Epiphone and Squier, for instance, are more affordable sub-brands of Gibson and Fender respectively, which means that you can often get a very high-quality product that’s been made in Taiwan rather than the USA for instance. Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited. And glorious it really is. Every millimeter of the guitar has been expertly crafted, and nothing is an afterthought. Cedar: This is the second most-used tonewood for guitar tops, right behind spruce. Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar. However, most people generally accept that really it’s mainly the top (the front) of the guitar body that needs to be solid. It’s supremely well priced, and comes with a number of features while being an interesting choice. Extending the help further, we have actually made a list of 5 best Gibson acoustic guitars that includes high-end as well as budget-friendly guitars. The guitar sounds louder and has incredible sustain, even for a high end guitar. The GN93CE-NAT is a mid-range electric acoustic that features some really nice touches, such as the rosewood fretboard, and is an interesting choice. They are the best acoustic guitars professional guitarists should go for. It looks great. However, it really stands out when used for the back and sides, and when it comes to sound, it’s comparable to Koa. The best Chinese guitars include the best of both electric and acoustic guitars making them truly world-class. This is a firmly mid-range guitar, and is really good value at that. One of the best things about the 714ce is its superb playability, and we love the really low action which allows you to play fast, without having to worry about buzzing, because there is none. 2. It doesn't matter what style you play, there's a guitar bridge pin to compliment it. Every single detail on this guitar is premium, from the binding, mother-of-pearl inlays on the fretboard, the signature “moustache” bridge, beautiful pickguard, back stripe, gold-plated open-gear tuners… The list just goes on and on, and we could talk about this guitar for days. Body Bracing: V-Class with Relief Rout This translates to some great tone. Materials are the next important thing to look at. Gibson using LR Baggs pickups systems is one such example. My Review: if you are looking for the ultimate dreadnought guitar, the Guild Traditional D-55 will be right up your alley. The neck can be very important for playability. Ultimately, just about anyone could pick up this guitar and get what they need out of it, which is why it makes our top pick. Body Style: Orchestra Model With this in mind, we’ve added the Yamaha FG series, the FGX820 to our list, which is a solid top cutaway dreadnought that offers pretty much everything most people will need. The result is some really nice tone for such an affordable guitar. A cutaway makes it easier for you to access the higher frets, because you can place your hand right next to them. And it’s easy to see why, because this guitar sounds great and is superbly playable, like all Taylors. My Review: This is hands-down one of the most beautiful acoustic guitars you can buy today, and is arguably the most recognizable design ever made by Gibson. There are lots and lots of colors to choose from too when it comes to this model, so there’s sure to be something to suit anyone’s tastes. The 5 Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars Under $500. Related Popular Article: Our Favorite Guitar Straps, Body Style: Dreadnought Finding top acoustic guitars that has the best value for money is not the easiest feat for those who have a budget of $300 or […] 7 Acoustic Guitar Shapes To Choose From. What we have here is Gibson’s modern interpretation of the legendary Super Jumbo that has been around in some incarnation since 1937. Fit and finish on the neck is also very important because it will have an effect on the sound. Otherwise, it’s a fine choice to spend your money on. The neck of the acoustic guitar is usually made from Mahogany, particularly with steel string guitars and often Spanish Cedar for Nylon string guitars. The Martin LX1E is proof that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to an acoustic-electric guitar. The Martin D-18E is every bit as classic as those guitars Martin has built in the past, and its looks follow suit. Though Fender is well-known for the legendary basses and electric guitars but they aren’t aliens in the acoustic world. Fret Count: 20 Country of Origin: USA. Pros: + Versatile body style + Bright tone with plenty of presence + Great quality ebony fretboard. Martin D-41 belongs in the collection of every musician and guitar aficionado that can afford it. Martin has really done an awesome job reimagining and updating their legendary models, and we can safely say that it has outdone itself with the D-28. Because high end acoustic guitars are made by hand in small series, they are inspected for every last detail. Neck: Mahogany There are different nut width, depths and body shape to choose from, and it’s entirely a matter of personal preference as to which you should go for. This is one of the steel string guitars that is a dual-purpose acoustic electric guitar, as there are aftermarket kits available. Bottom Line: The Martin D-28 is everything you would want in an acoustic guitar, and then some. My #1 pick for the best acoustic bass guitar is the D’Angelico Premier Series Mott model. Conclusion. Value-priced instruments aren’t limited to beginner guitars and travel guitars. One of the best acoustic guitars with a slim neck is the Taylor 114ce. Because the cost of labor is much lower in these countries, manufacturers can make more of these guitars and sell them at a lower price.