Here, spot the newly added Accessibility Shortcuts control and tap on it. It's a solid state button, any movement is simulated by the taptic engine (vibration motor) that lays underneath. Obviously, without a Home button the iPhone X won't be able to use Touch ID. The Home button's been instrumental in waking the iPhone's assistant from its digital slumber. The Home button is physically attached to your iPhone’s display, and two cables carry the Home button signal to the logic board. Tapping on the Virtual Home button takes you back to the Home screen on your iPhone or iPad, just like the actual iPhone Home Button. The iPhone X followed the iPhone 8 range, bringing with it a new era of design based on gestures and biometrics (meaning FACE ID). Enable Assistive Touch. This is normal behavior. 6. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were the last iPhones to feature Apple’s “classic” iPhone design – bezels and a home button with TouchID. Before moving forward with this step, make sure you’ve already backed up your iPhone. One cable runs runs through the top of the display and connects at the top of the logic board, and the other cable connects to the logic board underneath the Home button … By default, a single tap on the AssistiveTouch icon opens the AssistiveTouch Menu, from where you can access the Virtual Home button. Since the iPhone 7 (2016), the home button is no longer a mechanical button. Restore your iPhone and your home button should start working again. Now, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen (or swipe up from the bottom of the screen if you’re using an iPhone or iPad with a Home button) to reveal the Control Center. By using the front-facing camera, an infrared camera, a flood illuminator, and a dot projector, the iPhone X scans your facial features and creates a profile for Face ID to recognize. Breaking your iPhone's screen is one thing, but breaking the Home button can be even worse, especially if it means you just can't use your phone. Assistive Touch on your iPhone performs the duty as a virtual home button. When you turn your phone off, you will see that the button isn't press-able at all. Thankfully, there … Instead, the iPhone X will use facial recognition technology known as Face ID to unlock. Select the “AssistiveTouch” button to enable the floating Home button. Turn AssistiveTouch Icon into Virtual Home Button. If you have an iPhone 6s , iPhone 6 , or iPhone 5s , the home button … If you have an iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, or older, your home button is just a basic clickable button, and replacing it is much simpler and straightforward than newer generations.