6 Books in Deve’s Adventure Log require item collections to show to Deve. After you drop it, go to Western Guard Camp near Velia, and get an Ogre Excrement from Luke, the Trade Manager (requires Trade Apprentice 2). I really disliked that you can only choose the Crown or Tiara for the cosmetic reward, it’s just a minor item and I find it silly you can’t have both in your account (you can choose between them no matter what’s your active class at the moment of completion). Alustin Alchemy Adventure Book. 50. These tasks explore various aspects of the game, like defeating monsters, obtaining knowledge, partaking in various Life Skills or joining a guild. You can find all the initial quests in the Suggested tab of the Quest window (hotkey: O) under the [Adventure Log] New Adventure, Diverse Wonders section. Fast Method: You can buy 1 Ogre Blood and 1 Ogre Ring from the Central Market. All of the tasks, in all of the books, work exactly the same way. The most popular 3D fighting game owes a... League of Legends is the game you know even if you’ve never tried it. You need to raise your Amity to 400 with Merv, the Tailor of Calpheon, then buy the Design from her. Currently i offer: |Questing Service| - I will do quests of your choice, price will depend on the quests/amount of quests |Adventure Logs| - Bartali Adventure Log - Deve Adventure Log |Leveling Service 60-61| - Through questing ( 2-3 h ) |Knowledge, Nodes and Energy Grind| Then accept ‘Adventure Log: Traces of a Great Adventurer’ from the Black Spirit. Old School Runescape. The goals that can be achieved from the Rulupee’s Travel Log are decided upon the number of quests completed. Fast Method: Just buy all 5 of them from the Central Market. Each quest rewards passive buffs for all characters on your account. If you don’t have enough, any town’s Furniture Vendor sells a unique Chair. A journal kept by Calpheon’s loudest herald Rubin. Archaeologist's Map Guide. Goal: Have 4 different Coins in your inventory (event Coins count too). Goal: Have 4 different Ogre related items in your inventory. Beer Recipe. 2. Then accept ‘Adventure Log: Stories of a Great Blacksmith’ from the Black Spirit. Every time a quest is completed (except for Daily and Recurring Quests), a ‘count’ will be added to the Rulupee’s Travel Log where reaching a certain number of quests completed would mean you accomplish a goal for Rulupee’s Travel Log. If you want to complete it as fast as possible, then get to Velia, having these items in your inventory:. You can gather Roses in Calpheon’s Holy College gardens. Then you need a Costume Mill Level 2 in order to craft the dress, along with 30 Flax Fabric & 7 Ruby (both easily buyable from the Central Market). You should have Sylvia’s Silver Coin from the Kamasylvia Main Quest (if you’ve lost it, you can exchange 50 Energy to take it again from XXX in Grana. BDO - Deve's Encyclopedia Walkthrough Part 1: Chapters 1-3. Rulupee’s Travel Log can be received from the Black Spirit after your character reaches Lv.55. ... With the bonus 2 ap and those 3 plus the one we are missing from Deve's log. To greet an NPC go up to them and press “F1”, this will use energy but is a fast way to earn a little bit of amity. Give reform stones to DM. There are a few tasks that need only some specific items, while others are quite open-ended into which items you bring to Deve. The Mortal Kombat video game franchise offers an exciting combat-based and bloody experience when viewed through the lenses of professional cosplayers. Fast Method: Grind Wandering Rogues in Mediah for Ancient Iron Coin & Ancient Silver Coin. MMOs, CCGs, RPGs and many more, Steam-addict & achievement-w***e. Currently wasting life on. To do this, you need to log in (register), go to the NPC page and click on the map in the right place. A secret journal written by one of Mediah's legendary blacksmiths, Dorin Morgrim. ▲ You can access them from the menu (ESC). Deve’s Encylopedia involves collecting a variety of items and showing them to Deve (the storage keeper) in Altinova. I love that thing it won't double per say your yeilds but you see like 4 birch 2 logs, 3 birch 1 log … Adventure Log 11-15 Translation and Guide. Igor Bartali, Chief of Velia, was once an adventurer. Deve's Encyclopedia is an unconventional encyclopedia filled with stories about peculiar items Deve has collected and unusual ways of using them. Pavino’s Adventure Log contains 4 books that cost over 1.5 billion silver, but reward 600 HP total to all characters in your account. ♦ Rulupee’s Travel Log: Must be Lv.55 or above. Give a Duo (II) green grade weapon to DM. 56. Valley Lily Workshop Chandelier (Fluorescent). ♦ Deve's Encyclopedia: Must be Lv.56 or above, completed the awakening quests, and reached family fame of 601. bonus which will be implemented on your entire Family. The second longest Adventure Log in BDO, Deve's Encyclopedia is very tricky to do without following an appropriate guide, so we made sure to explain each step thoroughly. Then buy 1 Gold Ingot from the Central Market. Goal: Have 5 different Alcohol items in your inventory. You know, that one friend that is a... Logitech is the master of computer mouse engineering, and the MX Master series couldn't have a more appropriate name! Naga Webfoot from Swamp Naga in Glish, Fogan Webfoot from Swamp Fogan in Glish, and Desert Naga’s Webfoot from Desert Naga Temple in Valencia (you can still drop the trash loot in low-level areas no matter your level, just be patient). Guide. Fast Method: Just buy any 3 from the Central Market. This adventure log contains records of all the fantastic adventures Igor Bartali experienced all over the world some 50 years ago. Fast Method: Just buy all of them from the Central Market. The Book of Margahan is one of the BDO Adventure Logs, and instead of permanent account buffs, it unlocks an extremely cool system called... Black Desert has made a wise choice with developing the Adventure Logs part of the game. Fast Method: Buy any 5 items from the Central Market. Bartali’s Adventure Log contains 15 chapters, and completing chapter 1 will open up chapter 2 and so on consecutively via Black Spirit’s quests. Rulupee’s Travel Log Benefits: Increased Stats: Max HP: +18; Weight Limit: +6LT; Inventory Slot: +1; Permanent Enhancement Chance +5; Advice of Valks: +40, +50, +100 x6 (costs Black Stones to make), +300 in softcap set using nouver I try to copy your set in bdo planner. 11/21/19 BDO Global Test Lab VOLUME I 1. BDO Horse Spawn Location Maps. For example, some of the bonuses you will receive range from additional AP or inventory slots to +2 permanent enhance chance. Please refer to the Agris Fever page for more information about it. Greeting an NPC will use 3 energy and earn you … Here are the conditions that must be met to try this content: ♦ Bartali’s Adventure Log: Must be Lv.51 or above, must have completed Main Quests (Storylines) of Calpheon. Herald's Journal consists of 3 chapters, each one with 4 timed quests. You can also find various flowers in Calpheon’s Holy College, and even more inside Grana in Kamasylvia. The 1st chapter of Bartali’s Adventure Log can be opened after having completed all main quests up to the end of the territory of Calpheon and having reached Lv.51. If you can’t, each town’s Furniture Vendor sells a unique Bed for amity points. Hello, i do services in BDO for money. Fast Method: Exchange 4 Gold Bars from Deve, up to the 100,000,000 Silver one. Bartali's Adventure Log answers some parts of that mystery. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do to get a Soiled Ogre Ring, is grind Ogres in Mansha Forest, Calpheon. December 5 (Sat), 2020 08:00 UTC / 09:00 CET / 00:00 PST / 03:00 EST. The rewards for Dorin Morgin’s Adventure Log are nice. Fast Method: Buy 1 Perfume of Courage from the Central Market. I know you can get 4 ap from Igor Bartali's Adventure Log and 1 ap from Deve's Encyclopedia but you get 261ap instead of 260? The second longest Adventure Log in BDO, Deve's Encyclopedia is very tricky to do without following an appropriate guide, so we made sure to explain each step thoroughly. BDO Adventure Log - Deve's Encyclopedia . .. and many more Coin you can only find in Events & content that is no longer available. To show him the items, click the “Chat” option then show the items to Deve. Deve's adventure journal guide for anyone wanting to prep. ♦ Book of Margahan: Must be Lv. Close. Goal: Have 3 different Corals in your inventory. Goal: Have 3 different Keys in your inventory. Please note that when the quest asks for weapons, you may not hand in Blackstar or Awakening weapons. You can preorder all 4 Traps and wait, or get any Siege Weapon Workshop Level 2 and craft 1 Stun Trap, 1 Flame Trap, 1 Venom Trap & 1 Ankle Trap. 3. Grind Sausan Garrison in Mediah for Ancient Bronze Coin. Fast Method: Just buy any 3 Artisan’s Stuffed Heads from the Central Market. Deve’s Encyclopedia is one of the Adventure Logs in Black Desert Online, which award passive account-bound buffs, that are definitely worth investing your time into. Goal: Have 5 different Pure Crystals in your inventory. After the Halloween Log, we now get the Valentine’s Day Adventure Log, which sadly doesn’t offer any account-wide benefits, but it does offer a great amount of Silver in the form of enhancing materials!. Fast Method: You can buy any Silk Honey Grass from the Central Market. You can enjoy reading through all the fun adventures of Rulupee while achieving goals for awesome rewards. Fast Method: Buy 1 Old Fishing Rod from any Material Vendor, and buy any 2 Fishing Rods from the Central Market (Fishing Rods that are enhanced won’t work). There are a total of 11 pages on Rulupee’s Travel Log, and the number of quests you have already completed before receiving Rulupee’s Travel Log count. Fast Method: Unless you are lucky and possess any of the other keys, you will need to get 1 Bronze Key, 1 Silver Key and 1 Gold Key. * Any type of coin that you have earned from events (Name must contain a word “Coin”) 3. It is a pretty easy "quest" for some easy gains. In the new menu they're located under the Adventure tab. They also drop from the Mysterious Earring item you can buy from any Blacksmith, but it’s not really worth to spend so much money on this. I highly suggest you scan through all the books & item requirements, so you get a better estimate of what’s ahead of you, and maybe start preordering like crazy. 0 Comments. You can access this adventure log after reaching Lv. The rewards are family wide and include a variety of stat upgrades such as, AP increases, weight limit, HP increase and enchancement increase. If you can’t bother, you can complete the quest “Treasure Hunter” from Adrian Loggia in Velia, which requires 500 Amity to unlock, and will award you with an Ancient Gold Coin). You need a simple Tool Workshop Level 1 anywhere, and keep in mind that Lucky tools have a 10% chance to be created, so you will need to craft at least 10 Sharp Tanning Knives. Therefore, please proceed with caution before accepting the reward. Deve's Encyclopedia consists of 6 chapters. Upon completing the 10th chapter and the last chapter you will receive special gifts through the Black Spirit. You must start from chapter 1 and complete each subsequent chapter in order. Boss Weapon Enhancement Table PRI to PEN. But rest assured, this guide will help you make sense of every single step, unlike all these helpful – but still outdated and low on info – Deve guides you can find elsewhere. Boss Armor Enhancement Table to +15. Goal: Have 7 different Ores in your inventory. Bdo adventure log rewards. Upon completing quests on the chapters of Bartali’s Adventure Log, you will be rewarded a character stat. Fast Method: You can buy 1 Capturing Rope from any Stable Keeper. ▲ Left-click on the Bartali’s Adventure Log chapters to read the journal entries and see the conditions necessary to complete the quests. They joined the console market... Estimating the population of an MMO game is a daunting task, and publishers are not willing to share their numbers on these matters. Black Desert Online - Deve's Encyclopedia Adventure Log Guide 38,493 0. We have added in each list, all the known items that you can use for every task. Fast Method: You need to get the Ceramics Workshop in Glish, and craft 1 Round Pottery, 1 Quagmire Pottery and 1 Long Pottery. Nowadays he offers free lodging and food to travelers and fantasizes about reliving his youth. Archived. * The contents of this wiki are subject to change depending on updates and content changes. November 20 (Fri)–November 25 (Wed) 23:59 UTC, 2020 ♦ Dorin Morgrim's Secret Journal: Must be Lv.56 or above. Please note that the site is heavily under development (v.0.2), so some information might be inaccurate. Goal: Have 3 different Bed in your inventory. It's not the best questing experience - like... How to Complete Deve’s Encyclopedia Tasks, Book 1.3 | November 15 | 5 Gold Bars (+1 HP), Book 1.4 | December 15 | 10 Flowers (+1 LT), Book 2.2 | March 14 | 3 Chandeliers (+1 HP), Book 2.4 | April 2 | 3 Stuffed Heads (+1 LT), Book 3.2 | June 23 | 7 Underwater Items (+2 HP), Book 3.3 | June 27 | 3 Fishing Rods (+2 HP), Book 4.2 | September 26 | 3 Presentable Items (+1 HP), Book 4.3 | October 5 | 2 Love Items (+1 HP), Book 4.4 | October 7 | 5 Alcohol Items (+1 HP), Book 4.5 | October 10 | 7 Spirit Items (+3 Stamina), Book 5.1 | January 19 | 4 Ogre Items (+1 AP), Book 5.2 | February 2 | 2 Memory Items (+1 HP), Book 5.3 | February 7 | 5 Sun Items (+1 HP), Book 5.4 | March 14 | 5 Future Items (+1 HP), Book 5.5 | April 2 | 3 Dirt Items (+1 HP), Book 6.2 | June 16 | 1 Noble Outfit (+1 HP, Crown / Tiara Helmet), Book 6.4 | July 11 | 1 Friendship Item (+1 HP), Book 6.5 | July 22 | 5 Deve Items (+1 HP), The 10 Best MMORPG Games You Should Play In 2020, Apex Legends – Wraith Guide: Lore, Abilities & Best Gun Loadouts, The 11 Best Zombie Games You Should Play in 2020, Logitech MX Master 3 Review – 2020’s Best Ergonomic Mouse for Working, The Sims 4 Expansion Packs, Game Packs & Stuff Pack DLCs, All Xbox Console Models & Generations Ever Released (2001-2020), Top 6 Most Popular MMORPGs Sorted by Population (2020), All Nintendo Consoles & Handhelds Ever Released (1977-2020), Tekken 7 Characters – Full Roster of 50 Fighters, The Best LoL Cosplays – 50 Unique League of Legends Costumes, Apex Legends Loba Guide – Lore, Abilities & Best Gun Loadouts, How to Play Nintendo 64 Games on Your Windows PC, All 15 Apex Legends Characters & Who to Pick in Season 7, Artisan’s Stuffed Valencia Mountain Goat Head, Artisan’s Stuffed Drieghan Male Goat Head, Artisan’s Stuffed Drieghan Female Goat Head, Artisan’s Stuffed Belladonna Elephant Head, Artisan’s Stuffed Baby Belladonna Elephant Head, High-Quality Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha, Black Desert Online – Tier 9 & Tier 10 Horse Awakening Guide, Black Desert Online – Alustin’s Alchemy Journal Guide, Black Desert Online – Caphras’ Record – Journal Guide, The 10 Best Black Desert Online Streamers on Twitch, 10 Stunning Black Desert Cosplays + DrawMeACosplay Interview, Black Desert Online Class Guide – All 20 Classes & What to Play, Black Desert Online Pets – Buffs, Skills, Talents & P2W Uncovered, Black Desert Online – All Lifeskills (Professions) Explained, Black Desert Online – Book of Margahan / Agris Fever Guide, Black Desert Online – Valentine’s Day Adventure Log Guide. (30 armor and weapon blackstones) Reward: 5 HP / +10% Drop rate buff for 1 hour. Then accept ‘Travel Log: Traces of a Courageous Adventurer’ from the Black Spirit. You will hardly find a Loria’s Hand Mirror in the market, so it’s better to craft it yourself in Florin 1-3 Florin Workshop, by using 12 Melted Silver Shard, 5 Tin Ingot, 6 Rough Translucent Crystal and 25 Black Stone Powder. Then accept ‘Adventure Log: Herald's Journal’ from the Black Spirit. Barter. The Adventure Logs are a new modality of content in which you learn about the past adventures of various known characters of Black Desert's world and obtain Family Bonuses. Online Live Audience Sign-up Period. If you finish all 6 Deve’s Encyclopedia books, you will end up with the following permanent account rewards: Obviously, the most important reward is the additional AP you can get from Book 5.1 – which is obviously the most painful. Where did you get 1 sheet ap? Deve's Item Encyclopedia ist eine neue Questreihe in Black Desert Online (BDO), die sehr wahrscheinlich bald bei uns in Europa erscheinen wird. Goal: Have 5 different Sun-related items in your inventory. Goal: Have 7 different Chair in your inventory. Engaging in Conversation with an NPC will increase the amity between you and that NPC. Let’s get started! If you have made quite some progress in your account, it will be “easy” to complete all 6 Deve books in a single day if you wanted to, if you are a newer player, you are going to have a harder time with some of the tasks. Once the adventure log is complete, you will not only get reward items but a temporary Item Drop Rate buff. 1800-10-631-8000 (PLDT) 1800-3-631-8000 (Digitel) 1800-5-631-8000 (Bayantel) 1800-8-631-8000 (Globelines) Disclosure: We may sometimes use affiliate links to reputable retailers like Amazon. Fast Method: You can buy Soaring Wings Elixir, Honey Wine, Flare & Transparent Empty Bottle from the Central Market. This BDO Bartali’s Adventure Log Guide gives an in-depth look into Igor Bartali’s level 51+ quest series. Last but not least, you can do the Necklace of Sealed Magical Power repeatable quest in Calpheon, which awards you with 5 Seal of Promise. If you have Vadabin Diving Mask from the event then you are lucky, and can skip one of the grinding steps! In order to begin working towards Caphras' Record's books, you need to complete the main quest line for O'dyllita, called Flower of the... Black Desert Online is one of the most popular games nowadays, as mentioned in an earlier article. The temporary item drop buffs can get very high at 20%! Boss Armor Enhancement Table PRI to PEN. Fast Method: Just buy any 3 Fortune Teller Mushroom variants you can find on the Central Market. Goal: Have 10 different Flowers in your inventory. Goal: Have 5 different Gold Bars in your inventory. To do this quest, you need to have completed the first 10 Chapters. What did the kind Chief live through that made him yearn so much to go back to those days? ♦ Deve's Encyclopedia: Must be Lv.56 or above, completed the awakening quests, and reached family fame of 601. While Deve’s is one of the worst time / reward logs, it will still award you with 1 precious AP (it’s sheet AP, meaning it contributes to your AP bracket and shows up in your stats), as well as a Desert Fox pet. Top Content. The additional Pet will also come handy especially to newer players. Goal: Have 2 different Love-related items in your inventory. Goal: Have 1 Silk Honey Grass, 1 Loria’s Hand Mirror and 1 Fogan Skin Oil in your inventory. This travel log contains all the travels of Rulupee, the world explorer. On the week of August 14, 2019, Pearl Abyss released Chapters 11 to 15 of the Bartali Adventure Log. Goal: Have 1 Token of Friendship or Seal of Promise in your inventory. Whatever business area your company is involved, BDO has highly trained professional teams on specific issues that affect your sector, and have a deep understanding of the business. Every NPC in Black Desert has “Amity points” and the higher it is, the more friendly you are with the NPC. Best Of The 10 Best MMORPG Games You Should Play In 2020. This page was last edited on 8 June 2020, at 14:26. Fast Method: Buy any 5 Pure Crystals from the Central Market. Fast Method: It’s very hard to buy a Calpheon Noble Dress from the Central Market, so you will have to craft it yourself. If you have the gear on hand anyway, it’s well worth the price for permanent stat increases. Alternatively, you can get the trade item Love Potion No. You can accept the Black Spirit quest for Deve's Encyclopedia if your character has reached Lv. Houses 8-1.2 all the way through 8-1.5 can be skipped if you want to maximize on value alone, as picking up just 8-1.1, 8-2.U, and 8-2.1 will give the utmost value at 3.667 cumulative space per CP.Be advised that 8-1.3 and 8-1.4 are also optimal lodging locations. Amity can also be earned by greeting an NPC and is used to unlock various things. 39738 Views. You will need 31 Rough Mud Crystal, 119 Rough Stone, 45 Purified Water and 75 Black Stone Powder. 5 types of gold bars (1G,10G,100G,1000G,10,000G) So 10,000G is near impossible for most so you can also use a golden ingot (can buy off of MP) . Deve’s Adventure Log was added 13th November 2019 in Black Desert Online on the NA server. However Lucky Sharp Tanning Knife is not always in stock, so you might have to craft it. T9 and T10 horses are the end-game of Black Desert Online's training lifeskill. Fast Method: Buy 1 Aal’s Tear from any Material Vendor, and then buy 1 Tear of the Great Ocean from the Marketplace. Fast Method: Buy 1 Trace of Memory 1 Memory Fragment from the Central Market. You will have to connect Florin with Calpheon, so put the materials needed in Calpheon’s storage, and use a Calpheon worker. Fast Method: The Chandeliers available on the Central Market are quite expensive, so just head over to Annabella Belucci, the Candlestick Vendor of Calpheon, and buy any 3 Chandelier. Adventure Log 11-15 Translation and Guide. By Babalon, Mother of Abominations. Meet Deve in Altinova when you have everything in your inventory (if you want to move fast with the Trade item, just put it on your horse). Although this Item Drop Rate buff will stack with those of scrolls such as the Item Collection Increase Scroll, it will not stack with other temporary buffs from adventure logs. Goal: Have 3 different Chandelier in your inventory. You can accept the Black Spirit quest for Herald's Journal if you have the knowledge about Rubin and have reached Lv. Deve’s Encylopedia involves collecting a variety of items and showing them to Deve (the storage keeper) in Altinova. .. and many more “Key” items not worth mentioning. MMORPGs are our specialty - and the reason Altar of Gaming exists in the first place. The... Nintendo has been founded in 1889 (originally making handmade playing cards), and they began developing video games almost one century later, in 1975. You can complete most of Deve’s Encyclopedia by simply buying / preordering items on the Central Market, but you can’t totally skip some running around, or crafting a few things that you can’t wait forever to buy. 60 or above. There is one requirement to be able to start doing Deve’s Encyclopedia, and that’s having Family Fame over 600. Goal: Have all 5 favorite items of Deve in your inventory (talk with him, and open the “Gift” menu, to see the items needed). His Adventure Journal contains 15 Books that have a series of quests. It is now part of the BDO Adventure Log, which includes Bartali’s Adventure Log and Deve’s Encyclopedia and Herald’s Journal. Cosplayers have also flooded offline esports tournaments... With 20 different classes, and a ton of grinding needed to get them.. somewhere, deciding your main class in Black Desert Online is not... Pets have an extremely essential role in Black Desert Online, and even though the game has become more generous with providing a few free... Lifeskills are a very important feature in Black Desert Online, and go far beyond the basic nature of professions in most MMOs. - Added the ability to add coordinates NPC and Gatherables. Goal: Have 3 different Artisan’s Stuffed Heads in your inventory. 56, completed the awakening quests, and reached family fame of 601. You can get that very easily by simply hitting level 60 (300 Combat Fame), and raising your Energy / Contribution Points to 150++ (300 Special Fame). Goal: Have 3 different Vases made from Mud. Guide. ♦ Herald's Journal: Must be Lv.56 or above and have the knowledge about Rubin. Caphras’ Record Adventure Log Guide – Books 1 – 4 7th Nov 2020 Global Lab Updates – 6th November 2020 6th Nov 2020 Global Lab Updates – 29th October 2020 29th Oct 2020 I do Book 1-8 you come and see what you need to do! 6 from Lolly, the Trade Manager of Olvia. Altar of Gaming is not affiliated with, or sponsored by Pearl Abyss. Fast Method: Buy 1 Token of Friendship from the Central Market. BDOD is a Database for the MMORPG Black Desert Online. There is a 1% chance to drop the Soiled Ogre Ring, so this is definitely the most painful step of all Deve’s Encyclopedia – and it’s the one that awards the precious 1 AP. This list features... Apex Legends has managed to successfully implement hero-shooting gameplay in the battle royale genre, by giving the Legends various abilities that encourage different playstyles.... 16-hours / day in front of the screen entrepreneur, of which 6+ are spent on gaming. 06-12-2018: - English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai, Taiwanese, Japanese and Indonesian sections of the site updated up to the latest version of the game. BDO AP Brackets. Pavino Greko’s Collection was added to the Adventure Log Bookshelf in a patch on July 8, 2020. Bartali Adventure Log 11-15. I don't get it. BDO Adventure Log - Book of Margahan / Agris Fever . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can buy 101 Silver Keys from the Central Market, and exchange 100 of them with Morco’s daily quest for 1 Gold Key. I'm extremely excited to review... EA's trying to break all records with the amount of Sims 4 expansion packs, game packs, and stuff packs that are available, and I... Microsoft has always been a PC software vendor since 1972, but in 2001 they also released their first console. Goal: Have 7 different Underwater-related items in your inventory. It’s simple to just buy all that you need from the Marketplace, but it’s not cheap. Bartalli’s Adventure Log is a set of quests/achievements you can complete for extra rewards. Then you are going to need 3 different trash loot items. ♦ Rulupee’s Travel Log: Must be Lv.55 or above. Goal: Have 3 different Fortune Teller Mushroom variants in your inventory. 56 by accepting and completing the quest Adventure Log: Stories of a Great Blacksmith via the Black Spirit. BDO DP Brackets. If you p2w get the hedghog pack for 42 bucks 42000 pearls my god I love that thing other stuff in that new player pack aint bad either, but hedghog has chance to double gather. This time the rewards are +3 to AP, +1 to DP, […] Fast Method: Buy as many flowers as you can find from the Central Market. Read more information here. You need to have a certain amount of specific items in your inventory, and then Chat with Deve, the Storage Keeper of Altinova. You have entered an incorrect email address! Posted by 1 year ago. If there are not any available, you can grind them in Cyclops Land near Longleaf Tree Forest in Calpheon. Consider this list 99% perfect and accurate, since... Wraith is the second most picked legend in the game, she utilizes a fast moving tactical that allows her to stepInto The Void, escape... We all have that one friend that is into anything that has to do with zombies. In order to get a Bronze key you will need to do some low-level content, I suggest the daily quest Sharp Orc Tooth in Glish.