening Systems. If you need a complete sharpening system, a hard-to-find sharpening stone, or just a replacement wheel, if it is related to sharpening, we probably have it. Flexible schedules, set your own hours. SAVE OVER $340! You can assemble a near perfect maintenance system with stuff you have laying around the house, or for only a few dollars cost. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. IT ALSO HAS FORWARD AND REVERSE CONTROL FOR SHARPENING BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT HANDED SCISSORS. We use what we sell, so you can be assured that when you purchase from us, we're able to help you with your sharpener. A wood base can be purchased to securely mount your sharpener to a work bench. Earn more while working for yourself. COMES WITH A 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. Our Sharpening Process All scissors are first inspected to insure that tension is correct and the two blades ride smoothly on each other. A first of its kind, the knife sharpening system was a hit with consumers, and remains our most popular item. Our new convexing guide rod screws right into any KME stone carrier. What's required, then, is an abrasive surface that ever-so-slightly "gives" to follow the curvature of the blade. The stone holder of the Convex Rod is suitable for sharpening stones up to 6" (150 mm) including Edge Pro format. Foredom Replacement Filters for MAFH25 Filter Hood, Hamaguri USA Improved Arm System with Ambidextrous Clamp, Nebraska Blades CS-101-2000 Clipper Sharpening Machine (Big Red), Anvil 7.5" 440 Molybdenum Stainless Steel Convex Blending Pet Shear, Hamaguri USA Standard Flat Hone Convex Shear Sharpener with New Arm System. Our warehouse is fully stocked to meet your specific sharpening needs. The Hira-To® is a single head flat hone designed to recreate the factory look and edge on high end convex or semi-convex beauty, barber, and grooming scissors. John took the time to help me sort through all of my questions. True radius, convex bevels are now possible with a guided system! The next step in sharpening technology, the flat hone machine’s time had come. The base of the sharpener is a 9”x 2 ¾”x 1/3” piece of black plexiglass. The Lansky controlled-angle knife sharpening system is an easy-to-use sharpening solution that helps you get a razor sharp edge every time. Currently unavailable. Flat Hone scissor sharpener for convex shears that's perfect for mobile sharpeners, beginners, and professionals looking for a … We ship Monday through Friday and all in-stock orders placed by 2:00 p.m. CST are shipped the same day. The exhibited angle from 10° to 40° on each side - Indicator scale with a graduation price of 1° - The possibility of lenticular (convex) blade sharpening. The angle of the guide is adjustable between 15 and 30 degrees per side (so 30-60 inclusive) and you place the blade in the guide, sharpening one side then flipping to the other, leaving a convex edge bevel (as opposed to most of the rod sharpeners which do flat edge bevels) which Work Sharp and Ken Onion claim is more durable than a flat edge. The convexing rod is formed in a smooth uniform curve which results in approximately 5 degrees of angle change from the beginning of each stroke to the end. Ordinary stationary clamps lack the motion required to do convex grinds efficiently. Sharpening: At Sharp Shack we use the Ez-Vex system allowing us to put a perfect convex on every shear we sharpen. The Controlled-AngleSharpening System. We have been helping customers find the right sharpeners for more than a decade. You could always use a marker to cover the blade. The KME Knife Sharpening System with it's rotating blade clamp and spherical rod guiding system offers easy precision sharpening like no other. Learn to sharpen convex beauty scissors. This gradual, 5 degree angle change produces beautifully rounded bevels which were … That is how we do business and we would be happy to earn your business. This fits your . This … It … THE HAMAGURI USA STANDARD FLAT HONE COMES WITH A DC MOTOR WITH VARIABLE SPEED CONTROLLER PROVIDING NEEDED POWER AT LOW RPMS AS WELL AS HIGH RPMS FOR POLISHING. Shipping may be delayed due to backorders or weather. Selecting a sharpener can be difficult if you're not sure what you need. The Hamaguri USA Standard Flat Hone System is a multi-purpose sharpening machine that has been designed to provide the essentials needed to get the job done without all the bells and whistles yet keeps the reliability and quality that the Hamaguri USA brand is known for. You can maintain a convex edge already on the knife and you can also create your own convex edge. I sharpen using the "Hira-To Sharpening System". It is easier, faster, and more precise when sharpening convex scissors than traditional systems. It's the easiest and most advanced sharpening system designed for convex and semi-convex scissors. A convex edge can be put on more than just knives. Not an easy task. Even if you're already a sharpening professional, our staff is available to answer your tough questions. Japanese-style hand sharpening with diamond stone and then a wet stone on the inside ride line of the convex shear. If needed, corrections are made to insure proper tension We use state of the art sharpening equipment for both bevel and convex scissors. In fact, we have over 1,500 different sharpening items. Leather strops and hones are available from ultra portable field size all the way up to our premium horsehide 3” x 12” strop. Convex edges are very easy to work with in the Wicked Edge. The DELUXE PACKAGE comes with everything in the Standard Package PLUS all of the following: 1 - 8,000 Grit Shapton Whetstone for polishing hone lines, 1 - 1,000 Grit Shapton Whetstone for re-establishing hone lines, 1 - Norton Flattening Stone (used to true the Whetstones), 1 - Nagura Stone (used to clean the Whetstones), 6 - Practice Scissors (3 Convex and 3 Bevel). | Middleton WI 53562 | 800-351-8234. Sharpen Convex Edge Beauty Shears Japanese style beauty shears are often sharpened with convex grinds and are polished all the way up to the spine. And also with the possibility of convex sharpening. Standard Hamaguri Convex Flat Hone Sharpening System. The Hira-To, like all flat hone machines, will do a reasonably good job on the convex edge depending on the skill of the sharpener. In fact, we have over 1,500 different sharpening items. The newly designed arm assembly was made to match the machine specifically and provides for more accuracy of sharpening angles as well. We hope you take some time to visit all of our site pages as there is a lot of information available. We offer many different types and dozens of brands of sharpeners. Capable of efficiently & accurately sharpening both left and right handed cosmetology shears while using our proven, easy to operate Hamaguri USA Clamp & Arm System. Each of our knives is expertly crafted from high-quality materials, resulting in a knife that will get the job done. Copyright © 2006-2020 Wingra Direct LLC. It provides factory sharp edges by removing the smallest amounts of material, and a game changer for the beauty and barber industry while extending the life of quality scissors and shears. Sharpening Systems. Whether you choose to use the state of the art clamping fixture and arm assembly or free hand sharpening, the results are consistent! Sharpening a convex edge can be a real pain in the keister. There are two basic kinds of scissors being used by groomers and stylists. Wolff Ookami Gold Complete Sharpening System With Convexing Clamp OGC-TAS 110. by Wolff Industries. Machine is drop shipped directly from Hamaguri USA. The STANDARD PACKAGE comes with all of the following: 1 - CLAMP & ARM ASSEMBLY-- New Arm Design, 1 - 6" STEEL DISC PLATE (NON-CUSHIONED PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE (PSA)), 1 - 6" STEEL DISC PLATE (HOOK & LOOP (H&L)), 1 - 5,000 GRIT WHETSTONE FOR WORKING RIDELINES, 1 - 6" DIAMOND ULTRA POLISHING PAD (PSA) (MOUNTED ON NON-CUSHIONED PSA DISC PLATE). Our warehouse is fully stocked to meet your specific sharpening needs. On convex shears we take the shear completely apart and work on one blade at a time. The base acts as a reservoir while each stone can be rotated in and out of use. The Convex Rod forms true convex with angle difference approximately 7 degrees when using Edge Pro format stones. All systems offer replacement stones for years of worry-free sharpening. We understand that it may be your first time sharpening, so we're available to help you if you have questions. The rotating blade clamp speeds up the sharpening process and the bearing rod guide maintains precise angles making it easy for ANYONE to sharpen knives and broadheads. The older and most common is the bevel edge scissor and it's the easiest to sharpen. A convex edge is a hefty edge as it carries a lot more steel in … The motor is a permanent magnet DC brush type motor for long-lasting and cooler running. Our collection of knives includes traditional folding knives, modern folding knives, and fixed-blade knives. Click the button below to add the Hamaguri USA Standard Flat Hone Convex Shear Sharpener with New Arm System to your wish list. Various stone lengths and grit combinations offer a choice to the user that best suits their tool maintenance need. A convex edge may be put on any blade or grind using this method. THE DIMENSIONS ARE 8" x 8" x 8". The Convex Rod is a tool for sharpening knives with the convex edge using Hapstone knife sharpener (M2, V7, V6, R1). Great Service! Copyright 2020 Shear Precision Sharpening. By shipping quickly, we're able to get your items to you faster. We are manufacturer approved trainers for Hamaguri USA Sharpening Equipment. Our strops, hones, ceramic sharpening stones, and knife sharpening tools are the perfect way to keep your convex ground knives - like Bark River and Fallkniven - as well as all your V-ground blades shaving sharp. We ship everything we sell. International orders cannot be placed online. The Work Sharp® Benchstone Knife Sharpener™ is an angle guided, 3-sided abrasive sharpening system that makes manual sharpening faster, easier and more precise than ever. Sharpen Everything with Work Sharp is a sharpening focused episode on the podcast, D&B Supply Show. With a traditional, flat sharpening stone, one must repeatedly and consistently follow the contour of a rounded, convex edge with the flat surface of a stone. The Hira-To® is designed to sharpen and convex beauty, barber, and grooming scissors. Sorry but this item is currently unavailable. Convex bevel knife sharpening involves a unique set of tools, with techniques and nuances that are a bit different from those involved in manual sharpening of other blade grinds. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. don't mind the promo on the mouse pad. 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The controlled-angle sharpening system was designed by Arthur Lansky Levine in 1979. Shopping Cart Software by BigCommerce, We are manufacturer approved trainers for. Contact us for more information about sharpening training. Sharpening by hand leaves you with a slightly convex edge because you never really use the same angle. And when you compare your convex ground knife and simpe sharpening system to your friend’s v-grind knife and expensive edge guide sharpening system, you will probably find the cost to be about equal. Find out how you can sharpen everything in your gear box, shop, and kitchen drawer and learn why Work Sharp is the leading sharpening solution.Click here to listen to the full podcast. Pivot Knife Sharpener™ with Pivot-Response™ and Convex-Carbide™ Convex edge scissors with their acute angle edges will dull quicker than a bevel edge scissor. Sharpening on a sharpening machine always leaves you with a convex edge. Have on hand the ultimate sharpening solution system. Ez-Vex shear sharpening system is one of the industries leading convex sharpening systems The ez-vex sharpening system sharpens curved, convex, and the popular titanium colored shears. The DELUXE Package has everything a beginner will need to get started and be able to sharpen high end convex shears and basic bevel scissors for the beauty, barber, and grooming industries including making cosmetic and functional repairs to damaged convex shears. Sitemap | We offer a selection of knives and our own convex knife sharpening system. A convex edge is also known to last longer because it can maintain its edge for quite a bit longer than other grind types can, which means you wouldn’t need to put it through constant sharpening sessions. Our staff is trained to listen to your needs and to help you find the right sharpener the first time. However, once one understands what tools and techniques to use, convex bevel sharpening is really not mysterious, nor is it prohibitively difficult to do. If you need a complete sharpening system, a hard-to-find sharpening stone, or just a replacement wheel, if it is related to sharpening, we probably have it. Hand Honing: Convex Only.