We offer Pure Blue Tilapia, which is the best variety of tilapia for the home aquaponic gardener! Juvenile tilapia are omnivorous, meaning that they are opportunistic feeders that ingest both plants and animals without specialization. Over the course of their first month, fry and fingerlings are graded and selected a minimum of three times to insure that only the highest performing fingerlings reach our customers. AmeriCulture produces up to 400,000 Nile tilapia fry per week. Quantity. Literally! Blue Tilapia have a cold hardiness of 47 degrees . Pure strain Blue tilapia fingerlings are only 79 cents each. In fact, the blue tilapia will take as long as 3 years to reach between 2 and 4 pounds; compared to the Hawaiian Gold tilapia and the white tilapia which can do it in roughly a year. If order is placed after, it will ship the following Monday. Over the past few years we have been a wholesale supplier of fry and fingerlings, but this season we are expanding into retail sales and pond/lake stocking. The body and mouth of tilapia are shaped are comparable to a Sunfish or Crappie. Using a true aquaponic growing system we filter the aquarium water solely by the use of bio-filters that also grow vegetables .They are 2.00 ea Blue Tilapia For Pond Management. Blue Tilapia Fingerlings. Blue Tilapia fingerlings - 2.00 TabernacleBlue Tilapia fingerlings for sale.Our Fingerlings are full bred Blue Tilapia and completely organic, no hormones ever. Why Should Pond Owners Stock Tilapia? A school of two day old Blue tilapia fry. Growing them at home is both rewarding and … Blue Tilapia or Oreochromis Aureus. Tilapia Fingerlings Tilapia is the fifth most important fish in fish farming, with production reaching 1,505,804 metric tons in 2000. Adult tilapia are primarily herbivorous (vegetarians). Tilapia feed on a wide range of food which makes them a very favorable fish to grow. Our eggs are carefully incubated and hatched in our nursery. Save 51%. Blue Tilapia Live Fish Fingerlings 3 Inches Or Greater 10 Count. Our Tilapia Tilapia for Sale Sun Kissed Acres has blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) fingerlings and breeding colonies for sale. Only 4% of tilapia production is with Mozambican tilapia, in parts of the USA where it was introduced years ago. The list below shows the total price after shipping for 50 blue tilapia fingerlings from the most visible Internet dealers and others who have requested to be on this list. Generally speaking, the crude protein in Tilapia feed need to be above 25%. Stay Connected. Blue fingerlings (3/4″ to 1 1/2″) $1.00 each 15 minimum Plus shipping Second Picture Mozambiques (3/4″ to 1 1/2″) $2.00 each 15 minimum plus shipping Pre Breeders 3 to 4 inches Un Sexed Best Effort $10 each 6 max per shipment. We are in our 4th season as a commercial tilapia hatchery and farm here in Kansas. Select. It also has a pink underbelly and although it looks similar in shape to the other tilapia; it takes much longer to grow. If you are interested in a breeding colony or farm package, please visit the main “ … Quick view. As far back as 1983, R.S.V. ... Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis Aureus) Blue Tilapia are considered to be a very good all purpose tilapia. Food grade Blue tilapia fingerlings with free shipping Expect an average fingerling length of one inch or more. Blue Tilapia fingerlings which are great for colder water, aquaponics, and pond stocking. Home > Fish > Tilapia > Mozambique Tilapia > Mozambique Fingerlings - Mixed Sex : Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Newest Oldest Availability 9 per page 18 per page 36 per page 54 per page 90 per page Page of 1 Our commercial strains are fast growing, disease free, and grow uniformly. Shipment is Monday and cut-off order is Monday 1201 AM Eastern. They are GMO free and hormone free as well. Minimum quantity for "Blue Tilapia Fingerlings" is 25. We breed and grow our fish inside IBC tote aquariums within our greenhouse systems. All my baby blue tilapia love them! Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. The hatchery facility is managed by professional breeders, who have a passion for tilapia genetics, and are dedicated to the continuous improvement of the tilapia strains they manage. Some reach 15 inches and 10 pounds in weight .These are our best selling species. We offer three sizes of blue tilapia for stocking: adults, adolescents, and starter fingerlings. [6] Because of their large size, rapid growth, and palatability, tilapiine cichlids are the focus of major farming efforts, specifically various species of Oreochromis, Sarotherodon, and Tilapia, collectively known colloquially as tilapia. Optimal temperatures for raising Tilapia range from 60° to 86° F with maximum temperatures to 106° F. Other names for Blue Tilapia include Oreochromis aureus, Sarotherodon aurea, Tilapia aurea, and Isreali Tilapia. Blue Ridge Aquaculture (BRA) produces Tilapia on an industrial scale. Our Fingerlings Uses for our fingerlings. 10 Fingerlings $36.00 USD 20 Fingerlings $53.00 USD 30 Fingerlings $70.00 USD 40 Fingerlings $87.00 USD 50 Fingerlings $104.00 USD 70 Fingerlings $157.00 USD 85 Fingerlings $183.00 USD 100 Fingerlings $208.00 USD The blue tilapia is, unsurprisingly, blue. They are a mix of male and female tilapia that can grow to a breeding size in four to six weeks. Tilapia industry is not vertically integrated. Ill also entertain other offers for tilapia within this week 2/12//2013. Blue Tilapia Fingerling Qty. i can be reached at any time at 626 9132461 or 323 420 4151. These fish are hatched in our own indoor facility. If done slowly, it can acclimate and survive in the upper 50's Fahrenheit temperature range. Aquaponics. Their max life expectancy is ten years . Purina AquaMax Fingerling Starter 300 is a smaller pellet, 1/16th of an inch and I use it for all my tilapia that are between 2-5 inches long. Like all tilapia, the ideal growth temperature is in the 80's. Soon we will also have Nile tilapia Blue Tilapia Fingerlings in different quantities and Breeding colony (1 male, 5 female) Nile Many of them advertise a low up-front cost only to recover their profits in the form of very inflated shipping and handling charges. Pullin in his report ‘Choice of tilapia species for aquaculture’ recommended that research should concentrate on Nile tilapia and blue tilapia, not Mozambican tilapia with its slow growth rate. Tilapia are hardy herbivores that grow well in high stocking densities. On this page, you can choose between two sizes of Blue Tilapia: fry or fingerlings. Commercial tilapia farming. Blue tilapia are omnivores but have a strong herbivorous tendency, preferring aquatic plants and algae when readily available. Tilapia are the most popular fish species used in aquaponics due to their ability to breed easily, grow fast, and withstand a variety of water conditions. 1599 County Road 50 Ada, OH 45810 419-233-4285 dumbaughn@gmail.com By appointment only . Email. Tilapia fingerlings is widely used for aquaponics, They are great fish to grow and provide lots of waste for your grow system. Get social. They grow fast (second only to Niles), produce excellent tasting fillets and are known to tolerate colder water temperatures than many other tilapia … For Blue Tilapia fingerlings, the suitable protein content is 36% and 26%-36% for adult fish. They are laterally compressed and deep-bodied with long, flat dorsal fins extending along the length of their bodies. All my baby blue tilapia love them! In intensive aquaculture, there are more nutrient requirements for Tilapia in the following chart. Blue Tilapia Fingerlings. Hawaiian Gold Tilapia Fingerlings $ 2.20. Twitter. Tilapia are a safe and cost effective alternative to expensive chemicals for pond weed control. Pure Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) are a freshwater fish with a high tolerance for brackish and colder water than any other tilapia species. They are an excellant source of protein. It is organized via producer specialization. The company raises nearly four million pounds of Tilapia each year at its 100,000 square foot facility in Martinsville, Virginia. It is made up of thousands of individual companies; some specialize in genetics and larvae production, to sell to others who grow larvae to various fingerling sizes, who sell to others that size fingerlings Fingerlings® baby pets cling to your fingers and go where you go, while Fingerlings® HUGS™ are the cuddle monkeys that never want to let you go, and Fingerlings® MINIS™ are the ultimate hangable collectible! thanks for the help every one :D Roe Sie said: With the Fingerlings® fam, fun is close at hand. Tilapia Store delivers Live Fish anywhere in the 48 States, we deliver Fry, Fingerlings, Fish and Breeding Colonies for Aquaponics, Aquaculture, and Aquariums Buy Bluegill Fingerlings (Lepomis macrochirus) Description – The Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) is a species of freshwater fish sometimes referred to as bream, brim, or copper nose and is a member of the sunfish family. Buy Pure Blue Tilapia Fingerlings (Oreochromis Aureus). $70.00 Price. Blue tilapia can be distinguished by their blue-grey color and faint vertical bars. Also known as St. Peters Fish after the bible story about apostle Peter being sent to find a coin in the mouth of the first fish he caught. Also sometime called Blue Tilapia, T. aurea has better cold tolerance than some of the other species we sell. On Sale Blue Tilapia Fingerlings $ 2.00. White Brook White Nile Tilapia Fingerlings $ 2.00 $ 0.99. Facebook. Our live tilapia fingerlings are bred and raised in an annually inspected disease free hatchery facility. Because of this trait, Blue Tilapia are often a top choice for those wishing to stock tilapia in earth basin ponds, in states/areas they are allowed. A deep slab-sided fish with a small mouth and a long pointed pectoral fin. Our tilapia will help your system run at its optimum potential, and give a great return as a second income source. Purina AquaMax Fingerling Starter 300 is a small pellet, 1/16th of an inch and I use it for all my tilapia that are between 2-5 inches long. 23 Blue Tilapia baby fishes.Fingerlings. Blue Tilapia fingerlings can also be used in aquaponics systems however their faster growth rate will result in greater fish waste which may require additional filtration depending on your system design. They are between 30 and 40 days old and range in sizes from 3/4 of an inch up to 1 1/2 inches. Quick view. The perfect fish most commonly used in aquaponic systems. They will be ready for harvest in approximately 28 weeks. Fish will be approximately 1 inch to 1.25”in length. Quick view. In case of death a couple extras will be sent. They have 5-9 dark bars on their […] Hi Roe my names otto and im in the los angeles area and would like to take you up on that offer for tilapia fry/fingerlings. They will be a mix of males and females. Ada Fish Farm, LLC.