Once installed you can almost forget about it and start to use your desktop for your daily tasks. Though there is built in support for users to add their own compositors such as Compton. Regarding your last saying: Yes they do use linux, specifically those Kali linux and Backbox things, because using them one such can perform penetration tests. Thank you very much! To ensure the best performance, this operating system uses lightweight apps and minimal desktop LXDE. FreeBSD uses a different kernel, but it uses much of the same software you’d find on a typical Linux distributions. It ran well, but was even better when I upgraded the video driver. A VIP version is available which remove these ads but requires a monthly payment. Yes, you can hack it onto other hardware platforms, but it's a hassle, and there's really no good reason to do it. In windows however if I connect to the internet without antivirus I get a virus. I use both windows and Linux(although Linux is my primary) and the only difference is I don’t have to install antivirus in Linux if I don’t feel the need. Arch uses a rolling release model for updates. Minimum system requirements for PIXEL: 512 MB minimum RAM; 5 GB disk space; 25. DSL has an about complete desktop and a little center of order line devices. 10 Best free Operating system that you can install on your computer or laptop. Most viruses are made windows anyway. I have 4GB and i3 processor. Non-free hardware will not work upon install of Debian and the user will need to search out the correct non-free software to install in order to make them work. Yeah… I got windows 10 Anniversary (64 bit) running fast on an old pc that ran XP(32 bit) slow with 2GB ram and a Celeron D 2.8ghz no problems and ran a few basic programs too. Fortunately, many lightweight Linux distributions support 32-bit architecture, which makes old computers play old games, watch movies, and surfing the web. Why ? Unlike, for example Ubuntu where a new version is released every six months, packages are updated when they are ready. This person didn´´t understand the meaning of this article. There are many lightweight Linux distros that not only let you enjoy lag-free computing experience on your old computer but also give you a visually appealing graphical desktop. Those who want a plug and play operating system for your old laptop that can run with a minimum resource, then try Xubuntu. There is antivirus for Linux and its free and doesn’t bother you to upgrade every time you turn the pc on like the free ones in windows. But it it’s really slow and buggy on my Core-i3 system. The third is called Wary and it is built to support older hardware than the rest. Official distro of XFCE, one of the most customizable desktop environments. The majority of these computer operating system can be stacked to a USB stick and keep running from it instead of installing on your hard disk. Those tools are not already included in BackBox or ParrotOS. Thank you, So, I need alternatives, and guess what ? That led to many crises and controversy in Debian's history. Note this article is called “12 Light and Fast PC Operating System For Old PC, Laptop and Tablet” not “Operating systems to replace Windows.” Some people may want to run an older PC for kids or tinkering. The installation tools provide for the basic setup of which windows manager to use, wireless support through different firmware files, keyboard support, and a remastering tool. Dear seeker, accordingly to your music studio project,and even if this following distro is not a “lightweight version”, I’d therefore, advice you to try out: KXstudio which includes an amazing set of apps mainly for music and sounds, as well for videos, graphics, anyway all about multimedia production, but one more time, Musics and Sounds engines are the way is it! Literally there's nothing you can't change in GUI. This post has some lightweight operating system. In XFCE you can create as many tasks bars as you need and configure every one of their elements and behaviours. As the name goes, Linus Lite is a streamlined Linux operating system. Then Microsoft started making really crappy software. On the off chance that you plan to utilize Slax on a hoary PC, or you look for a framework with most extreme conceivable similarity, then pick 32bit. Puppy Linux requires 128MB of RAM and 333Mhz of CPU, although 256MB of RAM is recommended. And the fourth is called Quirky, which is used as a base to explore new ideas. 15 Best Lightweight OS for Computer: We discussed alternative operating systems not specifically for old PCs. Instead of working all together to provide the best Operating System, some maintainers are just ignorant and aggressive to new ideas or new maintainers. I tried a number of these OSes that were recommended but a fair few were either slow (lubuntu, xubuntu, manjaro…), or not play nice with my hardware (puppy, reactos, android, kolibrios, tiny core linux…) Might be time to put this old netbook out to pasture, but I still like having it around to test quirky OSes on; right now it’s dual-booting a boring Win10 and Manjaro, and both are slow. Below listed operating systems are exceptionally fast and it’s easy to install them temporally via a USB. Ubuntu is the Linux distribution based on the Debian architecture. Yes! No issues with driver, Windows 10 will probably have driver issues. And if your old laptop is using Windows operating system, you’ll have a very easy way to turn your old laptop into a secondary monitor for your PC or primary laptop. There is absolutely no reason to install it, since it uses the same package repositories as Ubuntu and you can transform any Ubuntu install into a Lubuntu install. Without compositing there will be screen tearing, a lot of it. https://www.android-x86.org/releases/releasenote-9-0-r2.html. I wonder if AJ Jones or Deathstar had any luck throwing windows 10 on an old xp computer like the one I am using right now to type this blog (ubuntu live usbdrive) Several reboots each, down time on each. If you decide the end has come for your old Windows XP PC… But if you have an older Windows 7, 8, or even Vista laptop sitting in Your email address will not be published. Elementary operating system is a fast and open replacement if you are using Windows or Mac. Mac OS is closed source itself, which means that it is developed more slowly and has more problems. At that point I simply switched with a little aha moment because the easy click-able time was left and welcome geeky terminal. Every year or so there is a update to ArchLinux that will break your system unless you first read the front page of archlinux.org. By the way, i’m a MacOS user. Fewer apps run on Mac OS than on Windows or Linux. Actually I like tinkering; having experienced the DOS area; I switched to Ubuntu as it has lots of ways to break and mend a system without worrying about license. A brand new major release of Debian takes 2 years. It runs fast and works on both 32 and 64-bit machines. Usually, the hardware that can run this can't be upgraded. Much better system then other distros for installing any package. So, now i will replace the OS in my old computer. Contains too many tools for hacking. PrimeOS is standalone OS thus provides 2x performance than any emulator as emulator runs on a host OS. No matter if a computer is having issues/lags using Windows you’d want to discover some fast and lightweight OS mentioned in this article. Ubuntu is an open source alternative for Windows and Office that can speed up your pc. The result is that when you find the solution for a problem on a forum or elsewhere, the response may be completely over your head. You can even save your settings and files for Puppy on the external device/media. : au/aup, HD video, ac3, h2xx, gimp files, …). ArcaOS is a 32-bit OS that runs on the x86 processor architecture, so should be compatible with some particularly old PCs. However it can be difficult for people without a high bandwidth connection, or with limits on how many GB can be downloaded imposed by their internet service providers. My laptop runs on windows 10, but sometimes linux comes really handy, like for recovering files, creating some virus proof exfat partitions and a lot of other purposes. Certainly for the stable and old stable versions. PPA repositories allow you to install the latest version of your preferred software while keeping the rest of the operating system "stable". If you keep it clean, and updated, it works. If the clock is set to not show seconds in the display when waking from suspend the clock will not update until the time actually changes in the applet which means it can take up to a minute for the clock to update when seconds are not shown. Ads even appear when opening apps (like a File Manager). Thank you for thinking about old computer owners. If your computer comes with a digital license for the OS that it runs, then you already paid for the operating system. Now use multiple apps on single screen with minimise, maximise and close option. Any System not folllowing the Stand alone principal can be hacked, Windows is easily attacked using JS, BATCH, PowerShell. Arch's goal of simplicity means there's usually one preferred way to get things done - through organized and well documented configuration files. If that works then to operate the Andorid based sysetm on the monitor or tv I will add up a air fly mouse. All you have to install it on DVD, after that you can temporarily boot from the DVD. Remix OS has a super easy installation process and you can utilize the system on an older PC as it’s easier to operate compared to Linux or Windows. Since it runs altogether from a CD, USB, or system, it doesn’t need to be installed on the computer. I HAD INSTALLED PHOENIX OS RIGHT NOW IN MY HP ELITEBOOK 2540P INTEL I5 X64 BIT PROCESSOR THROUGH THE PHOENIX INSTALLER I HAD SELECTED 9GB SPACE IN MY DISK SPACE AFER I REBOOTED MY PC……………………… IT SHOWS ANDROIS X86_X64….SOMETHING AND A BLACK SCREEN WITH A CURSOR AT TOP RIGT CORNER ON MY SCREEN……. Best Windows 10 Laptop for Kids Windows Central 2020. Compatible with most modern Amiga software compiled for MorphOS, but does not run modern Windows or MacOS software. It has pretty low system requirements. For the start, Windows XP can be considered as one of the most stable of all. Puppy Linux offers an LTS release called Precise. The packaging team is dependable resulting in system updates that come in a timely fashion and systems which rarely, if ever, break due to packaging. It's light, but not as light as it was 1-2 years ago. This happened with SystemD and with a few other updates that require you to do prior steps befor pacman -Syu. because, easy to boot from a pen drive and get it out of the way once the work is done. Ubuntu comes preloaded with several apps like GIMP, VLC, Firefox, etc. It has something for everyone. The Lubuntu operating system is excellent for laptops and computers that have low RAM (Random Access Memory), older CPUs (Central Processing Unit or processor) and older GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit or graphics cards). By utilizing minimal software Lubuntu is able to use less resources and power. Has a great and helpful community behind it. Ubuntu is the go-to Linux distro for most people, so there is a sense of familiarity and comfort in using something they have used before. @AZIZ EL, why attack @QUICKSILVER and not @DEATHSTAR? What are you thoughts about the Lubuntu ? Though its native file … Besides DDOS is a Distributed Denial Of Service attack. You can barely find any precompiled packages for Puppy. Several other popular distros use Debian as a base or core for their own Linux OS, the security being one of the main factors why its so commonly used. The developers of Phoenix OS have dropped support for the 32-bit version of Phoenix OS. Androidx86 is an open-source project to port Android to X86 Machines. This is also not the first time there have been problems with the panel clock which clearly illustrates this to be an ongoing problem for the developers. That is why my personal machine runs Linux! @DEATHSTAR .. with all of my respect .. you have no idea what you’re talking about. AntiX Linux You can customize the GUI or download already made parts of GUI from MorphOS storage sites like this one here. Currently, the latest release is android 9 by androidx86 project. The repositories are nearly as full as those of Ubuntu, while they are often more up to date. I have a computer having less ram to run Windows 10. This is NOT ideal for a desktop user. excellent built in packages, quick and easy and large app support. This distro was written for pen testing and security work. I myself use Windows 7 Pro and I´m very happy, but I also have old machines, like an AMD 3000+ 64 and the new Microsoft OS doesn´t run so well. Zorin is compatible with Ubuntu's sizable repositories of Free Software. A GB a month of downloads is quite possible. It spreads the risk of total lock in or break down. macOS comes with an obsolete version of Bash, due to licensing issues. Highly customizable and beautiful as Xfce, but lightweight and fast as LXDE. Although Arch Linux only comes with around 10,000 packages, you can use the Arch User Repositories (AUR) which will add over 50,000 more packages. Every Debian Release can either use a Rolling or Release based model. Just narrow-minded people won’t see or don’t want to see its educational pont. The very first Microsoft windows gaming operating system is windows 7, which was in use even before windows 8 and windows 10 were released. What has DDOS got to do with OS security? Works great with Teamviewer, Synaptic, XNview, KODI and Pdf-Xchange editor (via playonlinux). These lightweight OS uses fewer resources and and should run fine on your old computer. Luckily they do offer a 3 year LTS now but it is shorter than other Ubuntu spins that receive a full 5 years of support. The total of what applications have been decided for the best adjust to usefulness, size, and rate. This makes Lubuntu a better choice for newbies and pragmatics. And, we should say that the interface is simply elegant. Average time to fix: A little over 2 hours each. Arch keeps its core repositories slim and free of unnecessary dependencies. Try a lightweight linux distro such as Damn small linux or Puppy Linux. It also means less time digging through forums looking for support. The profile system improves portage's usability without losing the soul of Gentoo. This allows more fine-grained control over package updates, and packages can be now tied together inside the kit to minimize dependency breakage while upgrading. Give any of these mentioned OS a try to make use of your old PC. Comparing with the previous edition of Windows ME, which can be considered as a failure, this Windows version is better in many ways. The latest version of Ubuntu is 16.04.1 L… Though one can be added through a bit of work. RAM consumption is the same as LxLE, but more efficient and because of Whisker Menu and other tweaks that let us feel more like we have a XFCE desktop environment, as keyboard shortcuts, for instance, it looks like we got here the fastest and lightest, globally speaking. The developer works very well so the code is one of the best written out there. The first is an Ubuntu based release called Tahrpup, by using this version the user is able to take advantage of all software and support from Ubuntu. The default XFCE UI is pretty generic and sometimes ugly unless customized to suit the user's needs and liking. Hello YouTube Tech Tweek here ! https://www.android-x86.org/releases/releasenote-9-0-r2.html, http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=KXStudio, https://quickfever.com/best-free-operating-systems-for-pc/. I've upgraded my other machines to Windows 7 and 8, but this laptop is too old to do so. That exploit found in Linux gets a lot of bad rap for Linux but windows has many more exploits than that. And yet the look and feel of the environment is pleasant. When you bought your system, the OEM recommended Windows 7 for it. It comes with over 37,500 packages (software that is precompiled and ready to be installed on a local machine) -- all of them for free. Stop wasting time searching endlessly. Finally , it is not a point of security or mental or phobia , it is all about what you need , and what he work great for you. is perfect Os for your computers and laptops. hi JACK, THE Linux Mint is featured here, https://quickfever.com/best-free-operating-systems-for-pc/. While documentation is great, you are expected to know what you're doing. Being based on Ubuntu (which itself is based on Debian), there's a good amount of information and support to be found when searching for it, both on Lubuntu specifically and Ubuntu that also applies to Lubuntu. Puppy and DSL are good, but we can’t use them for long time, but with Vector Linux we should be able to perform almost all tasks with out any issue. I use the linux live discs for any of my shopping or banking online. It enables applications that make browsing the web and checking emails easy. ubuntu is better of these, but considering practicality, ill vote for puppy. But the testing version has quite up to date software. You can on the very beginning: Live version, or direct install. Looking for a bare minimum version? This focus, combined with the community's recognition that configuration files can be intimidating, has resulted in excellent documentation that's accessible to newcomers, and very instructive about how Linux actually works. In this article, you learn more about the fastest operating systems which are lightweight and boot fast. It is beautiful and works good…until the anniversary updates came out and crashed out 3 of them! Some of these have not been updated for years and are likely no longer supported. This makes it where the server gets so many requests at one time it cannot keep up therefor denying service to others trying to access that server. A Windows laptop in 2020 has to do a lot more than a laptop had to do even a few years ago. the most ideal solution is TO PAY ATTENTION to what you do. Phoenix OS can be installed through an official installer making the installation process effortless. Technically this is a stock Android forked for computers. Lubuntu (LXDE) uses the lightweight Openbox window manager to manage its windows. The other 2 versions TinyCore and Core plus go up to 100MB in installer size. PrimeOS provides access to the whole Android ecosystem with complete desktop interface. This is quite helpful for people who want to really learn how their system works but also for other people who may stumble in that thread considering how most problems don’t have a universal solution. Microsoft is striving to push Windows 10 pdate, Some moving to expensive Rigs (I am one of them) and Instagram models posting selfies in high-heels with fancy tags to gain attention; It is your old computer desperately need to breathe in the open and fresh air. The versions of software that are selected and the configuration of them is typically extremely high quality. The 32-bit version is designed to perform exceptionally better on older PC’s (such as Intel 486 if you go back to 1989). There are more ACTIVE exploits/viruses/malware/etc in windows right now than there have ever been in Linux(Maybe not all time but you get what I mean.). Less common window managers such as Enlightenment, Openbox, Fluxbox, GNUstep, IceWM, Window Maker and others can also be installed. Being one of the longest runs in the Microsoft windows department, windows 7 is the most common among gamers. Multimedia – Built-in support for major media formats. The new 6.x version image file is around 200MB and available in 32 and 64-bit. It’s overall a nice operating system comes along with popular apps such as for viewing videos there is VLC, Mozilla Firefox for browsing, and LibreOffice for dealing with documents. NimbleX is a small yet flexible working framework that has the capacity boot from CD, USB, or network environment and even from the hard drive itself. 🙂. All in all, a great OS for beginners, and still pretty good for experienced users if you want a quick, no-hassle install. Super lightweight, start up takes less than 20 seconds on 10 year old hardware. would it work on that? As a result, many other projects end up in the Arch User Repository (AUR). PrimeOS operating system gives a complete desktop experience similar to Windows or MacOS with access to millions of Android apps.It is designed to bring you the best of both worlds – a complete fusion of Android and PC. If you need to install something, chances are someone in the Arch community has already made a package for it. First off, Stop telling me how old Windows XP is and how I should upgrade to the latest OS when you know Windows XP is the best operating system Microsoft ever created aside from the security issues it always had. While the documentation is a very valuable reference for experts, the recipes often don't actually work on your own computer. The fact that you can install a light weight OS is just fun to do. Download Respin 7 (March 2017), install Libreoffice and then compare, for example, opening Libreoffice Writer inside Peppermint 7, Extix 17.04, Lubuntu 16.10, Xubuntu 16.04, Backbox 4.7, Linux Mint 18.1 Xfce an Mate or Linux Lite 3.4 (and others).