It gathers and analyzes massive pools of medical and clinical data at scale to provide precision medicine that personalizes and optimizes treatments to each individual’s specific health needs. They are likely to name their pets, gadgets and everything, as humans. A major growth area. Automated Software Engineering. Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which TechnologyAdvice receives compensation. Artificial intelligence is the field of study that is generally defined as the study of intelligence exhibited by machines or software. AI in healthcare is changing patient care in numerous – and major – ways. Given its market size and power, it’s likely that Qualcomm will continue to be a key driver of AI functionality in the all-important consumer device market. Human Resources can be a bifurcated place, with different apps for each task HR handles. Similarly, Aifloo is developing a system for keeping track of how people are doing in nursing homes, home care, etc. How about naming your AI after some great and fresh color names? They are surreal and gives us the feeling of imaginary real things. The company’s AI laboratory that researches automated document reading and software vision. It was initially an exchange for algorithms on a one-off, single user basis. It hasn’t been particularly forthcoming with details, but its AI robots, geared for industrial automation, are known to “learn” as they do more tasks. As an adult,... Dubai has never stopped mesmerizing its visitors. Ironically, Bossa Nova started as a robotic toy maker, but now has full scale robots in retailers like Walmart. Orbital Insight uses satellite geospatial imagery and artificial intelligence to gain insights not visible to the human eye. It is used in banks and security systems. The concept is simple — if you receive a meeting request but don’t have time to work out logistics, you copy Amy onto the email and she handles it. It’s goal is to build “safe” AI that evolve in their abilities to solve problems. iCarbonX is a Chinese biotech startup that uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized health analyses and health index predictions. In a world run by data, in many cases, someone – or some system – has to prep that data so that it’s useable. AlphaSense is an AI-powered search engine designed for investment firms, banks, and Fortune 500 companies focused on searching for important information within earnings call transcripts, SEC filings, news, and research. Business intelligence developers play a key role in improving the efficiency and … It’s not enough that Suki offers a AI-powered software solution that assists doctors as they make voice notes in a busy day. Artificial intelligence (AI), is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals.Leading AI textbooks define the field as the study of "intelligent agents": any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals.Colloquially, the term "artificial intelligence… It presents the network administrators with actionable intelligence of real time findings for them to take necessary action. Given all the uses for such cameras (which employ the cloud), it’s no surprise that the company’s clients range from schools to shopping malls. The 2018-2025 Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast report indicates that the global pest control market has drastically grown over the years. Siemens, the famed legacy German multinational, focuses on areas like energy, electrification, digitization, and automation, as well as resource-saving and energy efficient technologies and a leading provider of devices and systems for medical diagnosis, power generation, and transmission. A player in the new field of quantum machine learning. The iShares Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Multisector ETF seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of developed and emerging market companies that could benefit from the long-term growth and innovation in robotics technologies and artificial intelligence. Used by many thousands of data scientists across a large community of organizations worldwide, H2O claims to be "the world's leading open source deep learning platform." The company has gained some big clients, including Microsoft. Related: Our 24 Favorite BI Tools. Insitro operates at “the convergence of human biology and machine learning.” More specifically, it uses artificial intelligence to build models of various human illnesses, using those model to forecast previously unknown solutions – far beyond human intuition. They are organized into categories and then alphabetized within those categories. It has been acquisitive, purchasing a number of AI startups over several years. Tamr combines machine learning and human tech staff to help customers optimize and integrate the highest value datasets into its operations. But the key part here is the combination of human with AI, which is a sweet spot in the effective use cases for artificial intelligence. Namelix generates short, branded names that are relevant to your business idea. Their latest initiative, which includes an extensive team of data scientists, uses machine learning to help employees more efficiently perform tasks by simplifying and speeding them up. Its applications included “attended” RPA, which helps office works do mundane, repetitive tasks much more efficiently, employing the power of machine learning. Many people prefer to have ownership upon everything. We name our siblings after fruit names; the difference is that we call them by the fruit we don’t like. Its machine learning tools, bolstered by data analytics, seek insight on fraud before it happens. K Health’s AI solution operates in this area. For example, it can give spatial and volume statistics about a roadway that is about to undergo repair work. Based on Asia, SenseTime develops facial recognition technology that can be applied to payment and picture analysis. It also processes the relevant information from forms rather than requiring that a human read through the whole form. 1.342 Impact Factor 2019 Constraints. We feature artificial intelligence companies that are commercially successful as well as those that have invested significantly in artificial intelligence. Careers in artificial intelligence also include the position of business intelligence (BI) developer. Affectiva is dealing with this latter issue by using AI to help system understand the emotions in a human face and conversation. It’s expected that the company will play a role in the self-driving car market. Microsoft has a mix of consumer-facing and business/IT AI projects. Image recognition is a huge growth area for AI. Its motto is “identify more real people in real time.”. This device – powered by Butterfly iQ – allows an ultrasound examination of the entire body, at a far lower cost than legacy systems. We’re not quite at the point where … Focusing on enterprise AI, offers a wide array of pre-built applications, along with a PaaS solution, to enable the development of enterprise-level AI, IoT applications and analytics software. You have entered an incorrect email address! So here is your chance to get that in real. Users see and interact with objects presented by fully dimensioned visual world of the Ubiquity app, immersing themselves in a creative or educational environment. Google, a leader in AI and data analytics, is on a massive AI acquisition binge, having acquired myriad AI startups in the last several years. The remarkable truth about AI is that it keeps moving up the food chain in terms of the sophisticated tasks it can handle. Its products are built on its Cortex augmented intelligence platform for companies to design, development, delivery, and manage enterprise-grade AI systems. Overall the company’s goal is to boost the value of robotics in daily life. Using a combination of human freelancers and a system built with machine learning automation, Defined Crowd provides a data set that companies can leverage to improve the performance of their algorithms. Its AI-enable system monitors and checks the quality of countless data sources – far more than a human, of course, but more important, far more than a legacy system that doesn’t have the speed and flexibility and insight of AI. Leveraging AI, CrowdStrike's Falcon platform enables it to identify what it calls active indicators of attack to detect malicious activity before a breach actually happens. Based in Canada, Xanadu is a quantum hardware and technology outfit that is developing a type of quantum computer based on photonic technology. Its valuation is impressive, racking several billion dollars in recent years. AEye builds the vision algorithms, software and hardware used to guide autonomous vehicles. The leading cloud computing platform in Asia, Alibaba offers clients a sophisticated Machine Learning Platform for AI. Artificial Intelligence research advances are transforming technology as we know it. Can software decide between right and wrong, in a moral sense? What would be a better name for it? The primary objective of this role is to analyze complex data sets to identify business and market trends. Yes, the Siemens web site actually makes reference to “AI in the beer garden.”, Given how lucrative it is for hackers, will identity theft ever go away? Artificial Intelligence is basically the replication of human intelligence through computer systems or machines. Based in Seattle, Algorithmia’s goal is to help data scientists find and use algorithms. Deep 6 uses AI to, in its own words, “find more patients in minutes, not months.” The patients in this sense are participants in clinical trials – a critical part of the research process in developing new medicine; certainly one of the challenging issues finding a vaccine for COVID-19 is finding a community of appropriate candidates. It will be a little unusual, but you will love the concept. This cloud-based SaaS firm focuses on endpoint security. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR IT MANAGEMENT NEWSLETTER, Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, SEE ALL Clearly a major growth area. That means no more energy-hungry, overheating electric machines, among other advantages. Its goal is to help customers automate what would be the manual processes of using their own unique data. 5.747 Impact Factor 2019 Artificial Life and Robotics. Referred to as an enterprise-scale data unification company. Apple acquired the company in early 2020. Banjo offers an AI-powered "event-detection engine" that draws on geolocated public posts made from mobile devices to tell you what is going on in your immediate area. Its solutions can accomplish any number of fine-grain tasks that might previously have required the exactitude of a skilled human. Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service (PaaS) company that allows software developers to integrate text messages, phone calls, and video calls into applications through the use of various APIs. Ayasdi is a machine intelligence software company that offers intelligent applications to its clients around the world for using Big Data and complex data analytics problems. Impressively, the chip accomplishes tasks like high  speed language translation and facial recognition. It works with a number of consumer devices and any accessory that could use some kind of intelligence. It develops conversational AI for customer engagement and workforce support on any endpoint. DataVisor uses machine learning to detect fraud and financial crime detection, utilizing unsupervised machine learning to identify attack campaigns before they conduct any damage. The technology uses artificial intelligence to expand keyword searches for relevant content. That's what makes the sequels -- in which AI also becomes the hero -- so special. So instead of self-driving cars, Nauto is an AI-technology designed to improve the safety of commercial fleets today as well as autonomous fleets by assessing how drivers interact with the vehicle and the road ahead to reduce distracted driving and prevent collisions. Keeping Machine Learning Algorithms Honest in the ‘Ethics-First’ Era. I mean you must have friends called Scarlett, Skye and those are very common. Driving the AI revolution with the highly capable smartphone chips it makes, Qualcomm leverages a signal processor for image and sound capabilities. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. Success doesn’t come overnight. Finding some great bakery names? He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking. A giant in the field, they also fund AI efforts. Significantly, the platform offers a visual interface for ease of use, so companies can drag and drop various components into a canvas to assemble their AI functionality. Twilio's services are accessed over HTTP and are billed based on usage. Sift mines thousands of data points from around the web to train in detecting fraud patterns. Artificial intelligence is impacting every sector in the world, making processes smoother, innovation quicker and cutting down on costs. Tapping a growth market, Sherpa sells white label digital assistants for consumer applications. But as artificial intelligence doesn’t come with names like Siri and Alexa, […] On the Interpretations, Illustrations and Implications of Artificial Intelligence, Business Horizons), they furthermore analyze how AI is different from related concepts, such as the Internet of Things and big data, and suggest that AI is not one monolithic term but instead needs to be seen in a more nuanced way. Naming after a human, makes sense, at least you feel safe and secure with at least one human . Founded by Daphne Koller, Insitro has drawn investment from an exhaustive array of VC and financial firms. Based on San Francisco, the company touts itself as “The Most Powerful Platform for Data Science.”. The company raised more than $175 million in Series C funding before being acquired earlier by cancer research giant Roache. One area Nvidia is making a big push is in self-driving cars, but it is one of many efforts. It isn’t enough to have the fuzzy matching scores, you also need to know which combination of similar database fields, and how similar those database fields need to be, in order to be indicative of a match. Cylance develops security apps that prevent – instead of reactively detecting –  viruses and other malware. Add to that list HiSilicon. You can see how AI has been a part of our daily lives. Founded in 2015. Customers have their best employees fill out the Pymetrics assessment, which then creates a model for what future ideal candidates should be like. A recent study comparing legal research platforms found that attorneys using Casetext’s CARA AI finished their research more than 20 percent faster, required 4.4 times fewer searches to accomplish the same research task, and rated the cases they found as significantly more relevant than those found with a legacy research tool. Once a stand alone company and now a division of MasterCard, Brighterion offers AI for the financial services industry, specifically designed to block fraud rates. Products include Sentry Tower (autonomous awareness), Ghost sUAS (unmanned ISR) and Anvil (precision kinetic intercept). And, using a model built from a vast store of anonymous health records, its system offers help based on how a users complaint correlates with this vast history of other patients. One of the largest social media companies to come out of China, Tencent has an advanced AI lab which developed tools to process information across its ecosystem, including natural language processing, news aggregators and facial recognition. In recent years, Salesforce has acquired a handful of AI companies and unveiled Salesforce Einstein, their artificial intelligence service. Based in New York City, Pymetrics leverages AI to help companies hire the optimal candidates, by examining more than a resume scan. Copyright 2020 TechnologyAdvice All Rights Reserved. Images and videos are tagged, teaching the technology to find similarities in images. Suki’s aim – using the power of AI to learn over time – is to mold and adapt to users with repeated use, so the solution becomes ever more of a time saver and efficiency booster for physicians and healthcare workers. Formerly known as, Xant underwent a major rebrand, and is now focusing on the enterprise market. It claims it can predict multiple diseases with better-than-human accuracy by examining a huge library of medical images and a specialized examination technology. The company’s AI Express is a fast-to-market solution – within 6-8 weeks – that is custom designed for customers. “It will have a huge economic impact but also change society, and it's hard to make strong predictions, but clearly job markets will be affected,” said Yoshua Bengio, a professor at the University of Montreal, and head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms. As part of the EU project AI DIH Network, 30 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) with focus on Artificial Intelligence have been selected to take part in a mentoring and coaching programme run by PwC, in consortium with CARSA and Innovalia.. A total number of 150 applications from 27 different Member States … Its efforts in recent years are around IBM Watson, including an a AI-based cognitive service, AI software as a service, and scale-out systems designed for delivering cloud-based analytics and AI services. Based in Emeryville, California. Leveraging machine learning, the company’s “open core platform” (the SwimOS is open source) augments the decision making process by providing streaming data, and contextualizing data sources. On its Azure cloud service, Microsoft sells AI services such as bot services, machine learning and cognitive services. The prospects for AI research scientists are virtually limitless, as these individuals will be at the forefront of AI and machine learning applications for … Like the unicorn, we can simply picture the white horse-like creature with horn and soft light everywhere around. With backing by some real heavweights – Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg – Vicarious’s goal is nothing less than to develop a robot brain that can think like a human. These models use the power of ML to improve drug discovery and development. Tech companies both big and small are working on artificial intelligence projects that will shape the future of industries such as healthcare, banking, business, education and more. Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate fantasy of all ages. It has been promoting its CUDA GPU programming language for nearly two decades. The Artificial Intelligence of Things; For this list, we selected 50 of the most well-known of these open source artificial intelligence projects. It helps its customers by intelligently routing their questions to chatbots to answer their questions personally or to customer support personnel. Think of these forward-looking AI companies as taking a particularly inventive approach to machine learning and AI. Let’s check some name of colors that you can use to name your Artificial Intelligence. It cuts through the clutter of non-news or irrelevant news to specific industries and only gives them highly relevant news when it happens. The company’s core goal is to equip HR pros with machine learning smarts. Nvidia’s emergence as an AI leader was hardly overnight. Is there a better name for an AI company than Algorithmia? Introduction to Search Algorithms in AI. It’s leveraging AI and image recognition to track and monitor the landscape. The focus of their work is to develop artificial intelligence infused with the human skill set of problem solving, learning and memory. Significantly, Tamr enables cloud native, on-premise or hybrid scenarios – truly a good fit for today’s data-driven, multi-cloud world. Founded in 2016,’s goal is to streamline the life of salespeople, assisting them in putting the reams of small details into the relevant CRM systems, chiefly Salesforce. However, logically speaking, artificial intelligence could have regular names just like humans do, or non-artificial intelligence. On the consumer side it has Cortana, the digital assistant that comes with Windows and now is available for smartphones other than Windows Phone, and the chatbot Zo that talks like a teenager.