Social workers must meet education requirements and apply for licensure before applying for social work jobs. A bachelor degree in Social Work will keep you in low paying case management work, if you want more money go with Masters in Social Work, and specialize in employee assistant progrm, market yourself as a contractor to major airlines for diversion programs for pilots needing to meet DOT regulations, as a CSW you can do SAP counseling for DOT evaluations. College admissions counselors work for both public institutions and private businesses, helping prospective college students excel during the college admissions process. Completing a CSWE-accredited undergrad or master’s degree in social work leads to abundant career options helping people who need it most. Comment and share: 10 alternative careers for burned-out IT workers By Jack Wallen Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for TechRepublic, The New Stack, and Linux New Media. As you venture toward changing careers, it can be helpful to take in some advice from those who have walked that path before you. These positions are expected to grow at more than double the rate of all occupations nationwide, with professionals making a median annual salary of $65,320. “The beauty of social work is that it’s a terrific training ground for a wide variety of fields,” explains Dr. Catherine Pearlman, associate professor of social work at Brandman University. Your complex problem-solving abilities may even help you assist lawyers in cracking a difficult case. Choices Careers in Social Work Social work is an excellent career choice for those who care about human dignity and social justice. Social work is an excellent career choice for those who care about human dignity and social justice. Why Social Work? Have questions about enrollment, degree programs, financial aid, or next steps? © 2020, a Red Ventures Company About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Cookie Settings | Do Not Sell My Info | Sitemap. She founded the website Inspired Practice, a blog by and for mental health professionals. Social workers are … Social workers benefit from strong job demand, with much faster than average growth in the field. 23 Types of Social Workers – Careers in Social Work and Human Services Addiction Social Worker Addiction social workers strive to help their clients overcome a dependence upon both legal and illegal substances, including drugs, alcohol, and caffeine, as well as addictions to activities such as gambling or shopping. Please enter a valid zip code to proceed. Social Work Offers a Million Ways to Serve. Social work assistants give advice, guidance and support to help people with their physical, emotional and social needs. They usually specialize in one area of the field, such as healthcare, children and family social work, or mental health. The skills social workers develop in training and on-the-job are highly transferable, presenting candidates with many career opportunities. She holds an MSW from Jackson State University and a BA in social services from Belhaven University. Social workers may specialize, but they stay in the social work arena. Legislators — individuals who work directly on bills and laws — can hold positions in the U.S. Congress, in state legislatures or on local boards. These dual-degree programs deepen practitioners’ skills in the interface of the two fields, training students in an integrative approach to “preventing, addressing, and solving global health and behavioral health problems, which includes individuals’ physical health conditions and the behavioral and … Social workers work in a variety of settings, including mental health clinics, schools, child welfare and human service agencies, hospitals, settlement houses, community development corporations, and private practices. Learn about the many career options in the field, how to get started on a social work career path, internships, licensing, and more. “Social workers learn to advocate,” Dr. Pearlman explains, “which can transfer well to a career in politics or lobbying.”. A lack of relevant experience or qualifications is no longer a barrier either, while better pay and career prospects in the social service sector are a firm draw. Below is a sample list of some future choices to explore following studies in Social Work. 5 Alternative careers for social workers to consider. Please enter your phone number to proceed. The field is just as diverse as the individuals, families, and communities we serve. Spiers joined PTHPA in early 2018 and served as an assistant team leader and team leader before launching Housing First University in October 2019. Professionals working as school and career counselors at the high school level take on similar responsibilities. Candidates who wish to change positions benefit from having hands-on social work experience before they pursue managerial and supervisory roles. Social workers typically have a background in sociology or social science. For instance, degree-holders can pursue careers in school social work, geriatric social work, or substance abuse social work. Benefits Clinical social workers work in a variety of public, private, and NGO organizations and have the highest number of opportunities in urban areas. I’m leaving social work, but I wish it wasn’t this way An experienced social worker talks about why he has decided to leave the profession he once loved ... By Socialis Laborator Community Care’s latest social work jobseeker survey found one in 10 social workers is now looking outside of the profession for a new job. Social workers enjoy a variety of employment opportunities and career specializations. Social workers may also experience a shift in their worldview that affects their daily lives and is what some experts refer to as "vicarious trauma.". Macro-level social workers can be found in many diverse career paths, from public service to academic research to political office. Family members who depend on your income just might have an opinion about that. You might consider putting your skills to use as a, Most paralegals have an associate degree in paralegal studies, but your bachelor’s degree could suffice if you add a. , with the top 10 percent earning more than $82,050. Although salaries vary by location, social workers earn around $48,000 per year. Many social workers possess the interpersonal and communication skills required to become successful business owners. When it comes to helping professions, there are a variety of potential career fields to pursue. Here's how: (1) Find out about yourself and what type of career would be right for you from our 'Which Career' and 'Why Change' sections . Working with the Elderly. By submitting this form, I agree that Brandman may contact me about educational services by voice, pre-recorded message and/or text message using automated technology, at the phone number provided, including wireless numbers. The field of social work is often underappreciated. Leroy-London also encourages social workers to develop an assertive character and set boundaries. According to the BLS, social workers earned a median annual salary of more than $50,000 in 2019. Additionally, social workers are problem-solvers, strategizers, and goal-oriented workers who can thrive in many roles. Whether you've reached your limits and are unable to progress in your current role, or would like to challenge yourself by putting your skills to use in a different setting, you may be considering a career change for a number of reasons. Therefore, before you go any further, you should learn about yourself by doing a self-assessment . “The beauty of social work is that it’s a terrific training ground for a wide variety of fields,” explains, If you can identify with any of these reasons — or if you’re simply. She received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Regis College and her master's degree in social work from Simmons University. With many programs offered online as well as on-campus at our 25+ locations, Brandman is here to help you reach your educational goals. Public school teachers also need to be licensed or certified according to their, . Depending on their concentration, social workers earn a median annual wage of $46,650-$61,230. This human services field has plenty of […] The field is just as diverse as the individuals, families, and communities we serve. Social workers are people who care about people, who want to make things better, who want to relieve Social workers can teach classes in their areas of expertise, work directly with students, provide informal personal and academic counseling for their learners, and conduct academic research that contributes to their field.