You can also visit my site:Fasteners manufacturer, stockist, exporter - Ananka Fasteners Fantastic. All are easy to learn, in fact I am licensed to teach all three. Other OS' customizability pale in comparison to Arch Linux's customizability; you only have to install what you need, making it the most versatile modern operating systems you can run. But the fact that you are forced to use an OS, doesn't make it better. As another client, this system can be effectively supplanted as Windows Alternative OS. iOS is a pure OS, most were just forced into an impured version of Android, their lack of knowledge about Stock Android is desiring them to have an iPhone. This is the latest version from Microsoft and knows as Windows 10 and this is the flagship product from Microsoft. Haiku. It's the best OS I've ever usedTried ubuntu, red hat and all versions from Microsoft. It highlighted a notice focus furnishing you with the capacity to control all the applications introduced. But I can't ignore the damn hot fluent design. If you're a home user, Windows 10 Home will take care of your computing needs. Not only it makes applications run faster but it is more secure than all previous versions of the Windows operating system.Windows 10 is a perfect choice if you are planning to go for a gaming laptop. Plus, letting consumers make ...more, For me, this is the only operating system I can get any real work done on. Most of them are letting us know, “It enables me to do what I have to do.” The program is genuinely loaded with fundamental highlights that make it simple to utilize. And to make this even better, Windows 8.1 is even more stable than Windows 10, which came after. Of all versions of Windows, 7 is my first choice, I don't like 10 at all for more reasons than I care to list. Which Microsoft killed! Yes. I mean, this is a good operating system to use and not so bad. The best modern Windows OS. React Operating System- Best Operating System. What are the reasons? Development tools are mature, and nearly all are free. Ubuntu is the best alternative OS for Windows if you are looking for something free. It takes years to familiarize all the ins and outs of an OS. FreeBSD uses a different kernel, but it uses much of the same software you’d find on a typical Linux distributions. This is lovelyThis is friendlyThis is fastestThis is bestAll at once it must be on top. It ran slow on most hardware, it was buggy and was overblown with features. It is a time of present-day innovation, and the time is refreshed. The operating system is profoundly good with a high-thickness show that will change naturally with your screen. The earlier versions? I would rather upgrade to Ubuntu, but they are lacking on the the software side, and let's not even talk about Apple, Inc right now. You can't appreciate this unless you live back in time. This version of windows is no doubt the best option nowadays. This was the OS my first computer used back in the late 2000s (it was used at the time). A very amazing Operating System for all users. Unlike windows it just works, is relabel and easy to use. We're a bit sad that BeOS didn't take off. Everything that windows has is also available for linux under a different name. If MS forces OS updates by stopping support for another product of theirs that is pure greed. If only more people would try out OSX, you would never look back. Microsoft forgot how to built a good, functional OS that just works without a bunch of goofy features and complicated menus. Are you a crazy windows user? It's touch-screen friendly, and it's menu is amazing! I own a PC tablet, and laptop all running Windows 8.1 upgraded from Windows 8. Windows 10 Home - English - Windows Model: HAJ-00052 Your email address will not be published. Vista 64 is my first and only positive experience with a Microsoft OS. These factors make me still run Windows 8.1 today and I'm not planning on upgrading until MS stops supporting it. Your email address will not be published. Honestly the best modern Windows OS. It is without a doubt the best operating system there is. So far the best system I have tried.