Tilapia is one of the most commonly farmed fish in aquaponics because of its adaptability to different environmental conditions. Nile tilapia of an improved strain will yield by far the best growth results in aquaponics. While the Nile tilapia is the fastest grower, it is easier to obtain a permit for the slower-growing Mozambique tilapia. Both fish taste great, but in different ways. It is also one of the best choices for edible aquaponics fish since it is delicious, and it can be prepared in several ways. What is the best temperature for tilapia in aquaponics systems? This fish food is highly recommended for feeding aquaponics fish and is known for being a product of professional tilapia farming feed. But there are a few reasons they are the most common fish in aquaponics. For starters, they’re very tolerant of poor water quality and they eat almost anything you can feed them. Tilapia are feed tolerant. The best fish for aquaponics. When you look at the above comparison table between tilapia vs bluegill fish, you’ll see that they are both great fish for aquaponics.. Since this pro pack comes with newly produced tilapia fish foods, you can be guaranteed that you only get products in their best condition. It is a tough fish and has a diverse diet. Before we begin, keep in mind that tilapia are definitely warm water fish. They can survive on algae, worms, insects, and even fish; commercial aquaponic systems frequently use plant-based foods, although they are not as commonplace as other options; yet. Tilapia is a great and tasty edible fish that adapts easily to most environments.