Russian servers View Entire Discussion (1 Comments) More posts from the blackdesertonline community. Der 7. Black Desert Online O’dyllita Expansion Schedule For Later This Year. Rhutum – (Rhutum Elite Belt – DP +4, Weight Limit +60LT ) 4. Have you finished the quest [Lv. O'dyllita - Contribution Points: 2 - Node Resources Thornwood Sap Thornwood Timber; Crafting Material Thornwood Sap. Now, to take your first step into O’dyllita, please accept the main quest [Lv.60 O'dyllita I] Flower of the Burning Moon. Fallen God’s Armor is a red grade armor that has the same benefits of Blackstar Armor, but can be enhanced 5 times to surpass it. 07.10.2020 — 11.11.2020 O'dyllita Attendance Check. Oktober 2020, der Tag an dem das neue Gebiet O'Dyllita in Black Desert Online erschienen ist. Fish in O’dyllita stay fresh for a longer period than fish caught in other regions! Such a fitting title, isn’t it? Click here for all the details in our O'Dyllita Patch Guide. Warehouse Capacity: 0.10 VT - Description: Material that has been gathered and may be changed to a different form through alchemy or … Posted by 5 days ago. BDO Rich Merchant’s Ring: +5% Marketplace Buff. O'dyllita Attendance Check 07 October 2020 . The only monsters you need to face during the main quest line are the ones in Manshaum Forest of Kamasylvia. Rich Merchant’s Ring got an update in a patch on July 8, 2020. I believe a skilled adventurer like yourself should know what to do. Now how about we finally do some fishing and eat lunch? Lastly, mine the Moonlight Stone with a Pickaxe to obtain Nickel Ore. Well, we think we’ve learned enough of the new gatherable items! Black Desert Online is releasing new, free update O’dyllita later this year. Meme. We are talking about O’dyllita, which will descend on 4 March after the regular server maintenance. We wait for the day the darkness hidden in the world's shadow. Don’t be scared by the recommended AP of the new Monster Zones of O’dyllita! If you wish to enter O’dyllita without progressing the main quest, go to Node Manager Aliluna at Thornwood Castle and Node Manager Honti at Shiv Valley Road to receive sub-quests with which you can obtain most of the NPC Knowledges available in O’dyllita. Read more information here. Most hunting zones in Valencia drop Yona’s Fragment, which will allow you to create your own yellow grade accessories, including Capotia Accessories. 58 Kamasylvia] The Light of Kamasylve? 180k members in the blackdesertonline community. This is not all, there are some more items you can only get in Tunkuta. Breath from all living things in Narcion, paradise of the ancient spirit Narc. is purified into another darkness that blooms from our Mother's wrath... We’ll let you take the lead when we tour the Monster Zones later on... Not that we’re scared, of course! 4. We also hear you can obtain materials for the new Elixirs there, so don’t miss it! For instance, you won’t be able to obtain Knowledges of the Queen of O’dyllita and her followers if you do not do the main quests. To celebrate the newest expansion, we want to offer daily attendance rewards for all types of adventurers. Find yourself an adventurer and charge into the Turos! 1. Every single monster in Olun's Valley is extremely powerful. Seremela - £14 March 3, 2020 Marc Marasigan Comments. BDO Yona’s Fragments For Capotia & Yellow Accessories. By the way, don’t worry about the fish going bad while carrying it back for cooking. Amazing, eh? Click here for all the details in our O'Dyllita Patch Guide. You can get Specter's Energy from a lot of places, but monsters of Thornwood Forest have a higher chance to drop it. 07.10.2020 — 06.01.2021 O'dyllita Attendance Check. It's where the Tunta worshipping Turos trample around. Well, now the Blackstar Helmet is available for crafting too! Finally, there is a new ring to be discovered! In O’dyllita, players will find a “haunted and gothic-inspired” area that is the home to the Ahib, a “sinister elven race”. T1Gaming - £30 Black Desert for … O'dyllita - Contribution Points: 2 - Sub-Nodes Mountain of Division 1 ( 3CP ) Connection Node in O'dyllita Mountain of Division. O’Dyllita Expansion has arrived! Rock Heart Belt. ▶ Concentrate on coordination and defense. These three are the new gatherable items in O’dyllita. Yona’s Fragments via … What’s the first thing you want to try or see?