Test your understanding with practice problems and step-by-step solutions. Two polarizers are oriented at 45 degrees to one another. Best of luck for your exams in June! The class was asked to find the acceleration of a cart rolling up and down an incline at the instant the cart was at the very top of its path. What intensity does the first eye (intensity 850 W/m^2) detect if the spider now rotates its head 20 degrees from the previous orientation? Which book or which company's study material is the best for clearing concepts in mechanics? Steam enters the turbine at 12.5Mpa and 500 C at a rate of 28.7kg/s and ex... Two polarizers are oriented at 40 degrees to each other and plane-polarized light is incident on them. of magnitude 0.360 T directed into the plane of the figure. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. (a) Determine the magnitude of her acceleration, assumed to be consta... A beam of unpolarized light shines on a stack of five ideal polarizers, set up so that the angles between the polarization axes of pairs of adjacent polarizers are all equal. The piston has a mass and area resulting in an applied pressure of 500 kPa on the refrigerant. Consider the cyclic process depicted in the figure below. Find the maximum stress at the shaft filet. (a) How much heat energy is transferred to the gas to c... What power lens is necessary to correct this person's vision to allow her to see distant objects? Which set cannot enter as fundamental quantity SIR: 1) length, mass, and velocity 2) length, time, and velocity 3) mass, time, and velocity 4) length, time, and mass. Express your answer in terms of p_0, V_0. 50 lb m of air is isothermally and reversibly compressed from its initial state of 90 ? The other end of the rope is terminated so... One mole of an ideal gas initially at a temperature of Ti = 7.2°C undergoes an expansion at a constant pressure of 1.00 atm to three times its original volume. what is the normal stress in member BC. What is their working principle and their usage? What are high temperature superconductors? If Aristotle were to see a 12th century vertical windmill in what is now Holland how would he interpret the spinning mechanism? 3. A process depressurizes nitrogen adiabatically from an unknown pressure to 1 bar. A monatomic ideal gas that is initially at a pressure of 1.40 x 10^5 Pa and with a volume of 0.0780 m^3 is compressed adiabatically to a volume of 0.0400 m^3. Take the diameter of the pupil to be 5 mm, and the wavelength of the light to be 420 nm. 2) Explain how the laws of physics apply to other sciences such as biology, chemistry... A force is applied to an initially stationary block of mass 1.75 kg that sits on a horizontal floor. Fint T_2. Send the question to our physics experts, who are ready to help with an answer. Unit … Show the math steps please. If its end A is raised vertically at a constant speed v, express in terms of the length y of chain which is off the floor at any given in... A car stops 4 seconds after the application of the brakes while covering a rectilinear stretch 337 feet long. A... (a) Light reflected from the surface of a vat of benzene is totally polarized when the incident light is at what angle with respect to the horizontal? 4. t... Is quantum mechanics to physics what molecular biology is to biology? b) What is the acceleration on Earth for each of these two components. The pressure at point A is 66 kPa . A third polarizer is placed between the first two so that its axis makes a 52-degree angle with the axis... One mole of nitrogen gas in a rigid container of volume 20 liters is heated from an initial pressure of 1 bar to a final pressure of 3 bar. Newer Post Older Post Home. (a) Calculate the new temperature... PART A: A thin 11-cm-long solenoid has a total of 440 turns of wire and carries a current of 1.6 A. 6. if you grew up o... in the figure, a light ray is air is incident in a flat layer of material 2 that has an index of refraction n2=3.0. The index of refraction of a glass plate is 1.53. What force is exerted on A? Consider air to be a mixture of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. Find the net work done on the gas. The angle between the axes of the first and second polarize is 17.7�, and the angle between the axes of th... What is the magnitude of the acceleration vector which causes a particle to move from velocity -5i-2j m/s to -6i+7j m/s in 8 seconds. An air compressor operates at steady state with air entering at 101 kPa and 20°C, and exiting at 500 kPa. So, mist… These PDF past paper files include A Level Physics question papers and A Level Physics marking schemes of both A Level and As Level. This effect is used in diesel engines: The comp... A plank 2.00 cm thick and 15.8 cm wide is firmly attached to the railing of a ship by clamps so that the rest of the board extends 2.00 m horizontally over the sea below. Create an account to browse all assets today, Biological and Biomedical What happens to the amplitude of the resulting waves as they get farther from the point where the stone hit the water? (b) Compare it to the pressure exerted by a 1300 kg elephant standing on o... Nitrogen at 100 kPa and 25 ? What is that angle? The gas expands adiabatically until the pressure is halved. Questions organised by topic, past papers. How can a charged atom (an ion) attract a neutral atom? How many children does Dr. Shirley Jackson have? When we focus our eyes on a close up object, we can change the refractive power of the eye by about 16 diopters. How much work is required to raise the temperature of 6 mol of air by 9 degrees C in an adiabatic process? Is creationism validated through the lack of natural explanations for scientific laws? 2 Table of Contents AS Paper 1. Classical mechanics is based on the principle of uncertainty and predicts all phenomena in terms of probabilities. What is the difference between resultant and equilibrium? Yes or No/ False or True question here, with details why it is true or false/ yes or no. Acceleration = XXXX m/s ^2 **prior answer... 1. We have a container of 1.55 moles of an ideal monatomic gas. in joules. (b) What is the change... An ideal monatomic gas expands adiabatically from an initial temperature of 388 K and volume of 4.3 m^3 to a final volume of 10 m^3. During the process, the internal energy of the system increases by 2320 J. How to understand the applications involved in the Physics problems? The figure below shows two long, straight wires carrying currents I_1 = 2.10 \space A, I_2 = 8.50 \space A into the page. If you have completely polarized light of intensity 150 W/m^2, what will its intensity be after passing through a polarizing filter with its axis at an 88.5-degree angle to the light's polarization... A rope 2.0 m long has a mass of 0.100 kg. A nearsighted woman wears glasses (3 cm in front of her eyes) to correct for a far point that is 2.0 m from her eyes. A nearsighted person has a near point of 25 cm and a far point of 50 cm. What would be the pressure increase inside your automobile's engine block if the water in it froze? It travels in a straight line to the point (2,3,8), has speed 5 at (9,9,4) and constant acceleration -7 i -6 j + 4 k . Very large accelerations can injure the body, especially if they last for a considerable length of time. The refrigerant has mass of 2.2 lbm and it is initially at 70 psia and 160^\circ F. Then, the fluid is cooled to a final temperature of 40^\circ F. C... Estimate the linear separation of two objects that the human eye can resolve at a distance of 1 meter. At the scene of an accident, there are skid marks which are 200 feet long showing where a car put on the brakes. Find the acceleration of roller A. Revision for CIE AS and A-level Physics (9702) papers, including summary notes, videos, factsheets and past exam questions by topic. Why should you keep your windows open under these conditions? It is then cooled at constant pressure to its original temperature... A mass of 2.4 kg of air 170 kPa and 25 ^oC is contained in a gas - tight, frictionless piston - cylinder device. In the figure, a conducting rod of length L = 27.0 cm moves in a magnetic field B? the steam expands to the turbine exit where pressure is P 2 = 0.07 MPa, quality... A person is nearsighted and can clearly focus on objects that are no farther than 4.5 m away from her eyes. You pass another car going in the same direction which is traveling at a constant speed of 80 km/h. The air now compressed to a final pressure of 610 kPa. r(t) equals e^t(cost i + sint j + 7t k). In which areas is acid rain a major problem and why? When was a Brief History of Time published? The gas is then compressed adiabatically to 1/3 this volume. What is the big idea of Physical science? Include the study of matter, energy, space, and time, and the interactions thereof. Get. Consider such a painting with the dots in... One mole of an ideal gas initially at a temperature of Ti = 2.0 degrees C undergoes an expansion at a constant pressure of 1.00 atm to eight times its original volume. Physical Quantities and Units Questions and Answers, Physics AS/A Level. This wave is directed towards two ideal polarizers (in real polarizers, transmission is also effected by reflection a... A monatomic ideal gas that is initially at a pressure of 1.53x10^5Pa and with a volume of 8.10x10^-2m^3 is compressed adiabatically to a volume of 3.9x10^-2m^3. The velocities of commuter trains A and B are as shown. The rod OA rotates counterclockwise with a constant angular velocity of 5 rad/s. A hydrogen gas (ideal gas) in a piston-cylinder assembly at 300 K, 100 kPa with a volume of 0.1 m3 is now slowly compressed to a volume of 0.01 m3 in a reversible isothermal process. (b) How much work was performed d... An ideal gas is held in a container at constant volume. Andrew says, At the top the velocity has to be zero so... An ideal gas occupies 3.5L at 300K and 150kPa pressure and is heated at constant volume until its pressure has doubled. Unpolarized light with intensity I_0 is incident on two polarizing filters. Small wheels have been attached to the ends of rod AB and roll freely along the surfaces shown. angle. FORM 4_41. A-Level Physics Question and Answers 2020/2021 All copyright and publishing rights are owned by S-cool. Answer in m/s. (a) Determine the instantaneous velocity at the end of 3.5 s. m/s (b)... Two moles of carbon monoxide (CO) start at a pressure of 1.4 atm and a volume of 71 liters. Assume the lens-to-retina distance is 2.00 cm. A 3.0 g sample of an ideal monatomic gas is initially at 350 K and 3.2 atm. What is the closest distance that she can see an... A current path shaped as shown in the figure produces a magnetic field at P, the center of the arc. Use B_{iron} = 9.0 x 10^{10} N/m^2. The tank is on locked wheels, initially stationary. The equivalent dosage of th... A gas cylinder hold 0.20 mol of O2 at 130 C and a pressure of 3.0 atm. Is the above statement true or false? If Q is negative for process BC and \Delta E_{int} is negative for process CA, what are the signs of Q, W, \Delta E_{int} that are associat... You are traveling in a car going at a constant speed of 100 km/h down a long, straight highway. The relative biological efficiency (RBE) for fast neutrons is 10. C in a rigid vessel is heated until its pressure is 260 kPa. Is there any website to download the solutions? 1) Explain how the fundamental laws and principles of physics related to the complexity that we see in nature? Your goal is to have the roc... At what angle above the horizontal is the sun, if sunlight reflected from the surface of a calm lake is completely polarized? Study.com has answers to your toughest physics homework questions with detailed, step by step explanations. a) What … as shown in the figure below A pump draws off water through a narrow slit at a volume rate of 0.1 ft^3/s per foot length of the slit. What fraction of the light intensity is transmitted? An aircraft flies along a circular path while maintaining a constant altitude. AS-Physics-Waves-Questions-Edexcel : Download AS-Physics-Waves-Answers-Edexcel : Download Partials. What is the initial temperature? Suppose the object is a square steel plate, 10.0 cm on a side and 1.00 cm thick. . If physics A-level had 13 questions and was entirely multiple choice, that is. Uniform electric and magnetic fields which are in opposite directions. Calculate a) the change in internal energy of the gas and b) the heat absorbed during this expansion. What is the final pressure? The intensity of the light that reaches the photocell in the figure below is 107.9 W/m 2 , when ? Ice accelerating down an incline. Find the... What are washers, nuts, and bolts made of? Calculate the fo... (a) How much pressure is needed to compress the volume of an iron block by 0.11%? The temperature of the system is then gradual... You are given a piston-cylinder device with 20 kg of steam initially at 600 kPa and 600 Deg C. At a later time the temperature has dropped to 400 Deg C. Assume that the piston is not attached to a... An ideal monatomic gas undergoes an adiabatic change from P_1 = 7.8 x 10^5 Pa and V_1 = 0.65 m^3 to triple its initial volume. Why is the speed of light so important for astrophysics? For the water, determine the heat trasfer, in kJ/kg. Unpolarized light falls on them. \rightarrow_2^4 \alpha. A gymnastic beam can be modeled with a 10 cm x 40 cm cross-section and 6 m between its supports. Created by teachers for Physics revision. (Expre... Unpolarized light of intensity I_o is sent through three polarizers. First created in 2000 and updated in 2013, 2015 & 2020. Suppose you are carrying out an experiment involving a simple pendulum inside a lab, while measuring the length of the pendulum and the time period. As energy is added to the system by heat (say, by absorption from the Sun), the volume increases by 25% at a constant temperature of 33.0 deg... 70 J of work are done on the gas in the process shown in the figure. What is the Brewster's angle when the plate is in the air? PHYSICS TOPIC BY TOPIC QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Answers to the chapter summary questions for the following student book - AQA Physics A Level 2nd Edition, author Jim Breithaupt, publisher OUP, ISBN 9 780198 351870 Aqa physics a level textbook summary questions … If 2206 cal are released by the gas during thi... Two current-carrying wires are perpendicular to each other. Do they increase or decrease? To force more current into the outer sheath, To provide additional current paths through the cables, To increase the mechanical strength of the cables, Uniform electric and magnetic fields which are perpendicular. Distinguish the difference between atomic physics and nuclear physics. Calculate the work done and the heat transferred during this process, in kJ/kg. Distinguish between atomic physics and nuclear physics. Explain. A beam of initially unpolarized light passes through a sequence of three ideal polarizers. Services, Non-exact solutions in general relativity, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. Under what state of matter can fire be classified? In this case, you made a mistake. The incident angle is 52 degrees and the refracted angle is 25 degrees. It is equal to the gravitational potential energy of a mass of 1 kg. What is the change in volu... Argon is adiabatically compressed from an initial volume of 16 liters to a final volume of 2 liters. Consider a point P at a distance R = 10.5 cm on the perpendicular bisector of a straight wire of length 35.0 cm carrying a current of 75.0 mA. A load of 250 lb is carried at the middle of the rope. RADIOACTIVITY Q ( 2093 Downloads) Who contributed to general relativity, quantum gravity, and black holes? Reporting on what you care about. One wire lies horizontally with the current directed toward the east. The CO2 is initially at a temperature T1 = 280K and pressure p1 = 135 kPa. Assume that the gas may be treated as ideal.... How much work is done on 4.63 x 10^3 moles of a gas during a process in which the temperature remains constant at 215 degree Celsius and the volume changes from 3.13 m^3 to 6.2 m^3? The Best Physics AS and A Level Notes, Revision Guides, Tips and Websites compiled from all around the world at one place for your ease so you can prepare for your tests and examinations with the satisfaction that you have the best resources available to you. Find an equation fo... (a) Estimate the pressure exerted on a floor by one pointed chair leg (35 kg on all four legs) of area equal to 0.07 cm^2. Steam enters a well insulated turbine at steady state at P 1 =4MPa, T 1 =320C and with a velocity V 1 of 10m/s. a) length, mass, time b) length, time velocity c) length mass, velocity d) mass, time, v... What is the role of atmospheric pressure in drawing of underground water by a hand pump? What is the densest substance in the universe? A particle moves along a path defined by the equation y= 3(sin(x/12(pi))) inches, where x is also in inches. Give at least one example of an application of each branch: motion properties of materials, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, properties of atoms, nuclear physics. It travels in a straight line to the point (9,9,1) , has speed 4 at (7,4,3) and constant acceleration 2\mathbf{i}+5\mathbf{j}- 2\... A beam of partially polarized light can be considered to be a mixture of polarized and unpolarized light. What is the accelerating voltage of an x-ray tube that produces x rays with a shortest wavelength of 0.0104 nm? After passing through the polarizer, what is the int... Three ideal polarizers in a row are exposed to a beam of unpolarized light. Heat is added to the water until the volume of the water has increased by a factor of 2000. The 1500-kg truck reaches a speed of 50 km/h from rest in a distance of 60 m up the 10% incline with constant acceleration. a. aluminum b. zinc c. iron d. nickel. The temperature of nitrogen is initially 300 K and after depressurizing it is 200 K. Assuming nitrogen is an ideal... A sealed pressure vessel of constant volume (V = 1 m3 ) is filled entirely with fluid at atmospheric pressure (Pi = 101 kPa) and temperature Ti = 20�C. d) Ze... 1) A body makes 2 complete oscillations in 4 seconds. Unpolarized light of intensity I_0 is incident on a polarizer-analyzer pair. AS & A-Levels from 2015. The transmission axis makes an angle of 21 degrees with respect to the direction of polarization. Two polarizers are oriented at 42 degrees to each other and a polarized light is incident on them. The rake angle in an orthogonal cutting operation = 12 Deg. The velocity v of a particle moving in the xy plane is given by v = (6.0t - 4.0t^2)i + 8.1j, with in meters per second and t (> 0) is in seconds. F and 13 psia to a final pressure of 80 psia. The 3.00 moles of gas go from having an initial volume of 240.7 x10^{-6} \ m^3 to 126.5 x10^{-6} \ m^3 . An ideal gas is brought through an isothermal compression process. This question is about measuring the acceleration of free fall . A) If the angle between the polarizer and analyzer is 21 degrees, what light intensity wo... Why doesn't quantum mechanics work with relativity? Determine the final temperature and the work done by the gas when 3 kJ of heat are added to the gas a. isothermally, b. i... Three pound mass of water at 250 psia and 600 degree Fahrenheit is cooled at constant volume to 100 degree Fahrenheit. Which of the following sets of equations represent possible two-dimensional incompressible flow cases? The 2.00 moles of gas go from having an initial volume of 249.5 cm^3 to 115.1 cm^3. the ray is incid... A specimen of oil having an initial volume of 580 cm^3 is subjected to a pressure increase of 4.0 MPa, and the volume is found to decrease by 0.40 cm^3. Is there a scientific limit to unknown physics? She borrows a friend's glasses and finds that she can now focus on objects as far away as... Two parallel conducting wires sit along the direction of the z axis as shown below. During the process, heat is t... A 82 kg researcher absorbs 9.1 \times 10^8 neutrons in a work day. (A... What is the power of the eye when viewing an object 61.0 cm away? Determing (a) |Delta U (b) W. No heat is transferred, c_v=2.434 Btu/lb_... An ideal gas is under an initial pressure of 2.45*10^4 Pa. A frictionless piston-cylinder contains 50 L of saturated liquid R-134a. Find the following values for t... A bike pump has a 2.4-centimeter diameter piston that can move a maximum length of 40 cm. Determine the final temperature of the oxygen and the amount of work per kg of O_2 produced in the... A 1.2 cm^3 air bubble is released from the sandy bottom of a warm, shallow sea, where the gauge pressure is 1.8 atm. The tracks are connected through a 329.0 nF capacitor. A flow of water, Q=30 ft3/s, goes into a tank (empty mass me=10 lbm ) of cross-sectional area At=4 ft2. A point charge q_1 = 3.40 nC is located on the x-axis at x = 2.30 m , and a second point charge q_2 = -6.00 nC is on the y-axis at y = 1.15 m. A) What is the total electric flux due to these two p... What is the driving force for (a) heat transfer, (b) electric current, and (c) fluid flow? Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! Unpolarized light falls on two polarizer sheets whose transmission axes are at right angles. Electricity Revision Notes Set 2. … Determine the initial and final intern... Unpolarized light with an intensity of <34> units is passed through two successive polarizing filters, the first with its polarization axis aligned with the vertical and the second with its polariz... Pressure p, volume V and temperature T for a certain material are related by p = A(T/V) - B (T^2/V) where A and B are constants with values 389J/k and 0.223 J/k^2. Suppose a piece of dust finds itself on a CD. Browse through all study tools. Which one of the following lists contains only SI base units? How far west has the sailboat traveled in 24 min? In a church choir loft, two parallel walls are 5.30 m apart. It is analogous to the electric potential at a point in an electric field. Which of the following sets do not come under the list of Fundamental Quantities in any system of units? what is the stall speed if flaps that double are applied? AS Paper 2. If the system is released from rest, determine the cylinder's velocity after its has trav... At time t = 0 a particle is located at the point (8,6,9). Light that is polarized along the vertical direction is incident on a sheet of polarizing material. What if you can't find your question in our library? AQA A-Level Physics - Wikibooks, open books for an open world Answer in u... A rigid 11-L vessel initially contains a mixture of liquid water and vapor at 110 ? A rocket is fired from rest at x = 0 and travels along a parabolic trajectory described by y^2=[140(10^3)x]m. If the x component of acceleration is ax=(15t^2)m/s^2, where t is in seconds, determine... Two polarizers are oriented at 55 degrees to one another. Two kilograms of water at 100 KPa, 200^0C are contained in a piston-cylinder device like that below such that a constant temperature is maintained. Andrea's near point is 20.0 cm and her far point is 2.0 m. Her contact lenses are designed so that she can see objects that are infinitely far away. The wires are separated by a distance a = 1.80 m. (a) What are the magnitu... Total solidification times of three casting geometries are to be compared: a sphere, a cylinder, in which the length-to-diameter ration - 1.0, and a cube. kV. A beam of light strikes a sheet of glass at an angle of 56.0 degrees with the normal in air. The energy of the neutrons is 9 MeV. If only 24 percent of the light gets through both of them, what is the angle between the initial p... An AC source with a maximum voltage of 120 V and f = 40.0 Hz is connected between points a and b in the figure below. What power should her glasses be? The critical shaft fillet is 70 mm from B. How is cosmology different from quantum physics? The initial pressure is 15 psia and the final pressure is 150 psia. The difference in gravitational potential between two points at different heights above the Earth depends on the position of the points. (a) What is the intensity of the light leaving the polarizer? Behind the first sheet is a second sheet that is... A skateboarder, starting from rest, rolls down a 10.1 m ramp. Force of friction keeping the block stationary. Is it possible in theory to cut an object in half until it ceases to exist? Knowing that wheel A moves to the left with a constant velocity of 1.5 \ m/s, determine a) the angu... Ring B has an inside radius r_2 and hangs from the horizontal shaft A as shown. What is an asteroid, comet, dwarf planet with respect to their mass, moment of inertia and dimension? Air with a volume of 0.36 m^3 at 1.03 bars and 15 Deg C (state 1) is compressed reversibly and adiabatically to 10 bars (state 2). g. A student undertakes an experiment to measure the acceleration of free fall. © copyright 2003-2020 Study.com. When calculating a half-life, does this only occur with beta decay? AQA. Practice: Forces on inclined planes questions. How far north has the sailboat traveled i... How to convert Watts to units of electricity? The mixture is then heated until its temperature is 165 ? The Froude... Water flows over a flat surface at 5 ft/s. If the load P on the beam causes the end C to displaced 10 mm downward, determine the normal strain in wires CE and BD. The mark schemes are at the end! The drawing shows 2 polarizing plates with their transmission axes indicated by dash lines in figure, I.e the axis of the plate in the left is vertical while that of the one on the right makes 45de... 0.0070 mol of gas follows the hyperbolic trajectory .