Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Kundalini Yoga: de oorspronkelijke yogawetenschap op eigentijdse wijze aangeboden: Groepslessen, Yoga Therapie, Bedrijfsyoga, Opleidingen, Workshops, Massage. Therapeutic Stretching is not a warm up, nor a punishing physical workout, but a means of understanding the complex workings of the body. Courses, Yoga- and Mindfulness Meditation Retreats in Netherlands and Europe, Private Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Business Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Life Coaching. At YorYoga we put YorWellbeing in the center of all we do. Sivananda Yoga will help you keep your vitality, health and happiness. meditation. It is a basic physical need that suits people of all ages and levels of fitness. Iyengar yoga institute amsterdam offers a full program consisting of 40 weekly public classes including beginners, intermediate and advanced classes (level 1-5), medical/therapeutical classes, womens, pregnacy and childrens classes. Affordable and accessible Yoga in Amsterdam. Je vindt ons in Amsterdam Oost, West, Centrum. We are here to help you start at the beginning! In de tiener en jongerenyogalessen werken we vaak aan de hand van een thema. Weekly Classes: Mondays 10.00 – 11.30 Tuesdays 19.00 – 20.30 Thursdays 18.30 – 20.30 Fridays 10.00 – 11.30 Saturdays 10.30 – 12.00. YOGA COACHING is a unique way to improve your physical and spiritual health. Over the last 100 years, Yoga made its way from India into the rest of the world. Why are Yoga Asanas so important in our Yoga Practice? Yoga is not competitive and we all work on our own level. We have two locations: Stadionweg 283 & Aalsmeerweg 25, Klassikale yoga in Amsterdam Buitenveldert, vlakbij Amstelveen. Joyful Yoga Amsterdam offers small sized classes in yin, yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, Iyengar yoga, hatha yoga, pregnancy yoga, baby yoga, yoga and detox, yoga workshops and personalised yoga classes, Update: For the time being, classes are being offered online. Geweldig dat je met yoga gaat beginnen! More than 100 yoga classes every week! Instead of joining a regular class with a wide range of students and experience levels, you can start in a small group where every student is a beginner in yoga. It is a very gentle method to work on anything that might challenge you in life and it is a way of feeling your body and its needs better. Kom thuis bij Thrive Yoga. Ik volgde de Vinyasa Teacher training bij Johan Noorloos in Amsterdam en behaalde mijn 200HRS diploma in 2019. Bikram Yoga is een yogasoort waarbij je elke les dezelfde 26 houdingen (24 yogahoudingen en 2 ademhalingsoefeningen) uitvoert. Je balans weer vinden of juist behouden? Bij YARAYOGA kun je terecht voor Yoga, Mindfulness, Coaching, Massage en Reiki. in Dutch and English, weekly Yoga for Men, One on One sessions, workshops, retreats and private events. Bij De Lijfschool worden de yoga oefeningen heel precies uitgelegd, zodat je lichaamshouding en spierconditie in korte. I believe good foundations of poses give better. Furthermore the institute offers workshops/intensives throughout the year, a 3-year authorised Teacher Training Program that prepares yoga students for Introductory I &II certification and a 1 year program that prepares for Intermediate Junior I,II & III certification. Classes include yoga postures, breathing, and. Joep. Please visit also websites and for more info. We are different. With a mixture of ancient yogic traditions and modern life experiences, YorYoga teaches you to find YorBalance in all aspects of life. Preganancy yoga Baby Mama Yoga and Massage workshop starting on March 15. Whether you. It should support you in your life situation, age, gender, physical or health condition. We also offer yoga retreats and yoga weekends in various locations in Europe where you can immerse in yoga, healthy food and meditation in the beauty of wide open nature. The desire to stretch is a natural impulse when we feel stiff. Delight Yoga is a yoga school in the middle of Amsterdam, an oasis and a sanctuary, which offers yoga and meditation. The Yoga Academy for Yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, kirtan, mantra and music circle, philosophy, children yoga, movies. The origin of stretching lies in the ancient art of Hatha Yoga. This type of yoga is a form of hatha yoga. writers, artists + thinkers. Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, YinYang Yoga, Yogatherapy, PhysioYoga, Yang Yin, Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, Pre/Postnatal, Baby & Mummy. Dearest friends, we all hope that you and your loved ones are well and, What is an Asana and why is it of such importance in Yoga? Het tempo is kalm zodat je kan voelen wat je doet. It is better not to eat at least one hour in advance and not eat heavy food. This beginners class slows Jivamukti yoga down and brings it back to basics. Het is een kleine maar erg mooie yogaschool met veel ruimte voor persoonlijke aandacht. Yoga betekent eenheid, verbinding. Movements Yoga is the first Amsterdam Hot Yoga & Pilates studio. With an easy-flow physical, philosophical, and musical yoga practice, you can start to disconnect from YorEgo and connect with YorSoul. Many different yoga classes by different yoga teachers on three different locations in Amsterdam. Full Body Stretch Yoga - Cole's 30 Minute Beginners Yoga workout, is perfect for you complete beginners, & advanced yogis! Daily bi-lingual groupclasses. Dompel jezelf. Maybe you are a bit afraid to come to a class or simply do not know which class is safe to start with. Each lesson includes sun salutation, breathing exercises, classic yoga postures, Sanata Yoga and Coaching Studio offers yoga and mindfulness-based training programs (such as Stress management and. Kleine groepen, yoga lessen volgens de methode van. Welkom bij Yoga Spot. for everyone. Movements Yoga is the studio where we know you by your name and where you immediately feel at home. As you are relatively new to yoga, we recommend you to do the introduction to yoga program, a 2-hours introduction session and 3 yoga classes, the perfect way to begin a yoga practice.As a new yogi you can attend beginners classes or yoga basics classes. Offer private lessons and small group lessons. YorYoga helps you find balance. Je kunt er komen met metro 51, 53 en 54 naar halte Spaklerweg. De yoga is gebaseerd op de Ashtanga Vinyasa techniek. Get a holistic idea of what Yoga can do for you. take place in the studio, or on location for instance at the office, (hotel)gym, outside and/or abroad. Suitable for anyone looking to start a yoga practice or refine an existing practice. The ATYogashop sells exclusive seasonal items. Open minded, curious and embracing differences. BKS Iyengar, open voor leerlingen van alle niveaus. YorYoga Bare feet, open mind. 16.00 Yoga Class, taught by Susan 18.00 Sivananda Satsang – Meditation and Chanting 19.30 Tea and Sweets. Together with a small group of total beginners, you will start right at the beginning. Stretching provides powerful skills for coping with the ups and downs of daily life. A beautiful, light, fully equipped studio at the border of Amsterdam West. Inspirational yoga classes, international workshops and retreats, as well as teacher trainings. Zensez is er speciaal voor mensen die: » zich eigenlijk niet zo comfortabel voelen in de drukke groepslessen; » door hun drukke agenda steeds maar niet naar die ene gewenste yogales kunnen; » kampen met een langdurige blessure; » op zoek zijn naar meer balans in hun leven; » last hebben van stress gerelateerde klachten, zoals burn-out. At Movements Yoga we will make you sweat, burn, flex, and destress all-in one class. In our introduction to yoga course, you will learn step by step not only the physical side of yoga but also some philosophy, breath work, and history. Yoga classes in the Sivananda yoga tradition - everyone is welcome! The Jivamukti Beginners class at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam is perfect if you want to get into the Jivamukti yoga flow right here in Amsterdam, but aren't ready for a Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior or a Jivamukti Open Class just yet. Ik geef verschillende vormen van yoga, rustig maar ook dynamisch. Daarom geven we iedere week deze Charity Yogales. Alice in Yoga geeft Vinyasa Flow Yoga en Yoga aan jongeren tussen 10-20 jaar in Amsterdam-Zuid, Oost en Oud-West. Open for all levels, drop-in basis. De combinatie van ademhalingsoefeningen en yoga houdingen dragen bij aan een sterk en flexibel lichaam en een kalme geest. Unlimited yoga for €55 per month. 1 studio in Amsterdam Noord Choose from: Astanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Kids Yoga and more. For more specific information about the classes or yoga check the MITHRAN BLOG,, 1e van der helststraat 701e van der helststraat 70-1, Bhakti yoga based, profound, high quality vinyasa flow yoga classes that include mantra meditation, philosophy and. De les is een mix van visualisatie, meditatie, mindfulness, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, dans en spel. We use yoga to connect to your body and heart becoming aware of your (unconscious) desires and callings. Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation. Lea Lalitha´s serious. At Movements Yoga you experience more than just the best Hot Yoga class. In almost e, Yoga studios in Amsterdam offer a lot of different yoga styles. Yoga Classes in Amsterdam on A boutique yoga studio offering Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative Yoga along with Pilates. STUDIO AAN HET IJ organizes yoga, pilates, dance, fitness and sports classes for all ages. Namaste! Delight Yoga offers a varied schedule with yoga classes for all levels, beginners and experienced. Why do Yoga Studios in Amsterdam offer so many styles of Yoga. want to learn the basic Asanas, improve your physique, change to a healthier diet or learn about the positive philosophy, I am happy to assist and give you some input. The classical method of Yoga combines this with self-study assisted by reading of the traditional texts. concerts, workshops, courses trainings and private classes. Coaching supports you in looking for ways to align your life with your callings and by doing so experiencing more joy and fulfillment. It has a strong focus on relaxation, pranayama, diet and positive thinking.The classes typically start with Savasana to clear your mind. Try Your Way: €50 for 10 classes. up during a lifetime. Welkom bij Yogisha, dé yogawinkel van Amsterdam. Through this work we come into meaningful contact with our physical, subtle and spiritual bodies. Maybe you have this idea that everybody in a yoga class can stand on their heads en touch their toes with ease. tijd sterk verbeteren. check my website for complete yoga lifestyle with online classes, coaching for yoga teachers, massages, balanced business, kirtan & mantra meditation, pranayama, Ayurvedic cooking, pranayama and much more. It extends beyond the Yoga mat into daily life and back again. This class is open level - designed for the creative mover, but with an emphasis on foundations: with just a slightly slower tempo that allows for focus on the execution of basic postures. Transformational classes to bring you to your true self. It teaches you to let go of all your thoughts and brings our awareness into the present moment, so that the past and future do not apply. Vinyasa Yoga, Pregnancy yoga, 60+ers Yoga, Kids Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Post Natal Yoga, Restorative Yoga. We use cookies to ensure the best experience on our website. Yogaschool North: A place in Amsterdam North for yoga, mindfulness and massage. Transformational yoga is a combination of yoga asanas, chakra awareness, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation. Tula Amsterdam: Deze yogastudio heeft inmiddels 2 vestigingen in Amsterdam West. We know that for beginners starting with yoga can be daunting. Namaste! Classes. open to everybody. Wil je je ook zo voelen kom een keer langs voor een gratis proefles. Dan is de beginnerscursus iets voor jou! Natural Flow Yoga is a new Yoga Studio in the South-East of Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuidoost). Thrive Yoga 'Be happy and free!'. Vinyasa Flow classes with Bhakti flavour! FORM YOGA. Yoga Patterns organizes workshops and can be booked for private and group lessons in Pranayama, Meditation and Asana. Kundalini Yoga: the authentic Kundalini Yoga science offered in a present-day manner: - Inez "Voor mij is Daruma yoga een moment in de week waarin ik helemaal met mezelf en mijn lichaam bezig ben, 1.5 uur stilte in mij. In alle lessen wordt gewerkt met principes van mindfulness. Saraswati, founder of Agama International and Dr. Mihaiela Pentiuc, highly advanced Tantrica. Ze gaan terug naar de roots van yoga, naar hoe het echt hoort en hoe je houdingen op de juiste manier uitvoert, en besteden daar veel (persoonlijke) aandacht aan." Group classes, Yoga therapy, Business Yoga, Education, Workshops, Massage, Yoga, asanas, pranayama, companyyoga, teacher education, hatha yoga, raja yoga, A boutique yoga studio located in the centre of Amsterdam. Over t, Next Yoga Beginners Course starts September 14. It helps us to keep in touch with our strengths and weaknesses, allows us to evaluate our lives, gives us time quietly and logically to think through problems and transform them into challenges to overcome. Yoga Amsterdam. If you want some personal Yoga advice from us, we can schedule a free phone call! Yoga is a meditation in motion which harmonizes body and mind. Yogacoaching is about bringing together the best of both worlds. Basis yoga houdingen, ademhalingsoefeningen en meditatietechnieken. You can bring your own towel and comfortable clothes for stretching. We welcome you to join us. Above all, we're human and we don't take ourselves too seriously. Yoga Workshops, Mindfulness Meditation. Gaia’s collection of beginner yoga videos is a great way to introduce yoga … De lessen worden in kleine groepen gegeven waarbij persoonlijke aandacht voor ons belangrijk is. I relocated to Amsterdam from Hong Kong in August 2015. I offer Yoga coaching from 60 min, for one person or small groups (if you prefer). We zijn een one-stop-shop voor ontspanning en inspanning. Persoonlijke aandacht voor iedere leerling staat centraal in mijn lessen. De behoefte aan kwaliteitsproducten op het gebied van yoga was groot en de combinatie van een webshop met een fysieke winkel bleek een groot succes. We are non-dogmatic & down to earth, innovative yet rooted in ancient wisdom. Center for Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. The school has a relaxed and personal atmosphere, and we have a beautiful tearoom and hangout space where you can relax before and after classes, and have a chat with other yogis. On the website is an online yoga manual available and background information. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Dé persoonlijke yogaschool van Amsterdam Oost. &YOGA is a unique place in the heart of Amsterdam where you can practice your Yoga. YOGA FOR BEGINNERS “Anybody can breathe. Choose from: Astanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra Kids Yoga and more. Dat lijkt misschien saai, maar dat is het allerminst! Je zit soms in een spagaat als het gaat om dingen die je dagelijks moet en dingen die je allemaal zou willen. We weten het, het kan soms wat intimiderend zijn, al die slanke dennen die zichzelf in een dubbele flikflak met schroef achterover buigen en er nog bij blijven lachen ook… maar dat is geen vorm van yoga die je bij ons aantreft. 200-hr RYT registered with Yoga Alliance and Prenatal Yoga teacher. postures for human bodies. Lessen, Workshops, Retreats & Yoga … Ik zet er 4 op een rijtje voor je! Werkboek en video's. yoga teachers, offering weekly classes, events & retreat at different spots in and around Amsterdam. Alice in Yoga geeft ook priveles en komt naar u toe voor een yogales op school, op kantoor en huiskamer. This can only be done by experienced teachers through personal attention. Why do Yoga Studios in Amsterdam offer so many styles of Yoga? Book in advance to guarantee your spot on the mat! Wil je meer rust in je hoofd ervaren en lekkerder in je lijf zitten? Ze bieden veel verschillende soorten yoga aan, ook voor zwangere vrouwen en 55+ maar de focus ligt vooral op Yin, Vinyasa en Ashtanga yoga. We are a family of yoga lovers. Heb je nog geen of weinig ervaring met yoga? Door te focussen op de ademhaling, kom uit je hoofd en in je lichaam. Offers integrated Sivananda Hatha yoga classes, 50+ yoga lessen op lokatie in Amsterdam, ontmoet geweldig leuke vrouwen en werk ontspannen aan kracht en souplesse, A great community of practitioners come to Yogaschool Amsterdam for classes with Senior teacher Kristien Van Reusel. In onze drie knusse yogastudio’s in Zeeburg (Javaeiland), Oost en IJburg bieden we jou een veilige plek om even helemaal tot jezelf te komen. Please feel free to ask for more details and let me know what you are looking for. 2 studios in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam. It is vital for dynamic health and fitness, the foundation of all activities. hottest yoga of amsterdam Get Fit, Get Toned and Feel great. Strala inspired yoga classes, workshops and retreats. Our studio is spacious with strong ventilation system and can accommodate comfortably 20 students. Amstel Yoga Center is goed bereikbaar met het OV. On the mat and on the street. We believe in combining different Yoga styles and created an environment where you can expand your Yoga horizon. skillful adjustments. De lessen zijn uitdagend voor zowel beginners als gevorderden. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or an absolute beginner, Movements Yoga offers a variety of classes for all shapes and sizes to choose from. A close-knit team of Yoga Teachers is ready to give you the best lessons in the city’s finest boutique studio. If you continue to use our site we assume that you are in agreement with it. These classes are certainly challenging as well as fun, with plenty of individual attention and correction. study and transmission of yoga, energetic being and compassionate heart inspire students to their very best. Bikram Yoga in Amsterdam Zuid De Pijp. Yoga Lifestyle Studio Amritnam Sarovar Nederland offers Teacher Training programs and Kundalini Yoga classes as well as workshops in the, wide Amsterdam area. In these classes, the teacher will give more detailed instructions for each pose, for a strong foundation of safe alignment. Yoga is different for everyone and therefore a very personal yoga training can help to find YOUR way. Free trial class. We are a TRIBE of positive people that love to connect, inspire and share our love for a yoga lifestyle. Sat Nam, after living in China and Thailand for sevaral years I returned to my hometown Amsterdam in 2016. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Yoga Instruction in Amsterdam, NY.