Start Now . Use an affinity diagram to gather large numbers of brainstorming ideas and put them into logical groups. When to Use Affinity Diagrams. The diagram is basically organized into columns and rows. It is one of the Seven Management and Planning Tools--You can edit this template and create your own diagram.Creately diagrams can be exported and added to Word, PPT (powerpoint), Excel, Visio or any other document. Sketch Template for Building an Affinity Diagram Download the Sketch file here (Click! Affinity diagram. The best way to understand Affinity Diagram is to look at some examples of Affinity Diagram and start drawing your own. Symbol(Style) Guide and a Starting Point. An Affinity Diagram silence, which facilitates brainstorming and an all-inclusive, amiable, and accepting environment. However, if your team is distributed, Conceptboard’s online whiteboard and digital sticky notes is the perfect tool to ensure your team can collaborate just as effectively online. Get Started. Our affinity diagram templates are designed so no drawing is necessary. Sketch File Overview — Basic Information, Process & Explanations #2. This template shows a sample affinity diagram, demonstrating how ideas might be categorized in response to problem that needs to be addressed. A basic affinity diagram template will have some sample groups and empty rows and columns you can start filling out just by typing. The file includes… #1. Professional Results, Fast. Team members should also not be swayed by the opinions of their team members. With SmartDraw, you can also quickly add more columns and rows just with a click of a button. Affinity Diagram Example: Affinity Diagram Template. Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions or feedback, please comment below or reach out to me on LinkedIn. Online Affinity Diagram mapping process. Affinity diagrams rely on Post-It notes to create the visual map. You can quickly add or remove rows and columns just by pushing a few buttons. The affinity diagram is a business tool used to organize ideas and data. ) to start building it! Create New . Professionally designed themes let you change the look of your affinity diagram with a click. This free affinity diagram template, contributed by the research experts at UserTesting, will help your team create affinity groupings based on your UX research methods. Affinity Diagrams should be regarded as an opportunity to share ideas without facing criticism. Available in our digital whiteboard for teams, Freehand. You can now modify the Affinity Diagram example below using Visual Paradigm's online Affinity Diagram tool. Use This Template .