So, naturally, this is a great guitar for regular players as well. When your guitar is made of a dense and rigid wood, the string alone vibrates. And that’s exactly what the Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar is: an ax that squeezes as much quality as possible into an entry-level budget. Here’s some additional info about acoustic guitar body shapes. Leave your comments below! Finally agathis is a softer wood, and as such will give you a lighter guitar than other woods. Now, let’s take a look at what you can get for this kind of money and see why Gretsch markets the Jim Dandy as “everyone’s first guitar.”. However, if you are at all in a position to avoid it, the evidence would strongly suggest that you do so. But I’m not drawing the limits there. The genus Agathis, commonly known as kauri or dammar, is a relatively small genus of 21 species of evergreen tree. Variety Up next from the s35 model is the Jasmine s34c acoustic guitar. Keep in mind it has no electronics, no fancy add-ons, no elegant cuts, and no components unseen on other tried-and-tested budget acoustic guitars. Parlor acoustic guitars are the smallest models. Flat-tops, on the other hand, produce a warm and rich timbre. Compensated saddles are widely preferred for acoustic guitars. More so, Gretsch has been honest about the Jim Dandy’s place in the market. And with all of the features of the Jim Dandy putting it above the average, above its peers, and above its price point, I have no trouble naming this instrument as the best acoustic guitar for kids, regular players, and young players. Is agathis “bad”? This can be attractive to those of us in our waning years, looking for ways to preserve our backs! This dinky’s little body punches well above its weight regarding note clarity and definition: . For this is a bigger guitar, the s34c produces a brighter tone and a deeper bass. It doesn’t have professional-grade playability, but it’s not too far from that point. Whether you want acoustic guitar strings online or a semi acoustic guitar online, look at our range of Grail guitars. Some also suggest it is popular as it is local to Indonesian manufacturers, so it allows them to save on freight costs for other woods. The guitar has a warm, bright sound, and is very comfortable to play. Guitar necks are traditionally made from maple, in part because of its strength, and in part because the material can highlight and … Let’s discuss the playability of this Gretsch guitar. What is Agathis Wood and why is it so hated by guitarists? Parlor acoustic guitars are the smallest models. I’ve been playing guitar since my brother taught me to play Wild Thing when I was seven years old. Designed for playing comfort and are suited for all genres, you are looking at the best acoustic guitar price in India. Here’s some additional info about. In particular, this guitar has a short 24’’ scale (the measure from head to bridge), which makes it much shorter than your common acoustic guitar. The woods used to build guitars—acoustic guitars in particular—are called tonewoods, and they have enormous effects on the sound and price of an instrument. And when you put it through a careful test, it checks all of the marks. In fact, while many traditional wooden boats are only good for about 50 years before they need reframing, boats made of Agathis australis (known in the boating community by the name Kauri) frequently last over 100 years. There’re no sharp ends on the frets or anywhere on the neck, and the finish is beautiful. In my personal case, I bought an agathis-made std Squire strat for a recording project. It was simply *not* possible to get that instrument to sound acceptable, not even after four p'up changes, including an EMG SA set, which normally make any guitar sound OK. So, in essence, we’re going to see why the Jim Dandy is one of the best acoustic guitars for kids and beginners. offers 39 agathis guitar products. The top is laminated agathis and the back and sides are laminated sapele. The back and sides of this acoustic guitar are made from Agathis, which is similar to pine and basswood. In fact, I’ve seen more than one person describe agathis as “commercial grade mahogany“.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'killerguitarrigs_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_10',147,'0','0'])); Many see Agathis as a replacement for basswood. This is Fender’s offering for an acoustic 3/4-length guitar: the very stylish MA-1. With this simple process you can hang a guitar without drilling into the wall or doing any other damage. See, whilst most parlor guitars are centered around build quality and a decently loud sound, the selling point of the G9500 is, without any doubt, the price tag. The dreadnought shape is matched with carefully selected tonewoods for a big, powerful sound. In particular, this guitar has a short 24’’ scale (the measure from head to bridge), which makes it much shorter than your common acoustic guitar. It’s just nice. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. That means there are wooden bars forming an X towards the soundhole (although you can’t see them). If floor space is at a premium, but you’re in a dorm or other rental with a “no drilling” policy, there’s hope at hand. They’ve been around for 130 years, so their top reputation is hard-earned cash. So what guitars use Agathis, and why is it so hated? The appeal of this guitar screams “I’m very attractive.” Believe me, it looks cool, and it looks unique. Now, there is an argument to be made that, as it sits at the budget end of the scale, one could be hearing cheap pickups and cheap electronics, but there are many guitars in that price range that actually sound quite good. Agathis as a tonewood (if you believe in that kind of thing) is said to be most similar to mahogany (more typically used in acoustics), which in electric guitars is said to be darker but punchy with excellent sustain. But there’s more output here than what we have the right to expect. Then, the neck is made of nato, while the fret is made of rosewood. Kids will appreciate this guitar because of its ease of use, clear sound, lightweight, and unique looks. That means the neck is shaped to the human palm, so grabbing this guitar feels natural and easy. Mind you, the whole point of affordable guitars is replacing them eventually, so this is not something you should take into any kind of professional setting. Its body is made of Sapele and Agathis, and this instrument also sports a 23.3 inch scale length. It’s a fun guitar to keep at home for how fun it is to play this dinky. Aesthetics-wise, the Jim Dandy is designed to be retro and look like the old-school. Maple is a very hard type of wood with good tonal qualities and good sustain. Agathis is actually used for a lot of different things outside of being used for guitar bodies that people moan about.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'killerguitarrigs_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',152,'0','0'])); Agathis timber is used widely for yacht hull construction due to it’s exceptional strength to weight ratio and rot resistance. And it packs so much quality for so little money. . Whilst most brands copy either Fender or Gibson designs, Gretsch follows its own path of elegant and retro guitar aesthetics. Because it’s light, small, and cheap, you would need to be very careful about leaving this guitar lying around out in the open. Amateurs and regular players don’t care much about the frequency range of Jim Dandy’s sound, though. You have to know parlor-sized guitars are made for young players and kids for they are smaller, lighter, and easier to play than dreadnought or jumbo guitars. Possibly due to it being a softer wood, it’s very commonly referred to as lacking sustain or resonance. See, Gretsch guitars are as expensive as Fender and Gibson instruments. Are you looking for an electro-acoustic guitar instead? . The G9500 has quality die-cast tuning pegs that hold the tune of the guitar surprisingly well. These notches adjust the length of these strings, so they “compensate” to ensure a better intonation as you play notes higher up the fret. Finally, I must say professional or advanced players could only consider the Jim Dandy as a fun couch guitar. It’s just decent. It’s good news that reputed music instruments brand Gretsch also has some quality items on the budget side of the market. The point of this guitar is looking like  ’30s – 40s – ’50s guitars. Here’s something we recommend: because the Gretsch G9500 has a shiny treble, you could put a capo on the first, second, or third fret. Then again, this is a Gretsch guitar through and through, and you want to be very careful with a Gretsch instrument. High, mid, and low sounds are balanced, but there’s a reasonable amount of strength at the higher-end of the chart. I also love it for its lightweight and super-ease of play. And that’s exactly what the Jim Dandy Flat Top, Keep in mind it has no electronics, no fancy add-ons, no elegant cuts, and no components unseen on other tried-and-tested. But you wouldn’t see a Fender or a Gibson acoustic guitar at this price point, so what’s going on? A wide variety of agathis guitar options are available to you, Since agathis trees grows in the Far East, it is primarily used in lower end guitars and other stringed instruments. When the guitar is made of a softer wood, the wood itself will vibrate somewhat, absorbing and ultimately stealing the vibration from the string, shortening the sustain. Amateurs would rarely hit the frets above the 12th mark. Gretsch guitars are known for their quality sounds and elegant looks. A compensated saddle is also an advanced feature that includes “notches” where the G, B, and the E string rest. This is a small guitar that sounds like a small guitar. And that’s the experience the G9500 offers. What it does has, though, is excellent craftsmanship. Re: Is Agathis really that bad? About 97% of these are guitar, 2% are stringed instruments parts & accessories. On the other side of the guitar, we’ve got the tuners or the tuning pegs. I also have to add agathis is commonly found on mid-priced instruments, so it’s a nice surprise seeing it on the Jim Dandy. Some of these instruments are absolutely fine, others are more or less junk. These two features combined improve the intonation of the guitar and set the tension of the strings across the fretboard. We are a participant in several affiliate programs including but not limited to the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Lastly, this ax has a comfy C-shaped neck. Lastly, it has a set-neck joint that appears to be perfect. All of that means Gretsch pulled the tricky task of delivering quality playability, much more than the cost allows. The hardware of an acoustic guitar consists of the bridge (the wooden piece at the end of the string) and the tuners. See? This parlor is marketed as “everyone’s first guitar.” And that’s a perfect space for this instrument: kids and young people looking to learn, If you’re looking for a light and cheap guitar you can travel with, though, you might want to check the, guitar as well, which has the old and faithful. The Jim Dandy is made with surprising construction materials. Rosewood is a smooth material that allows you to travel the fretboard up and down faster. Not necessarily. The guitar feels equally soft and smooth on either side of the fingerboard, on either string. As this is a 24’’ scale petite instrument, it’s much shorter than fully-sized acoustic guitars. All rights reserved. The higher tone you would achieve is just amazing, but any higher than that, and you risk getting a squeaky tone. Agathis Wood for non musical applications, Best Electric Guitar Starter Kits for Beginners, Best Kids Guitars – Acoustic, Electric, and Bass, How to hang a guitar on the wall without drilling/no screws, Harley Benton HB-35 Review – Best Budget 335, 7 Best Guitar Books in 2020 for Beginners through Advanced Players, Movements’ Ira George – “Working with Will Yip has been a match made in heaven”, War On Women’s Brooks Harlan – “We couldn’t suck in front of a crowd waiting to see Propagandhi or Refused”, BRKN LOVE’s Justin Benlolo – “We had no clue that the world was going to fall apart”. Now I want to know your opinions about this guitar and other small guitars you have tried. Now, within the bridge, there’s a compensated saddle. Both these guitars sell with a bundle. This is the site where I share everything I’ve learned. In fact, I’ve seen more than one person describe agathis as “ commercial grade mahogany “. I wouldn’t say this guitar has any drawbacks for what it intends to offer. Various woods have distinct sound qualities, especially when used for the top of an acoustic guitar, which is the most important wooden tonal element of the instrument. There can be up to six saddles, one for each string. Next up, the string tension is very friendly. The flat-top body is also very comfortable to hold, and because this is such a light instrument (it weighs less than 3lbs. Many, many manufacturers make guitar bodies with Agathis, as it is a cheap but sturdy wood (some say not unlike basswood – more about that later). Everything is closer, lighter, and just ready to sing. Let’s take a look. For example, they made 12 accessible frets, rather than the usual 14. Probably, the best aesthetic feature it has is its body painting, or maybe the pickguard adorning the front of the instrument. More so, it increases the natural acoustics of this dinky instrument. Acoustic guitars are great tools for songwriting. The use of Agathis is another way that Jasmine can reduce the cost to the customer. ), it won’t tire anyone. Why is it so important? Overall, I highly recommend it to anyone not looking for a fully-sized professional guitar. Don’t get fooled by its charity price. I like the Yamaha FG JR1 sells with a starter kit to ease up your budget: Lastly, people who are digging into the affordable branch of acoustic guitars often times end up seeing the Fender FA-115.