The small units used for disseminating fertilizer or grass seed often fail when pressed into service to spread compost. Also, consider the different materials you want to use your compost spreader for and try to make sure it can be as multifunctional as possible. Landzie 44" Compost and Peat Moss Spreader is an easy to use, lawn roller that will help with any topdressing job. How do I Choose the Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader? No more wheelbarrow, or stinking manure piles, just load it up and haul it to a nearby The all steel construction features a mesh design that keeps the trash inside the drum and off the lawn. For a larger lawn one might consider a motorized compost spreader as it will easily spread compost evenly over a larger radius of land. Adjust spinner and belt speed to drop mix precisely where you want it or broadcast spread. The Newer Spreader® has few moving parts, and being made of aluminum, it has an extremely long life with virtually no maintenance. Riya on Wednesday 13 June 2018 When it is fully loaded it is extremely sturdy and balanced and works to deliver a smooth distribution of compost or peat moss. The Newer Spreader Model 200 is the Rolls Royce of compost spreaders. Lift up the handles and pull the spreader behind you as you walk through the garden at a steady pace. The manual spreader is one that I looked into before but it’s huge and would require some muscle to use properly. It includes a perforated steel drum, while it’s diamond pattern grid entirely encloses the system. Stefni Richards is a freelance writer and environmental policy wonk. Best Composters on sale at affordable pricing!" Before buying a compost spreader make sure you take note of your lawn size, terrain, and compost composition. Advantage topdressers spread 7 yards of compost in 90 seconds and is available in 1.5- to 7.5-yard capacities. The compost is added through a side door, and the unit can be pulled along behind a small tractor. Fast Peat Moss Distribution. This is a very effective compost as well as peat moss spreader. Its design is all metal construction and loads at the front face of compost spreader with a sliding compartment door for easy loading and clean out. In fact, it almost ruined it! Agri-Fab’s Tow Broadcast Spreader comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, which is significantly longer than most of their competitors’ warranties. The Model 200 would be an excellent choice for small to large farms alike and will make distributing dry materials a breeze. Billed as "low-impact," it uses an interior grid pattern to chop up the composted material as it revolves in the drum, then releases it through the bottom. If it is extra hilly you’ll want to make sure you have a composter spreader sturdy enough not to tip. Required fields are marked *. The Yard Commander comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and the company is well known for their outstanding customer service. It can also be utilized for other material such as clay, peat moss, and other dry bagged material. The Seymour 85755 Compost Spreader is made entirely of metal and has a front facing loader which makes adding compost into the spreader easier than other barrel rollers. Part of the challenge can be eliminated by consistently working the compost pile and breaking up the larger chunks before the spreading process begins. Most require that the material it disseminates not top a certain percentage of moisture. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. She enjoys researching environmental toxins, composting, and water policy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The diamond grids are ½ – ¾ inch which spreads an extra fine layer of compost. Among the simplest of these is the Green Culture Compost Spreader®, basically a large drum attached to a handle. You can use Jora Composters to compost harder materials like fish and small chicken bones, avocado and peach pits etc. She has written for the Texas Comptroller’s office, National Cancer Institute, and has been published in peer reviewed journals. It’s easier on the bank and you won’t need a four-wheeler or tractor to spread it throughout your property. These durable top dressers make effortless 90° and 180° turns … She usually just distributed the compost by hand. It was pretty much a disaster. It is encouraged to go for a multi-spread model so you can use it for all of your lawn and garden needs. What is the Role of the Decomposers in the Nitrogen Cycle? Use a 1/2 sheet of 3/4" plywood and cut two (2) 24" circles. I thought maybe a wheel driven type? it looks like a lawn roller. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Depending on your lawn size and terrain you can decide whether you want a compost spreader that you push or pull. The motorized unit has been placed on a three-wheeled base, and is designed to be walked behind like a rototiller. Peak Seasons 25A 18″ X 24″ Green Compost Spreader. What are the Best Uses for Homemade Compost. I have a small garden in the back so I used the manual method. That’s all that it took really. As the article warned, the large compost chunks clogged the machine. This all steel topdressing roller can spread any compost, peat moss, or other fine ground topdressing material. It gets pretty tiring. An inexpensive and less complicated way to build your own tumbling composter is by creating an “on the ground” tumbling composter, which is simply a container outfitted to hold compost that you “turn” by simply rolling the container across the ground. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. When she is not at home gardening with her children, she is either writing her thesis or swimming with her Master Swim club. spreader. The patented grinding drum crumbles the manure into small pieces and spreads it evenly over the ground as it is pulled with a small garden tractor, four wheeler or golf cart. For the large lawn: Use the motorized compost spreader full of Soil3 humus compost from the BigYellowBag. We also love the Seymour because it’s a quality product made in the USA. I have 2 horses and have composted their manure since I've had them (5 years) but have always had to shovel it into a small wagon and spread it with the shovel and rake. It has a cable flow control that allows you to easily adjust how much compost you wish to spread. Peak Seasons 25A is really easy to use. Some gardeners rig up a homemade sifter that will winnow out the looser, finer material and retain the rest, which can then be returned to the pile or broken up more thoroughly. Spreads an ultra thin layer of compost across the lawn, The front load makes it easier to load compared to other barrel spreaders, It doesn’t spread thicker or lumpy compost at well as other spreaders, Not suitable for spreading moist organic content, It’s lightweight nature makes it easy to use without traditional barn equipment, It comes with a tarp that you can throw over your material after it is loaded so it’s not exposed to the elements, The mechanics on the gear shifters have been known to fail, The spin spreader is made of plastic and can get bent easily, Strong and durable build with limited plastic, The spreader’s adjustment mechanism isn’t reliable.