Whether you are looking to develop your professional skills, complete a certificate, or simply take advantage of free courses offered by world class scholars, Duke University … Please proofread carefully before submitting it. Overview. MS in Computer Science The MS program combines a firm grounding in theoretical foundations with training in current technologies and applications. Complement the business knowledge gained from your MBA or master in management degree, in this online program designed to expand your capabilities in advanced decision-focused analytics. Duke University and Duke Continuing Studies offer a wide selection of online educational options. Tel: (919) 681-3257 The Duke … The Duke FinTech Master’s Program is a collaboration of Duke's Pratt School of Engineering and the Duke Financial Economics Center 3 semesters to complete the degree full-time, or 5 semesters online The Graduate School Old Chemistry Building, room 313 415 Chapel Drive, Box 90065 Durham, NC 27708. Duke Computer Science offers a Masters of Science in Computer Science and a joint program with Economics, the Masters of Science in Economics and Computation (MSEC.) MS students graduate … Contact the Master's Admissions team at pratt_masters@duke… Think of submitting your online application as sealing and mailing an envelope—Once it has been submitted, none of the documents enclosed within it can be altered. If you have questions.