I have hidden the damage columns until we are able to get some actual values, since a percent by itself tells you absolutely nothing. Points of Interest, NPCs, Thralls, Resources, etc Interactive marker map for Conan Exiles. Thralls in Conan Exiles are another important tool for survival in Conan Exiles.. Thralls can be captured by knocking them out with a Truncheon, dragging them back to base with Fiber Bindings and putting them on the Wheel Of Pain.After breaking their will, you can use them as your servants to do your bidding. Conan Exiles has a huge number of building pieces so we thought we should add even more! Weapons with higher Armor Pen. 9 months ago - Hugo - Direct link ... That would make them the best well rounded damage dealers but not the best in class either way (without knowing Base Damage). Go for Janos, he got extra starting strength from his faction (nordheimers), got the highest damage multiplier Stat (3.125)and is relatively easy to get since his spawns are all close to each other (and there are several ones). The most important questions about the Conan Franchise Game are answered below. Sadly, a lot of NPCs don’t obey this parameter. That’s because they starts at 30 strength, and have strength multiplier 3.4125 which means 102 strength at lvl 0. Below is a list of factions that you can capture Thralls from: ... mind there are hidden multipliers to strength and accuracy that don't change with the level. Thrall Stats/HP/Armor inconsistency. Created by Giantb(reddit) Shadow Snatcher(Steam),Updated for Update 26,How did I test this data? Conan Exiles. A simple True or False toggle depending on your user’s preferences. Purges trigger when a player does enough activities in-game to reach a threshold in their purge meter, so long as the previous conditions are met. HOW TO: INFO Welcome to Conan Exiles - Creature, Weapon & Thrall Data!! Most weapon data is already available, I found Attack rate per second by setting a 10 sec timer, and counting the number of strikes the weapon does. Gallery . put the crafting speed multiplier down. Decide whether players can build during purges. To be able to utilize this information for its full potential you must understand "Filter Views", It is very easy to understand and will only take you 2 minutes to figure it out. I have attached. Fists: Fists (Level – Puny Exile): 25.2 DPS, 14 Damage… Home . will decrease the "health" required to kill them. Update 2.1 - Crafting revamp and character re-customization - Conan Exiles Hello Exiles, We are very excited to bring you an update which both improves core elements of Conan Exiles and offers brand new options which we know many of you have been asking for. The most important setting you’ll configure today. Site Activity . Lets players progress faster so they can jump straight into late-game PvP. ComanderBlue3000 2 years ago #1. This will give you access to basic parameters like the player count, backups, scheduled restarts, and some network configuration. Adjusts the time between the warning message and when the purge actually begins. Head over to the add host page to get more information. Companions take damage when they starve. This will ensure they don’t log in multiple times, for example. Changes the duration of Avatar domes from a default of 48 hours. Hover your mouse over that cell to read the information. Information Welcome to the Conan Exiles Crafting Speeds & Fuel Ratios!,**Why not make this a functioning Calculator? The default is 20. Join. This adjusts the default value of 2 per second. The maximum number of players allowed on the server at one time. Choose what best suits your server style. Enabling this means they’ll only be able to eat those items. Events . This determines the length of time that a Thrall will remain unconscious. Wanna buy a Conan server? Other Conan Exiles Guides: How to Finish the Game! the data in whichever way you like. Stops one clan from snowballing. Same as the thirst multiplier, but for hunger. Kushite 9. Form Submission for feedback and errors. This makes it much easier to build slanted roofs on your house and not end up with gaps. This will ensure your game matches your router and firewall settings: You should also add the following under the heading [OnlineSubsystemSteam]: Simply, the name you want players to see when looking for your server. 0.5 = 50 XP; 1.0 = 100 XP (*Default) 1.5 = 150 XP; Yes (01.19.2018) Player XP Time Multiplier: PlayerXPTimeMultiplier: In Conan Exiles, players … You can adjust the multiplier to make them take more or less damage, with the option to make them invulnerable. "Fighting Efficiency" ( DPS + HP / 100), Conan Exiles - Creature, Weapon & Thrall Data. Racing edit source As is the case with the characters in Conan Exiles, Thralls also different races. Conan Exiles features a unique mechanic called Corruption. This modifies the damage monsters and NPCs receive from players. "XP Gain Efficiency" (XP gain / min health / (dps * 5) * 100), 4. Khitan 8. Right now we need just a little more interest. Same as above, but for resource gathering. Changing this multiplier will multiply the time spent between these hours of the night. Its not crafting speed multiplier, its the one below it that mentions thralls. Conan Exiles: Season 2. 4. We have made several new slanted roofs which fit on square buildings. Conan Exiles An Open World Survival Game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian! Want to add your company to BestConanHosting.com? While the initial setup of a Conan: Exiles server is quite simple, understanding the various parameters can take a little more research. Pict 12. You get unprecedented control of gameplay mechanics without needing mods, which is very helpful as a server admin. Please review the Poison charts for spiders and scorpions to the right of the main chart on "Creatures". Adjusts how quickly a player gets tired by increasing the amount of stamina per action. This determines the length of time that a Thrall will remain unconscious. Maybe you want your players to be able to sprint infinitely. We can continue to do that because some of the providers listed above give us a small commission if you go to their website through ours and buy a Conan server. Bandwidth optimization is a tricky thing, so it’s generally not recommended that players with little experience mess with these default values. 108k. You should add these to the bottom of your .ini, paying particular attention to creating a secure admin password. 8. If you change the above option, you may also want to change the amount of damage minions take. Setting this to a higher value will increase the XP players get for crafting. Got him to level 20 with not so great perks and he still got +60% bonus damage from StR and 9k HP (who needs more anyway) They can be used as servants, either working at craft stations, as companions after player or as viewing guards. We’ll first be covering the ones you should change manually, rather than in-game. Minion Damage Taken Multiplier. Lets you decide how many players have to be online for a purge to trigger. All rights reserved. Most weapon data is already available, I found Attack rate per second by setting a … I play on a server where I have a couple bases (PVE) ... A subreddit dedicated to the discussion of Conan Exiles, the open-world survival game set in the Conan the Barbarian universe! Shields durability can be controlled independently of the global durability setting. Created by Giantb(reddit) Shadow Snatcher(Steam),Updated for Update 26,How did I test this data? In the day, for example, when it’s easiest to survive. Thralls Named T4 Thralls Thrall Recipes Thrall Locations NPCs. Conan exiles thrall recipes Continue. XP rate for player and monster kills specifically. ... NPC damage multiplier – Multiplies the amount of damage that NPCs and Monsters do. I will try my best to keep this data as us to date as possible, for it WILL change in the future. This lets you set it so Purges only run on certain days/times. Zamorian 19. Whether you want it enabled likely depends on your use case. This way, they’ll get double the resources. 0 turns it off completely, 1 shows partial nudity (toplessness) and 2 reveals all. Player XP Time Multiplier – In Conan Exiles, players receive XP passively over time, ... NPC damage multiplier – Multiplies the amount of damage that NPCs and Monsters do. Nighttime hours in Conan Exiles are between 19:00 and 4:59 in-game time. Yes. Conan Exiles Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier Not Working. Leaving it disabled lets them eat anything. It is ment to be intimidating to those who have been summoned for an audience. You can speed or slow this process. By default, 24 hours in Conan takes 30 minutes. Forums . This multiplies the speed at which players receive this XP. You only see local chat in Conan when you’re close to other players. Thralls do a default of 20 damage to other players, you can decrease or increase this if you think they’re too strong/weak. Conan Exiles RP Community. Members. Determines how long avatars stay in the world after they’re summoned. Conan Exiles ... the center was at 40%. By default, Thrall damage while unconscious is the same as regular damage - 20. Bear in mind that bosses were created with multiplayer in mind, so don’t set this too high if you’re planning on soloing them. Conflict hours 10pm-1am weekdays, 8pm-1am weekends; PvP structure damage disabled; Decay enabled (approx. Players use these filters to find your server. First make Sure that you select a cell within the block of data you wish to sort. All Discussions ... A noob river fighter has twice the damage of a bearer in terms of melee damage multipliers. 3 Conan Exiles survival guide Welcome to the Exiled Lands. This is a toggle for gamepad players. However, if you want to use a self-made map, you can add this and change it to the correct path. Not sure if its worth throwing everythign else out of whack just to address thralls though. We have made several new slanted roofs which fit on square buildings. Make sure it’s not easily guessed or the same as any of your other passwords.