Charoite Crystal Meaning and Uses. Apatite’s energy cleanses our aura and grounds us while enhancing our ability to explore our higher spiritual nature. An open and activated Heart Chakra helps us deal with the emotional ups and downs of daily life. The dual nature of Apatite is best realized in its contrasting vibrational aspects. Blue Apatite is particularly useful for business consultants and investment managers who need to deliver speeches to large groups and share their ideas with investors. All forms of Apatite provide us with clarity and enhanced creativity, helping us get in touch with our higher self. Green Apatite is also a wonderful crystal for those with frayed nerves and who are dealing with stressful situations. Oct 8, 2018 - Crystal Meanings - Apatite: - Assists in manifesting what you desire in your life - Increases motivation and energy to act, socialize, and networking - Expands intellect and stimulates creativity and social responsibility Find out more about Apatite and see tumbled stones in the shop. Activates, cleanses, and aligns the Solar Plexus Chakra, helping us to better manage our internal energies. Apatite is translucent to transparent. Green Apatite has the meaning and properties of balancing emotions. Blue apatite supports psychic abilities, access to past lives, and being open to receive spiritual guidance. Apatite: Stone / Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits Apatite Crystal Healing Properties Properties of Apatite - Apatite can be found in transparent, translucent and opaque forms and comes in many forms and colours like white, brown, green, yellow, voilet. Holding Apatite Crystals and placing them on joints and relieve the pain and swelling of arthritis and other joint problems. The meaning of the name Apatite comes from the Greek word 'apatao', meaning to deceive. Apatite Meaning & Properties. Meaning of the Blue Apatite. The meaning of the name of this stone actually comes from the Greek term apatao, which means to deceive. Yellow Apatite gives us the courage to take risks, while also giving us the clarity necessary to know which risks are worth taking. As a Third-Eye Chakra Crystal, Apatite can initiate or increase the development of psychic abilities, such … Those who are in the healing professions can wear or carry Green Apatite to maintain a positive attitude and enjoy great clarity of mind and mental focus. Apatite has a dual nature it is both a grounding and highly spiritual stone. Pick the one you prefer. Affirmation: I open my inner eyes to the realms of hidden knowledge [Eason, 230] The name Apatite is derived from a Greek word meaning "to deceive" because the variety of colors and formations in which this stone occurs makes it easy to mistake for other minerals. Healing Properties of Apatite. Apatite can be found in Mexico, Canada, Germany and Russia. Apatite Meaning and Healing Powers. The main reason for this name is that –it’s typically mistaken for some other stones. Chakra - Throat Chakra This stone has been found in a number of locations, including Brazil, Russia, Norway, Canada, Mexico and the USA. Apatite – Crystal Meanings. Apatite Crystal Meaning - Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals. By grounding our energy and awakening our higher intention, Yellow Apatite attunes us to the future. The most common form found in nature is the blue one, but it can also be found yellow, green and gray. Please remember that healing crystal meanings are not medical advice. Apatite, called the Stone of Manifestation, is known for its ability to help us build personal power and achieve our professional goals. The reason for this name is that it is commonly mistaken for other stones. Needless to say, that also means that the Green Apatite comes with a lot of meanings, which if read correctly could change your mindset and … Apatite definition, a common mineral, calcium fluorophosphate, Ca5FP3O12, occurring in individual crystals and in masses and varying in color, formerly used in … A good crystal to use when doing any type of past life recall or karmic work. © Apatite helps us juggle all of life’s demands, relieving us of anxiety and confusion and helping us overcome harmful thoughts and various roadblocks on the road of life. The most common forms of Apatite are blue and green, but it also comes in pink, violet, and yellow forms. The regular use of Apatite as a talisman or amulet clears confusion, reduces frustration and irritability, and allows us to release emotions like anger and sorrow. Our content does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. Apatite Meaning. The name Apatite comes from the Greek word which means ‘to deceive’ because of the tendency to mistake Apatite for other types of crystals, especially Peridot. This is a great stone for everyday problem solving. Apatite Meaning. This crystal also eliminates toxins and stimulates the endocrine system. Apatite, called the Stone of Manifestation, is known for its ability to help us build personal power and achieve our professional goals. The blue apatiteis a kind of mineral group, which was termed apatite in the year 1786, eventhough the stern definition of the mineral formation wasn’t determined, sinceit’s used even today, up until 1860. Green Apatite is the stone of manifestation. It is a hexagonal shaped crystal. It clears away confusion, apathy or negativity, then, stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good. All crystals come cleansed, ready for new intentions! AP Crystals | Apatite meaning | Apatite metaphysical abilities | Apatite Crystals | Apatite healing abilities | Buy Apatite crystal | Buy Apatite tumbles | Apatite history | Buy Apatite Crystals | Crystal shop Sydney | Crystal shop Glebe | Crystal shop online | Crystal shop Afterpay | Crystal shop Sutherland shire | Apatite is both a grounding stone and a profoundly spiritual crystal. Opens, cleanses, and aligns the Throat Chakra, making it possible for us to communicate our ideas clearly and effectively. The energy of Yellow Apatite combats feelings of apathy and listlessness, awakening us to our higher self, making us more optimistic and sociable. On a physical level, Apatite crystals can help in strengthening bones and teeth by improving the body’s absorption of calcium. This is in both a physical and metaphysical spiritual sense.As it has a good action to stimulate the third eye, earrings would be Chakra - Throat Chakra Apatite Meaning. Your email address will not be published. Gemini is symbolized by the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology, one of whom is mortal and Earthbound, and the other immortal and belonging to the spiritual realm. Apatite is best used in meditation when you create a daily meditation ritual in which you state one specific intention on which to focus your spiritual energy. Being grounded and gaining perceptual clarity stimulates our higher spiritual faculties, increasing our access to our higher spiritual powers. Apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral with a trigonal crystal system and a hardness of 5. Blauwe apatiet verbetert het paranormale bewustzijn en opent de geest voor inzicht en inspiratie. It cleanses the aura and grounds while also enhancing curiosity about the higher spiritual realms. Blue Apatite will also open and align the Third Eye Chakra, directing and sorting our perception in ways that align us with our deepest intentions. The strong healing energy of this green form of Apatite helps one with healing issues on all levels, and supports the much needed healing of Mother Earth and all who dwell on and in her. After a long illness, it can bring vitality. This green stone relieves sorrow and heartbreak. Apatite Crystal is a real game changer for anyone who is looking to deepen their meditation experience. It also is said to help achieve deeper states of meditation. The strong healing energy of this green form of Apatite helps one with healing issues on all levels, and supports the much needed healing of Mother Earth and all who dwell on and in her. This yellow crystal is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Beryl, tourmaline, quartz, olivin are some of these. Sacred and crystal healing meanings are not intended to be medical advice nor prescription. Home » Sacred Crystal Meanings » Apatite Crystal Meanings. Known as the Stone of Healing, Green Apatite promotes enhanced hand-eye coordination when worn as jewelry or carried as an amulet. It rebuilds cartilage and nails. The apatite name derives from the Greek word meaning deceptive. In fact, the Apatite crystal’s meaning comes from the Greek word “to deceive”, but before you start comparing Apatite to your cheating ex, let Apatite clear away the toxic fog and remind you that what lies behind us is of little consequence. This crystal can also assist with weight-loss goals. Also, learn how to clear and charge your crystals here and find more crystal resources here. Those who are involved in charitable and humanitarian organizations can use the energy of Blue Apatite to realize their humanitarian aspirations, bringing healing and valuable teaching to all beings. Physical Energy Properties: Blue Apatite can help with weight loss and dealing with vertigo. It also can bring all-over healing. Green Apatite is a variety of Apatite that can be found in chunk and crystallized form. The enhanced ability to communicate and perceive truth unlocks our deepest, hidden language centers, opening up communication with our higher self. This gemstone is great for helping you work with memory; recall and retention. Apatite Crystals are made up of the same mineral phosphates that are found in tooth enamel, horns, antlers, and tusks, giving Apatite a connection to animal conservation. Gold Apatite is a high vibration crystal that helps to eliminate and/or purge dense, stagnant energy. It is a stone of prosperity. While Apatite may be present in almost any type of rock, these crystals are most likely to form in bands of sedimentary rock. When you feel depressed, it will give you positive energy. Sponsored linkFind this Crystal at ExquisiteCrystals.comI get many of my personal crystals from them. The mineral apatite may come from theGreek term, which means to deceive, due to its uncommon origins. It’s also known to heal the glands, organs, and meridians. or Beryl. This stone is a great stone and comes from the Greek word “apatao,” which means “to deceive.” This was given the name because the crystals used to be confused with other crystals. By unifying our efforts and helping us focus, Apatite eliminates hyperactivity while also relieving apathy and lethargy, evening out our activity level. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To take stock of your energy body, lie down and place an Apatite Crystal on each of the appropriate Chakras. This stone lessens a[athy and brings a lively optimistic, outgoing nature. Meaning of the Blue Apatite. Similarly, other colors relate to the chakra of that color. Green Apatite is also said to facilitate our psychic or telepathic communications with animals, birds, pets, and wildlife. Crystal Meaning > Apatite. Apatite is a crystal that provides a tonic for modern age issues such as – radioactive anomalies, pollutants and cutting through media driven hype, drivel and deliberate diversions. Known as the Stone of Manifestation, Blue Apatite aligns us with our highest intention, helping us attract our desires and achieve our aims. The main reason for this name is that –it’s typically mistaken for some other stones. Our emotions and moods are more regulated and we become less prone to emotional extremes. The meaning of Apatite also includes healing from the past trauma or stress. … By reducing our negative thought patterns, we are healed psychologically by our negative mental habits that limit our ability to achieve our dreams. Psychically this stone is helpful for working with past-life experiences and how they relate to your current life. In fact, it took until the 18th century before Apatite Crystals were recognized as a distinct mineral type. Blue Apatite also improves the wellness of the throat, esophagus, mouth, and teeth. This is because in the past, these crystals were often mistaken for other stones. Green Apatite is a variety of Apatite that can be found in chunk and crystallized form. I would be horrified if I thought people were avoiding getting medical care because of this site. Natural Apatite Introduction to Apatite. If theres a new health regime you've been putting off, this stone will get you motivated and back on track. On the physical level, and particularly when used as an elixir, Apatite helps alleviate environmental toxins and outside radioactive influences. Required fields are marked *. It can balance the mind and heart. It has been said that the energy of Apatite restores the original self of its owner. It cleanses the aura and grounds while also enhancing curiosity about the higher spiritual realms. You must get permission or licenses to use any content, including but not limited to text and images with or without mark. Green Apatite opens and cleanses the Heart Chakra at the level of the breastbone. This neon blue crystal encourages you to achieve your dreams and goals. Using apatite is said to facilitate the desired results when working with other minerals. For artists, writers, and musicians, Blue Apatite can enhance creativity and awaken deep wells of creative energy. By providing clarity of mind, and opening the Throat Chakra, Blue Apatite enhances our communication skills and is ideal for those who are required to do public speaking. It also increases metabolism, which can help regulate weight. Learn more about the Apatite meaning here! This makes it an excellent crystal for studying efforts. Apatite works in two ways at once, clearing our minds of confusion and negativity while also stimulating … This stone assists all efforts to trust, faith, patience, and respect