A relative of the American chestnut, Allegheny chinkapin is a tall, native, deciduous, nut-producing shrub that can be found growing … Read More Its hardy gray, scaly trunk provides year-round interest during the winter months. Small, sweet acorns up are up to 1" in size, ripening in September and October. If you’re interested in planting something on your property that can quickly provide mast, attract deer and provide groundcover at the same time, it’s time to consider an alternative to the standard oak tree plantings. Chestnut Oak, Yellow Chestnut Oak, Yellow Oak, Rock Chestnut Oak. Buy your plants and trees online for 33% less than big box stores and gardens centers. Because of this seed collected in the fall of the year and planted the following spring often will not germinate. It is a deciduous tree reaching 30 m tall exceptionally up to 50 m, with a rounded crown and thin, scaly or flaky bark on the trunk. In prairie regions it is found on sandy and gravelly moraines. In temperate regions, such as North America, hardwoods shed their leaves in autumn and become dormant in the winter. Chinquapin (also spelled Chinkapin) is thought to be from an Algonquin term for chestnut. Relationships: Golden Chinquapin is a relative of chestnuts. Like most trees Chinkapin oak grows best on deep, well-drained, fertile soils, but will grow on dry limestone bluffs and hillsides. Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun. Beaver feed on the bark and twigs and porcupines consume the bark. Now, back to horticulture. I have used seedlings to propagate both single trunk trees and cluster stems for planting in cutover. Add to Wish List. The acorns serve as important food for the Red-Headed Woodpecker, Northern Bobwhite and Blue Jay. So, order early to reserve your chinquapin trees or order more nut trees for sale online. Dwarf Chinkapin Oak, Quercus prinoides, is a dwarf version of the Chinkapin White Oak, Quercus muehlenbergii. * The dwarf chinkapin oak is a large, clonally spreading deciduous shrub or very small tree that typically only grows to 13-20 feet (4-6 … Wildlife will feed from the ground as well as from the tree. These are bare root seedlings. Hardwood trees and shrubs produce nuts or fruits, have broad, flat leaves and are deciduous. Oak trees have been a long time favorite tree for the staff of Finke Gardens. A total price for your seedlings will appear in your cart and at check out. There are only two species in this genus; the Golden Chinquapin (aka Giant Chinquapin) the other is the Bush Chinquapin, Chrysolepis sempervirens, a shrub of California and southern Oregon. Call us at 1 315 4971058. Unlike many trees the Ozark Chinquapin nut puts down a taproot in the fall of the year similar to what a white oak acorn does in the fall. They are somewhat drought tolerant once established. Young trees retain a pyramidal to oval habit with a pale gray, scaly ridged central trunk. Non-plant orders accepted year round. With its chestnut-like leaves and bright fall color, Chinkapin Oak is sure to make a statement in any landscape. Buy hardy palm trees and bamboo plants at low prices for fast tropical savings. Fast Ship, Low Prices & 1 Yr Guarantee only from Tn Online Plant Nursery. Home / For Sale / Trees / Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) $ 35.00. Lowest prices and best selection online. The price above is listed per individual seedling. Cattle will eat the leaves. As low as $4.25. Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) is a fantastic tree to add for attracting and feeding wildlife. It has been widely hailed as a sweet and edible nut and has been of value to its cousin, the American chestnut's breeding programs. The Ozark Chinquapin has unique requirements for optimum growth. This is the preferred acorn of white tailed deer, squirrels, chipmunks, turkey and other birds and mammals. * The dwarf chinkapin oak is a large, clonally spreading deciduous shrub or very small tree that typically only grows to 13-20 feet (4-6 m) tall and 13-20 feet (4-6 m) wide. ... Chinkapin Oak . The Allegheny chinkapin, also called common chinkapin, may well be the most ignored and undervalued native North American nut tree. Did someone say chinkapin oak was a slow grower? This tree should not be confused with chinquapin oak. STORING SEED AND GERMINATION. Chinkapin Oak are found on limestone outcrops and are tolerant of alkaline soils. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Although it primarily grows in dry, rocky soils in the wild, it seems to prefer moist fertile loams in cultivation. Wildlife will feed from the ground as well as from the tree. AboutDwarf Chinkapin: This might be my favorite oak but certainly one of my favorites! Call us at 1 315 4971058. Chinkapin oak has adapted to Central and Eastern Kansas. Quercus muehlenbergii and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. 9:00-9:30am- If Trees Could Talk- Steve Bost, President/Founder of Ozark Chinquapin Foundation. 1 gallon trees are 2′ to 4′ tall Bigger Trees. We like to call chinkapin oaks “mule” oaks, mainly to help us remember the scientific name, but also referring to their hardy nature and tolerance of the poorest of sites. To buy Chinkapin Oak seedlings and transplants use the table below. It is seldom harvested, but has occasionally been used for fence posts and railway ties. The Chinkapin Oak is a medium to large shade tree.This oak will grow on dry rocky slopes and along streambanks. Chinkapin Oak are found on limestone outcrops and are tolerant of alkaline soils. Everything about this species is tough, except their acorns, which are considered a delicacy to wildlife. It has large single trunk with upright spreading branches. Willis Orchard Company offers these rare trees on a limited supply. Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muhlenbergii) Sale Regular price $3.89 Quantity. Becoming very popular for wildlife plantings because of the early production of acorns.HABITAT: Prefers rich bottom lands and alkaline soils. It does not like poorly drained soils. For your convenience, we have a toll free number 800 568-9179.Phone orders can be charged to VISA or MasterCard accounts. The Allegheny is able to grow up to about 30 feet tall with older trees, and can get to about 8 inches in diameter. Other birds that feed on acorns include grouse, pheasants, turkeys, flickers, grackles, chickadees, nuthatches and ducks. Chinkapin seed review: October 5, 2020: Reviewer: Mike Bright from , Have bought both chinkapin and wildlife hybrid chestnut from Route 9 for a number of years and been very satisfied. Once this tree matures, it will produce acorns that are enjoyed by many types of birds and wildlife. Chinkapin Oak Quercus muehlenbergii Description & Overview. We are still shipping orders on our regular shipping schedule, however due to the Coronavirus, effective March 24, 2020 and until further notice, UPS has suspended the UPS Service Guarantee for all shipments from any origin to any destination, for more information visit https://www.ups.com/. Bark is thin like the white oak. Consider the Dwarf Chinkapin Oak on any site as a part of a food plot program. The Allegheny Chinquapin tree (Castanea pumila) is a beautiful growing tree, with long green leaves that accent its features. This tree should be the top choice for your wildlife plot. Small mammals including mice, squirrels, voles and white tailed deer also enjoy feeding on the acorns. This tree is a reliable grower, even in the poorest of sites. It begins producing acorns at a young age, often when only three or four years old. The Chinkapin is very stately specimen getting as wide as tall. The roots of some seedlings may be trimmed for ease of planting and packaging purposes. Dolgo Crabapple . Oak Trees for sale at Tn Nursery. Chinkapin Oak loves alkaline soil! Now accepting plant orders for delivery in Spring 2021! Strong tree, good for wildlife food and windbreaks. The Chinkapin Oak is also sometimes known as the Yellow Chestnut Oak or Rock Oak. Chinkapin Oak Quercus muehlenbergii This tree should be the top choice for your wildlife plot. A drought-tolerant, deciduous tree, the Chinquapin Oak grows well in dry, rocky soils in a full sun environment. View Item. The seeds germinate well, grow true and are surprisingly hardy. Think of our chinkapin oaks as candy-corn feeder set to go off for two weeks straight, beginning in late October. Leaves are alternate, simple, 4–8 inches long, 1–3½ inches wide, broadest near the base or above the middle, ending in a pointed tooth (but no bristles or tiny spines on the edges); distinctively coarsely serrated or wavy (like sawteeth) along entire margin; 8–13 teeth per side. Add to Wish List. Shares how the blight resistant Ozark chinquapin was created, it’s resistance to diseases and pest, nutrient comparisons, drought tolerance and high nut production. Plant groupings in large spaces or parks. Did someone say chinkapin oak was a slow grower? Chinquapin Oak Trees For Sale. To order Chinkapin Oak seedlings by PHONE: We're glad to take your order by phone. This is the preferred acorn of white tailed deer, squirrels, chipmunks, turkey and other birds and mammals. Chinkapin oaks perform well in alkaline soils. Soil / Climate: Commonly found in northeastern and north-central U. S. It is easier than most trees to transplant. The Chinkapin Oak provides good cover for a variety of birds and mammals. Normally growing 40’-60’ and occasionally as tall as 80’, it has an open, round canopy. Dwarf Chinkapin Oak is one of the best native shrub oaks. Chinkapin oak is native to the Midwest, where it is often found as a specimen planting or as a grouping of tree for parks and large areas. It is a medium-to-large growth member of the White Oak family of trees. Culture One-year-old, bare-root seedlings, 12 to 18 inches tall are used in conservation plantings. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Strong lumber used in many types of projects. We planted a few ten inch seedlings last June, and they were between five and six feet before the first frost!! Chinquapin tree, Castanea pumila, also called the 'dwarf chinquapin tree', grows as a native nut tree to the United States, and the Allegheny chinquapins are small nuts, about the size of a nickel coin with a thin shell and a very sweet kernel that is gathered from forests in the fall when ripe and either eaten raw or toast or baked in cakes and pastry confections. Cold Stream Farm supplies Chinquapin Oak trees which are grown as bare root seedlings and transplants and sold both wholesale and retail with no minimum order. Wild turkey, deer, black bear, squirrels, and a variety of ducks. Unlike many oaks, once it starts bearing, it has a good crop almost every year. The Chinquapin Oak (or Chinkapin Oak), scientifically known as the Quercus Muehlenbergii, is a medium sized oak tree of the white oak family that normally grows 40 to 60 feet tall and features a large circular crown. Quercus prinoides. Chinkapin oak is a medium-sized, tall tree, often with large, low branches and a narrow, irregular crown. Yellow leaves in autumn are a lovely contrast to the light gray scaly bark. Grow your fruit trees, berry plants, nut tree, and berry plants at home for savings at the grocery store. The Dwarf Chinkapin is adapted to difficult growing conditions. Also tolerant and thrives on acid soil types. The acorns are an important food source for black bear. Relatively good drought tolerance. Its glossy, tooth-shaped leaves appear a dark green and turn yellow and burnt orange during the fall. Our experience with a wide variety of oaks has dispelled the long believed myth that they are slow growing trees. Well, Chinkapin oak was named for Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg, an amateur botanist who lived in the early 19th century. We now have to over-winter our chinkapin oak acorns in mouse-proof containers. Its acorns are also less bitter and more palatable to wildlife than those of most other oaks. Texas Grown Tree Farm offers container Chinquapin Oak trees for sale to our wholesale and retail customers. We planted a few ten inch seedlings last June, and they were between five and six feet before the first frost!! Sulfur-yellow catkins in spring. Dwarf Chinkapin Oak. As low as $0.96. However, heavy logging throughout the U.S has made finding native chinquapin trees harder than ever.The chinquapin tree is excellent for fresh eating, roasting, or for wildlife food.