2. Solution: I added half a dozen small goldfish to the tank. Feeding the Tilapia and goldfish in my aquaponic greenhouse - Duration: 1:40. Interestingly enough, the big tilapia seem not at all interested in eating these. The freshwater fish compatibility chart below will give a good overview of the common types of fish that can usually be kept happily together. I just caught a Tilapia can I join it with my Goldfish Koi? Can My Tilapia and and Mixbreed Goldfish and Koi go together in an Aquarium? Answer Save. 1. PIRANHA VS BULLFROG LIVE FEEDING ( WARNING! 5. … “What fish can live with goldfish?” Good question. When we first set up the tank we had an issue with mosquitoes. If you are doing similar sizes, then I expect that tilapia can share with most fish unless the problem is actually "tilapia domestic violence" When involved with breeding tilapia can be really violent to each other, I'm not sure if this is likely to carry over to other species of fish though. Newts. Despite what I’d read, the tilapia were not managing the population of larvae in the water. Contents. George Brabant 389 views. Hillstream (Butterfly) Loach. Snails. 2 Answers. To answer it, we’ve put together a list of the best goldfish tank mates for your aquarium: 5 Best Tank Mates to Keep with Goldfish. I have 2 of those and one Hypostomus plecostomus. Or at least they’re not being so obvious about it. Bamboo Shrimp (Singapore Flower Shrimp) 4. 3. Update: And my Pleco is already 7 y.o and it is 9 inches long:) Thanks! For first timers, or those who are new to the hobby and are setting up a community tank, this guide can help you make good fish choices.