No Sunday calls please. Call 724-317-8288 or email . Pet chickens; We usually have some available later in the season. – November 20, 2015. We had two older breeding groups of Chanteclers (one white, one partridge) that we rehomed last year. 2018 News. Brother Wilfrid was the poultryman in charge of the flocks at the Cistercian Trappist Monastery at Oka, Quebec, a small community located west of Montreal on the north shore of the Ottawa River. They are a little unique and fun. I started keeping chickens last year for the hobby and the eggs. – November 20, 2015, I ordered 55 chicks from there and received 59 all alive at the beginning of August. The Chantecler was developed in the early 20th century in Oka, Quebec. We are a family farm located ten minutes west of Fort Macleod, very near to the buffalo jump. Crested Cream Legbar. History of the Partridge Chantecler Originally called the Albertan. I ordered 5 last February and got one extra at the time of delivery in March. Mike California Sept 2014 Chantecler Fanciers International was formed in the fall of 2007 to promote this deserving and under-represented breed by encouraging communication, fellowship, exhibition, and sharing of stock. 2019 News. The Chantecler Chicken is the very first chicken breed developed in Canada. He’s attentive, but doesn’t appear threatened or defensive. Duckopolis is a farm located west of Edmonton Alberta that breeds quality ducks, chickens, geese, peafowl, guinea fowl, turkeys, and sheep. No matter how cold and snowy it gets here in Maine, the Chantecler is outside braving the weather and scratching around for bits of grass. For people interested in preserving heritage breeds the Chantecler would be a good breed to focus on. Chantecler - Canadian Heritage Breed - Partridge Chantecler. One died later but the rest are great. We have had no issues and couldn’t be happier with our purchase. We cannot guarantee the hatch rate and laying rate of each of our hens. Welcome. Day Old White Chantecler Baby Chicks Hatching February through August Chantecler Chickens are listed by the Livestock Conservancy as in Critical need of conservation, the highest level of preservation alert. Weekdays - 9am-2pm The Chantecler is the first chicken of Canadian origin. I will not order from another hatchery other than this one. The chart below is simply a guide. We also ship chicks with Canada post, to certain areas only. For us, this is the usual sticking-point with keeping a rooster…but this chap is definitely on an even keel! 1917 - 2019 May we at this time, wish you good health, happiness and prosperity and may we have the privilege of being your supplier of Quality Poultry in 2019. At 20 weeks the average live weight for males was 7 pounds 8 ounces, the largest male was exactly 9 pounds. I'm pleased to say this goal has been achieved. Cackle is the only hatchery I would ever use because of many years of total satisfaction. We have chosen these breeds because of their well-deserved reputation for hardiness, longevity and ability to thrive on a pasture based system of farming. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Info. Most of them started laying eggs at 4 months old. and as Day-old chicks. It is one of only 2 breeds of poultry that were developed in Canada. Hawthorn Hill Poultry. The new breed was admitted into the Standard of Perfection in 1921. We also have our educational rent-an-incubator for schools. They are the SMARTEST birds in the whole flock. Meyer can ship as few as 3 chicks from April to November. There were none of Canadian decent and so Brother Wilfrid Chatelain set out to create a chicken that was a good egg layer and meat bird that was tough enough to with stand the Canadian winters.In 1907 he combined Rhode Island Reds, White Plymouth Rocks, White Wyandot… Partridge. Day Old Buff Chantecler Baby Chickens for sale. Breeds. We are able to ship across Canada, but do not ship to the US. The Chantecler is the first Canadian breed of chicken. Order now for estimated delivery by March 6, 2021. They were very energetic and healthy and have grown into attractive creatures that lay eggs no matter how cold and brutal the weather is. The Chantecler are bigger than I’d anticipated, and nice looking birds. Call 724-317-8288 or email . Roll away nest boxes are installed on the inside. The Buff Chantecler is a gentle, hardy, dual purpose breed. Chicks for pick up will also follow the same schedule below. You can order directly from: and check out their website: Of all our brown egg layers, this is the lightest (about 3½ lbs. ( minimum order 10 chicks) We will ship chicks via West Jet (airport), but there will be an minimum order of $200. The Chantecler is a cold-hardy, dual purpose breed that was originally developed in Canada in the early 1900s. HISTORY. Contact. Rochester Hatchery website provides the beginner to professional with information to make your poultry raising experience a successful and enjoyable one. I’d recommend this breed. Dr. J. E. Wilkinson of Alberta developed the Partridge variety a decade or two later by crossing the Partridge Wyandotte, Partridge Cochin, Dark Cornish, and the Rose Comb Brown Leghorn. Chantecler Chickens. conservation and exhibition is my favorite pastime, and this website is my way of promoting this great hobby! Please contact us and we will do our best to find the right Chantys for you! Wilkinson of Edmonton Alberta. The White Chantecler was admitted into the APA Standard of Perfection in 1921. The Chantecler is a wonderful layer of extra large light brown eggs. after a year of laying), and the best feed converter, meaning it will cost you less to feed. Chicken eggs- $4.50/dozen Duck eggs-$10/dozen If interested, feel free to call or text us at 403-894-5737. Right now they are all doing well and we are the most excited. Raising quality, standard-bred poultry for . The first ‘Canadian’ Chicken, was breed for hardiness, cold tolerance, year round egg production and good meat production. Another ‘plus’: When handling the hens, or working within their pen, we have absolutely no problem with the rooster we kept. All of ours survived the long trip after hatching, so I culled a few for the freezer in September, and they dressed-out nicely! In my research of the different kinds of chicken the Chantecler stuck out as a chicken that met my needs. Thanks, Carrie New York May 2010 The Standard White Chantecler is a dual purpose bird developed by Brother Wilfred Châtelain in Quebec, in the early 1900’s. And why not? #43-105. There is a sliding door for the chickens to go into the run, and a roost for the chickens to perch on at night. High quality heritage breed chickens for sale in Alberta, Canada. PA - LF White Chantecler I have White Chantecler hatching eggs available to ship. The Chantecler is one of my favorite breeds. View Breeds. Sales & Info. We have retired from breeding, and will not predictably have eggs or dayolds. I will recommend you to anyone that wants to order poultry. The breed is noted for being calm, gentle and personable. If you want a good position on the list. Like many cold hardy birds, Chanteclers have small combs and wattles to prevent frostbite. Our Cream Legbar flock is made up of 2011 to 2013 Greenfire imports. Two of our young hens are laying eggs, although we have no supplemental lighting at this time (and only 4 hours of daylight)…so I’m impressed. If your goal is to build up a flock of no-nonsense, practical farm chickens, White Chanteclers are the ideal choice. An excellent layer of brown eggs and a good winter layer. We got 5 Chanteclers, 4 were males and 1 female. Duckopolis has poultry available in day old chicks up to mature birds; we do not sell hatching eggs. The white variety was admitted to the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection in 1921 with the Partridge color admitted in 1935. We currently have free range duck and chicken eggs for sale. You are not only the cheapest but have fast shipping and great chicks. They are bigger then I thought they’re be and have an excellent temperament. Our Chanteclers are a mix of 3 Canadian Import lines and the American … We have worked for three years with two, younger, serious breeders as we pass on the actual hatching and shipping of our well bred Chanteclers. Chanteclers are very cold hardy, bred to withstand cold temperature and continue to lay well in the winter. In the 1930’s the Partridge Chantecler was created by Dr. J.E. These are great chickens. Great free rangers that go in at night. Great website, plenty of excellent info,I will be ordering from you soon. Hens are good consistent layers of large eggs, and cockerels are equally valued for their outstanding meat properties. Under the supervision of Brother Chatelain, the monks of the Cistercian Abbey in Oka, Quebec, sought to create a fowl of vigorous and rustic temperament that could resist the climatic conditions of Canada. Under the supervision of Brother Chatelain, the monks of the Cistercian Abbey in Oka, Quebec, sought to create a fowl of vigorous and rustic temperament that could resist the climatic conditions of Canada. Hawthorn Hill Poultry Central Alberta, Canada. Single Box of 25 eggs $135; Double Box of 50 eggs $190; … OH - Standard White Chantecler pullets and cockerels Have a number of standard white Chantecler pullets and cockerels in various stages of development. Welcome to Cirrus Hill Farm Heritage Poultry, Meaford. Their close-cropped crown is great for our climate; plus their plumage is dense and protective. They are great foragers and will lay through the winter without artificial light. Offering chicks and fertilized hatching eggs for sale. Keep your chickens content, happy and laying well with this very nice chicken coop! Effective as of spring 2018, we are no longer be routinely selling any Chantecler chickens, eggs or chicks. I was very impressed with the packaging and service from your company. But we will probably know who does. The coop is insulated, and easy to clean. Greendale Heritage Farm imported Cream Legbar chicks in the spring of 2013 from Greenfire Farm in Florida. The breeds we have selected are Canadian horses, Partridge Chantecler chickens and Tunis sheep. Will be ordering at least 20 chicks from cackle this year and greatly appreciate the option to buy my chicks without vaccinations. Excellent. I wanted to let you know that our chicks arrived!! $120-140 We can also ship Air Canada cost may be more There is no minimum on chicks picked up at the farm appointments are needed. ORDER chicks & eggs from one of these two dedicated Breeders. Click link for details: Vaccination Policy, National I wish Cackle had the buff and partridge varieties too! Poultry breeding has provided decades of pleasure, and if we can help you find what you crave or offer any useful advice to beginner breeders, please e-mail. Enormous size and calm personality provides our flock with touch of snow–even in the hot summer! He called His birds the “Albertan” crossing partridge Wyandottes, partridge cochins, dark Cornish and rose comb brown leghorns to produce a chicken more adapted to free range. Availability or schedule is subject to change. Breeds of Poultry. The Chantecler originated in the Quebec Province of Canada and is a dual purpose chicken. The White Chantecler Chicken is one of three varieties of the very rare Chantecler Chicken. No alternative days or other special request dates available at this time. I've been working since 2010 to develop my Chantecler strain with a focus on efficient, fast-growing chickens that also happen to be graceful, attractive and non-aggressive. Ideal Poultry is the largest supplier of backyard poultry including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, and bantams in the United States.