Draper Laboratory (CSDL), or another qualified calibration service, will perform all necessary inspections, repairs, and calibrations in accordance with the requirement established by MIL-STD-45662. calibration, and controls must be in place to ensure that these units are not used in an application that will require calibration. trailer Digital Outside Micrometers only need one scale to be verified. Purpose of a calibration There are three main reasons for having instruments calibrated: 1. Page Procedure No. 1.2 Objectives Procedure . Calibration of Wheelload Weighers (Proving Rings and Load Cells) 37 Calibration of Force Sensors Draft 38 . There shall be an SOP for calibration of each Instrument/Equipment which needs periodic in-house calibration. 2.0 THEORY . 07/08/2009 Exp: 07/07/2013 6 Update all appropriate records in the Equipment History File. ��'K&F��@#i����� 9�� 1052 0 obj <> endobj 1.0 . However, if the user has a calibrated reference pressure capability (see fig. calibration methods and procedures, in the training and qualification of personnel, and in the selection and calibration of the equipment it uses. Page 5 of 5 TK-QP-005-G1.doc 6.10 The Quality Assurance Manager shall ensure that all personnel using equipment, or performing calibrations, are adequately trained and understand the relevant instructions h�b```�����À �@���� 榱a�`����e(4�I��3��[�t/�2U쑧�����$O�M�*�6����UHn:mg� ap� cD�e��Ęt�>���fb��Bx�K�9^���7���7HȘ����fd``n�&�q@���&�{�M|U�J D/7/ Title: Calibration Procedure for Inside Micrometer, Micrometer Heads, Calipers and Depth Micrometers, T.O.33K6-4-15-1, 08/30/1996, pages 1-14. Calibration System . Read full-text. 3.5 The temperature of the calibration area must be within 73 ±6 °F. Calibration SOP of respective Instrument/Equipment shall mention the calibration schedule and acceptance criteria. 53 0 obj <>stream A sampling plan was required where methods or specifications did not specify sampling procedures. 3.2 Use only those portions of the procedure applicable to the TI being calibrated. ���\��5�P� ������P>��[\E��ub{Ʉ1P�ܖLc[��}��ɂ�n�[�z�y�t����Ӫ]�׈�:��~w��v����×,1���Z��ǥ��J!� GT�O��@*lwMߣ2qi��]̤�f�3�ꛌ̐���+뎭����l��Z8�Ȼ LD� pt?��aً���6������[AT_h����d�E ��>c��uUE�]J��Y����R��� ��v+x�m�0��g�� >�#�,/���;c(��T �@N�`�k�yqn�h�:aZ��pf��աH҃�[ݭ@��Yd�-0���s4k�٥���v5�R�j�I�ݗ��� U� 0000000950 00000 n : ATS-QAP-1016 QMS – Procedure Rev. • Calibration verification test procedures • Calibration adjustment procedures • Accessories and replaceable parts For complete operating instructions, refer to the 789 ProcessMeter Users Manual (on the CD-ROM provided). The actual procedures made for ISO 9000 documentation can come from a couple of sources: the customer could give you the procedure, they may ask you to provide a procedure, or you may work on the procedure together with the customer. 2008T Calibration Procedures P/N 508032 Rev. Personnel 5.2.1 The Production Operations and Quality Assurance do ensure the competence of all who Measurement results are only valid when M&TE of known accuracy is used. 5.2 . Calibration Procedure: Determine the set point of the pressure gauge. 2. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. To determine the accuracy of the instrument readings. 0 Calibration Procedures Calibration is the high-level, controlled and documented process of obtaining measurements on traceable calibration standards over the full operating range of the gage, then making the necessary gage adjustments (as required) to correct any out-of-tolerance conditions. This document contains proprietary information of Fresenius USA, Inc. d/b/a Fresenius Medical Care North America and its affiliates (“Fresenius Medical Care”). ���(XlOJ�Q%J�J���E_��)i�U��Zp���n{��̆J�H�P0� �L�Oh�3�t��G)�Ϣ����܄mD�����l�&��uy]�E��+�P���EQ�B��>j�tv�D�_.�K�I�%]c In 2007, Sections 4 and 5 were updated to incorporate ISO/IEC 17025:2005 updates. Measurement devices that are used This step confirms whether the device is operating within its specified range prior to calibration. Download full-text PDF. After performing the set up above, ensure that there is no leak. NBS Handbook 145, 1986, Handbook for the Quality Assurance of Metrological Measurements, by John K. Taylor, and Henry V. Oppermann is out of print and the majority of content has been updated and published in the publications noted below. =F�&�3�����|w^!p"}��ָ�ni\��@�j�^�X�1�ab�Ӎ�I4n�U�z:�K�F]�`���.�s��5(\�ן��K5n:� fB}�]���?��/I�LKyQ8�qq~���A� ʳ Remove probe from its storage container, rinse with deionized water, and remove 7.8 Calibration Procedures 7.8.1 Calibration procedures must be application specific and prescribe step-by-step instructions for calibration of Measurement and Test Equipment or categories thereof. 6�1 Scope This general procedure shall be used in the absence of any specific calibration procedure for outside micrometers. Basic Procedures in Force Calibration at NIST Speaker: Rick L. Seifarth Mass and Force Group I National Institute of Standards and Technology 100 Bureau Drive, Mailstop 8222 Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8222 Voice: 301-975-6652; Fax: 301-948-6474; seifarth(i … 0000000016 00000 n h��[k�6ǿ�ۇ`�%ò�L�І� ���71�a.���α��5��¶���eI>����sU%��QM �+#\q(��K( ´RP��[�^E��A�)��!R 3. endstream endobj 1056 0 obj <>stream SOP 6 - CALIBRATION OF VERNIER CALLIPER GAUGES Issue No. 0000000837 00000 n 48 0 obj <> endobj endstream endobj startxref %%EOF e�[�w{�w�_Z�X�_Ӗ6A�,��e�ט�� H. 2008T Calibration Procedures . It is standard procedure to confirm the Calibration by performing a follow‐up Accuracy Check, after a 3 minute waiting period.. Successful Calibration Adjustment Step 12: Record Results Record every Calibration Procedure in a Calibration Log to document the accuracy of the RBT IV. Calibration equipment needs to be accurate to a 4:1 or 10:1 ratio to the tolerance or accuracy of the equipment to be calibrated. Procedure for Calibration of Machines Welding - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. h�bbd``b`�$��n ��" 2. 2. Zero the Outside Micrometer at … Calibration Procedures by Greenslade & Co., Inc. 1 Adjustable Thread Ring Gage Calibration Procedure By Joe Greenslade Greenslade & Company, Inc. 2234 Wenneca Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 76102 817-870-8888, Fax 817-870-9199 sales@greensladeandcompany.com 7�& �.�)u7̄}O��l����_%�ǯĄ�����`3�`��ܮ؟�}-���0I���!�k�0{���o8�i�!r8�5�}~��]Cwr8��n��lހ�>ߋ1���/m�ߕ}���n �X���.��(�(�һ\{S}Xz��!�����m�ү����1�:��݇����� ��3r that it can be trusted. 1.1 General aspects Vernier calliper gauges are used to measure distances of either inside or outside measures or depths. �Wَ�R8|�����ϔ��q1MUY�ؤ��2t'���2�6-V�5�y2�ʶ_J���@�}�8V>�UH�!2N�x���'��>�6�/�_}�x�<1�{KV�xiX7i�KQ��2��OXSv��~�c����\�߫��x�1Q�N�]ӻخUa�xV��@��P]Q�_:�4gq|�-=��I�"��^5 /�������� This was a collection of articles from Miller’s Techline newsletters that provided definitions, guidelines, and resources to help ser- endstream endobj 49 0 obj <> endobj 50 0 obj <>>>/Rotate 180/Type/Page>> endobj 51 0 obj <>stream Figure 7 in • The device manufacturer specifies that a calibration procedure should be carried out at regular intervals. 2. 2.0 Calibration Procedure “TS-0071 Outside Micrometer Calibration Record Sheet” must be used. �>��=�D��&KuE8��Ty� %K��J%QVZr[|��.�u��*�q��|��Cq������⺘UϿ���SG���Ou�:����qM�,.W���b���R}.jJq�;�^V�f�퇛fQ��U���ZT��wU-�=΁��_�]���ݠ��k�����Z��j�U_���ŧ��7����yMhq�Ջ/� ]�|{��-��6�ݪ-��3��|��� 3�&SO�yy�zh����fy�\7���i���j�#���ߙ[����7�J�/v�M�Rcd1<7�C���5ƒ�Ҹ�DA��Rʽ;����XW�]pbp;����>���1W_ Increase the pressure … J����mX���f,)l�m��Rʾ-܇v�^)='�*�I)�b`��,�����>�l}9�c�H|�_ ���̺� WW�G%q�7��\_�F�7���6��!��}����A�W�g�`CF�������N��aQ�[�������1������-�N$��id�C�a���'���6�H��.H-qd9�)�6}�L���GXL�i ��^9�^Kw�Wڝ�=���-SW� @�)�c6;��?�qw�1���-9���$���1��>�����"t��g�/e��e� ��s1�1APz�x8�cW�&9s�1E�$e.���\�="��-�&l!��'7���4:n�P���R�!q�6qe�r����ojqLoS�q����|cP�(\��N[\��*�6�Վl#�en*�#��?��l��6u�MX�k]�+@+����!h���HYy 4.3.1 In certain cases non-accredited calibration labs must be utilized, where unique skill or knowledge of a specialized calibration process is required, such as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or a specific calibration lab having certain resources to perform the required calibration. The performance of the instrument is discussed and procedures are described for calibration … 2 Here is an introduction to a quick reference of reference gages that can be used as calibration standards and inspection tools available from Mitutoyo as appropriate for maintaining the accuracy of precision measuring tools and instruments. How to Contact Fluke To contact Fluke, … 48 6 Allow the buffered standards to equilibrate to the ambient temperature. 3.4 The TI must be brought into the calibration area at least 8 hours prior to beginning the calibration. PPD_ADMIN_029 PPD Administrative Procedure PPD_ADMIN_029 Rev. Procedures 6969 : 35 Calibration of Test Chains by Substitution Draft 36 Draft. 3.3 Ensure the TI is clean and free from damage which could affect calibration or use. Calibration Procedure 1. xref endstream endobj 1 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 1/Type/Page>> endobj 2 0 obj <>stream H�*��234�31P AsK#=39��K�3�P�%��+�� � ��� To establish the reliability of the instrument i.e. B�)��@�����M:�_� )�| PURPOSE AND SCOPE. The contents of this document may not be disclosed to third parties, copied, or duplicated in any form, in 1.1 . Calibration equipment listed on the procedures is meant to serve as general examples of what can be used for a given application. %PDF-1.6 %���� written procedures, indicate the responsibility, authority and connectivity of everyone directly involved in performing calibration activities within the calibration facilities. )U!���$5�X�3/9�� �(�$5�j�%V*�'��&*���r" (,!��!�0b;�C��Ң2(��ɘ� � I�8/ endstream endobj 1057 0 obj <>stream 1058 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[1052 19]/Info 1051 0 R/Length 52/Prev 95498/Root 1053 0 R/Size 1071/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Calibration Procedures The calibration process includes the following steps: 1. (Accuracy depends … endstream endobj 52 0 obj <>/Filter/CCITTFaxDecode/Height 3300/Length 19822/Name/Im1/Subtype/Image/Type/XObject/Width 2560>>stream Purpose 1.1.1 The purpose of this procedure is to define the calibration… at 12 month intervals – and proof of calibration cannot be provided by the manufacturer’s certificate. QMS Tier 2 Doc. These shall be prepared internally, by another agency, the manufacturer or a composite of any of these. <]/Prev 375166>> Calibration Procedures for the TV2 Wired sensors: DD1, Digital temperature sensor ± 0.5°C TSTMRH Thermistor and humidity ±0.3°C and ±3%RH WDP-1 Differential Pressure (Range±1”WC) (±0.007”WC) TC-x K, J, T, or E Thermocouple. 3. The forms and stickers shown in this procedure are from CSDL. ... (procedures) that define how 1), the following procedure will help as a general guide to calibrating a pressure gauge. (*���(%�8H����8c�-�� f�ԉd�9�@6_IjH��9���(3=�D����R�1%? %PDF-1.5 %���� 0 To ensure readings from an instrument are consistent with other measurements. Created Date Fill calibration containers with the buffered standards so each standard will cover the pH probe and temperature sensor. The Calibration Laboratory of the C.S. h�b```f``�� �{ �fa�=�r�uU{��ٺ ��ڊ����\������a`�/���������aS������u=�f�* �~� a�~`�Um�pc6��P��S�F.��C��"n�)���e Calibration or Testing of Lottery Balls by Mass (and Dimension) Draft 4.3 Scheduling M&TE for Calibration 4.3.1 Identify controlled M&TE due for calibration and schedule calibration to enable return to … prompted changes in procedures for weld meter testing and calibration. H��W�R�H}�+�Q��.T����Dp[{f � �;M��=��q����of���]0&bF-��R�9�'O�g;�{���z:۰_~���l����+v���n�������k��Y�r�1c4O4s�r�Jx���r��v�v�ΧW�5����t�i��n�%�������{p���K��-wv�,a�e�;B�I�����\{�}ىX���3Ix"4�fN���7����j�"�Olt|O|IJx�@2�#�}'��� s��¤ O��z�E�)j1�2Z�b�)(X��ކ'�H[��b:��$\�b�=X���k��|�I�$J��#T�Oۓ��$�um���H�|;D�ev�w�M�����~B�I���#� ,�6l������.Z�≎f�+��=��Ƈ�\�;�rIqI1��xxBRl��kW��*� M؟��OYt���DFSd`�Z. Initial Setup—Set up the test equipment. In February of 2002, Miller released a document entitled Welding Equipment Meter Calibration. ���dE� BKo�AS�aDwx N��S�n��-�a@���r�$ͽ�Ս���h�8$�7���s Be aware of this set point to anticipate the opening of the valve while controlling the pressure source. j̀bn��ڪ��%Q�����[|��E������I~�lU This calibration procedure ensures M&TE is properly verified for accuracy against known standards. %%EOF Verification Procedures—Verify the existing operation of the device. calibration facility. Clean the Outside Micrometer’s measuring surfaces and the gauge blocks to be used . 1070 0 obj <>stream : A Date: 03 November 2014 Subject: Calibration System Released By: Kristal Page: 2 of 17 . E-1 1 INTRODUCTION This procedure describes the steps taken when calibrating vernier calliper gauges of any dimension using the DIN 862 standard. It should also be noted that this procedure is general in nature; mechanical properties of … 0000000652 00000 n Outside Micrometer Calibration Purpose The purpose of this procedure is to provide general instructions for the calibration of outside micrometers with vernier, digital, or combination scales. c) Orginaztional documentation is maintained to ensure the consistent application of calibration facility activities and the validity of laboratory obtained results. NOTE: 1. 0000000416 00000 n H��V�n�8}�W�Z@4�ڢ@w��"[o�7���t]$Va+i��;CZwɍQԈ�����������P��֛��z5�*���lKV�4�J>Mg��;YY�D���b�"c4�DƲ(� �|�-~|����l��d���b�y�_�|O^��ͯ�dz��ds$���f?��)'��w!I���G�5�1I&��I�����~# process of comparing the pre-set scale or metering of a flow meter to a standard scale of measurement and adjusting its metering to conform to the standard • Regulatory bodies require regular proof of calibration - e.g. H�b``������$����WR����~�������|@���T��#���2S/`M. Documented calibration procedures—The valid calibration procedure is based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and covers all aspects of the instrument under test. This 2019 edition supersedes the 2007 edition of the Program Handbook. This document defines the procedures necessary for calibration of measuring equipment. 0000000589 00000 n startxref &�>������������B� &c�. endstream endobj 1053 0 obj <>/Metadata 62 0 R/Outlines 73 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 1046 0 R/StructTreeRoot 96 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 1054 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 1055 0 obj <>stream and provision for inclusion of interpretations and opinions on calibration certificates. Procedure : All the instruments associated with the processing and testing of materials and products shall be calibrated.